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How to always win on Clash Royale

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How to always win on Clash Royale: You are a big fan of Clash Royale , Supercell’s popular mobile title, and are having a great time challenging other players online. However, you realized that you are meeting stronger and stronger users and you don’t really know how to increase your chances of winning. Well, obviously there is no way to win all the games in Clash Royale but, if you want, I can give you some advice on the techniques to be adopted to improve your performance within the game.

I know, everyone would like to find out  how to play checkers on the Internet , but fortunately there is no “magic” trick to achieve this. What you can do, however, is to put into practice all those tricks that often the most skilled players put into action without the novice users noticing. I’ll talk to you shortly. There will also be a way to talk about the basic dynamics of the Supercell title, which must always be “reviewed” to get the best possible results. Finally, I will not fail to provide you with all the details of the case to find the deck and the strategy that best suits your style of play.

What do you say? Are you ready to inform yourself properly about Clash Royale and know in detail the aspects of the game that could increase your chances of winning? In my opinion, yes, since you have come this far, you have made yourself quite comfortable and you are reading this guide with interest. Come on then, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the quick directions below. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Victory Clash Royale

Before going into detail on the procedure on how to play checkers on the Internet , I think you might be interested to know more about the Supercell title.

Well, Clash Royale is a strategic video game for mobile devices originally released in 2016. We are talking about a title that in some ways incorporates some dynamics of the tower defense genre and some aspects of the collectible card games .

In fact, each user has 3 towers to defend and 4 cards to use (a deck is made up of 8 cards in total , but there are 4 on the screen because they are alternated ). The latter represent characters or objects / actions to be used to attack or defend themselves . However, the player has an elixir bar (purple drop icon), which can usually go up to a maximum of 10 units .

Each card requires a number of elixirs units in order to be used and the appropriate bar will recharge automatically with the passage of time (usually 1 unit is generated in 2.8 seconds ). Clearly there are characters that can better contrast others and some cards are more useful in the defensive phases and others in the offensive ones . The ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing towers or in any case the main tower of the other user. If so, the game time is set at 3 minutes, expire, whoever destroyed the most towers wins .

That’s it: Clash Royale has some particularly simple and intuitive basic dynamics , although in reality it is a much deeper game than it seems, as I will show you in the next chapters. In any case, if you are interested in having more information on the title, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to play checkers on the Internet .

How to always win on Clash Royale

As you may have already guessed, Clash Royale relies heavily on strategy, since it is particularly important to plan your moves. For this reason, to increase the chances of winning in the Supercell title, it may be of fundamental importance to follow precautions such as those found below.

Choose the right deck

giant clash royale

One of the most important aspects to be able to compete with the most prepared opponents is clearly the choice of deck . In fact, a right deck of cards can guarantee you a good competitive advantage.

However, it is not easy to give you precise indications, since each user has his own style of play : there are those, for example, who bet everything on attack , some on defense and some on speed . I feel like making you two “proposals” in this sense: a deck built with simple cards to get in the early stages of the game and a “powerful” competition deck .

Well, one of the decks most used by novice players is the one based on the Giant , considered one of the strongest characters of the early stages of the game, thanