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How to ask for PEC

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How to ask for PEC: You need to send a message via PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) to certify a communication officially, but you still do not have a mailbox of this type and would like a hand to choose the service that best suits your needs?

If this is the case and, therefore, you ask yourself how to ask for certified e-mail, don’t worry: you have landed on the right guide. In the next chapters, in fact, I will list the main Certified E-mail offers, after which I will explain in detail how to subscribe to them, also showing you how to take advantage of the free trial period made available by some providers.

So if you’re eager to get started, just take a few minutes of free time. Read carefully the procedures that I am about to illustrate, in order to easily and quickly succeed in the intent you have proposed. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good job!

How to request a PEC address

Before explaining yourself in detail how to request a certified email addressI want to provide you with some useful information relating to that what is the PEC it’s at what is needed.

Well, the PEC (acronym for Certified mail) is a tool that allows you to send emails with the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt. It has been mandatory since 2013, but only for companies and sole proprietorships, as well as for freelancers enrolled in a bar or board.

You must also know that sending emails via certified e-mail is very easy: you do not need to install any particular software, as the emails can be read, sent and received from the Web, using the specific Webmail services provided by your PEC manager. In some cases, a special app for smartphones and tablets is also provided.

Alternatively, you can configure your own PEC mailbox using the protocol IMAP in email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird And Apple Mail. Alternatively, the protocol is also available POP3 which, however, does not allow the PEC to be synchronized on multiple devices.

You don’t even need dedicated hardware devices. Basically, what differentiates the PEC from a traditional e-mail address is only its legal value, which is given by the system for sending and receiving notifications which certify that the email has been accepted and that it has also been delivered to the recipient.

Another difference between PEC and traditional mailboxes concerns the procedure for requesting and opening one: with the PEC, in fact, it is often necessary to prove one’s identity by sending valid identification documents to the provider, ie the company that manages the service.

How to request free certified e-mail

Let us now move on to clarify a fundamental point relating to how to request the PEC: you must know that it is a paid service that is obtained through the subscription of a monthly or annual subscription, made available by one of the many authorized providers.

Therefore, the only solution for request a free certified e-mail is to activate the free trial period which is made available by some companies: you can find more details in the following lines.



Legalmail by InfoCert is one of the best known providers that allows you to try its certified e-mail service for a limited period of time.

In terms of technical characteristics, the PEC of Legalmail has security archives and SMS notifications, it can be used from the appropriate web panel, via the official app for Android or iOS/iPadOS or in any email client, configuring it with i IMAP / POP3 parameters.

Legalmail’s three PEC plans are designed primarily for professionals, but can be subscribed by anyone: I’ll talk about them in detail below.

  • PEC Bronze (25 € + VAT per year): allows you to obtain a 5 GB PEC account;
  • PEC Silver (€ 39 + VAT per year): allows you to obtain an 8 GB certified email account;
  • PEC Gold (75 € + VAT per year): allows you to obtain a 15 GB PEC mailbox

The plan you can subscribe to free for 6 months is the plan PEC Silver. If you are interested in this possibility, connect to the LegalMail official website and press the button Try for free.

Now, in the new screen that is shown to you, type the name of the PEC box in the appropriate text field and press the button Verify.

Then, register on the InfoCert website: to do so, click on the button Create an accountprovide a email address and the password and, finally, complete the registration by pressing the button Sign me up.

At this point, to complete the PEC activation procedure and thus be able to start using it, fill in the forms that are proposed to you, sending the required documentation to the company: signed contract it’s a copy of a valid identity document.



Another provider that you can consider, to activate a PEC for free is Register: the company provides a 6 months free trial period. Later, if it is not renewed, however, there is a setup cost of 9.90 euros to be incurred.

The PEC can be activated on trial by Register is the one relating to the plan PEC Agile which, in terms of technical characteristics, has a space of 2 GB, notifications via SMS, unlimited mailings and security archives. At the end of the trial period the cost is € 33.90 per year + VAT.

Alternatively, the other plan of Register (which, however, cannot be tried for free) is the one called Single certified e-mail: it has a price starting from 34 € + VAT per year and allows you to obtain a 3 or 5 GB PEC mailbox on a personal domain.

To activate the trial period for free PEC Agilelinked to Register official websiteclick the button Activate for freeat Single certified e-mailthen accept the terms and conditions of service and press the button Continue.

At this point, fill in the form that is proposed to you, to complete the activation of the PEC: you will be asked to indicate all personal data and also those relating to the PEC to be activated. Additionally, you will need to verify your identity by submitting the Required documentation which usually concerns the signed contract and a copy of a valid identity document.

The PEC of Register it can be used via the appropriate web panel or it can be configured via IMAP / POP3 parameters in an email client.

How to request private certified e-mails

There are many authorized providers that allow you to activate a paid PEC (the complete list is available on the Government site): consequently, if you are interested in subscribing to a monthly or annual subscription to request a PEC to be used as a private individual, I suggest you continue reading to take a look at the offers of the main operators listed in the next chapters.

How to request Aruba certified e-mail

How to request Aruba certified e-mail

The famous hosting and domains company Arubaprovides the possibility of subscribing to various PEC plans, whose characteristics are those relating to the availability of an anti-virus and anti-spam filter, the possibility of receiving notifications via SMS.

  • PEC Standard (5 euros + VAT for the first year): allows you to obtain a 1GB PEC mailbox;
  • PEC Pro (25 euros + VAT per year): allows you to obtain a 2GB PEC mailbox with 3GB of archive;
  • PEC Premium (40 euros + VAT per year): allows you to obtain a 2GB mailbox with 8GB of archives.

What unites the above Aruba PEC plans are the ease of use of the PEC via web panelapp for Android And iOS / iPadOS as well as the ability to configure it via IMAP or POP3 parameters in traditional clients.

In order to activate a PEC with Aruba, connect to official company websitepress the button Buy next to the chosen plan and then click on the button Continue. Finally, in order to activate the PEC, register for the service and send the documentation request.

How to request PEC Poste Italiane

How to request PEC Poste Italiane

Italian post is another PEC provider that you can consider, given the cost-effectiveness of its plans designed for individuals. The main floor, in fact, is called PEC Basic Private and costs € 5.50 + VAT per year. In terms of technical characteristics, it includes a 100 MB PEC mailbox that allows you to send 200 emails a day.

As for companies, however, plans are made available PEC Base Business And Advanced Business PEC which include 5 PEC accounts with 1 GB of space and 200 daily mailings. The prices of the latter, however, are to be estimated by contacting the sales department.

To request the activation of a PEC account with Poste Italiane, first connect to official website and press on the item Buy online in correspondence with the wording Are you a private individual?in order to log in or register on the Poste Italiane website and complete the purchase.

Subsequently, to complete the activation of the PEC, send the documentation request (the signed contract and a copy of a valid identity document) in order to validate your identity. The activated PEC can be used from the appropriate web panel or used in traditional e-mail clients through the appropriate ones configuration parameters.

Other PEC offers

Other PEC offers

Would you like to evaluate other PEC offers? If so, take a look at the plans made available by other providers listed below.

  • KOLST PEC: The plans offered by the company are plan Smart (€ 5 + VAT per year) which allows you to obtain a PEC of 1GB of space, Domain 5 (€ 10 + VAT per year), for a PEC with 5GB of space e Domain 10 (30 € / year + VAT), which allows you to obtain a 10 GB PEC.
  • LiberoPEC: the plans offered are Family PEC (€ 14.99 per year including VAT) which is dedicated to individuals and allows you to obtain a 1GB PEC e PEC Unlimited (€ 30 + VAT per year), which is dedicated to business users and allows you to obtain a PEC with unlimited space.
  • Virgilio PEC: the plans offered are Personal (€ 14.99 / year) which allows you to obtain a 1GB PEC of space e Infinity (€ 30 + VAT / year) which allows you to obtain a PEC with unlimited space.

How to apply for PEC Government

How to apply for PEC Government

If you wonder how to request the PEC of the Governmentas you have heard of it, you must know that this is not possible: the service that in the past was made available by the Government (to communicate with the PA) has been closed and, consequently, can no longer be activated.

How to request INPS certified e-mail

How to request INPS certified e-mail

In the past theINPS made available the possibility of activating a service CEC-PAC which could only be used to communicate with the Public Administration. To date, however, the service in question has been closed and, therefore, it is no longer possible to obtain it. I am sorry.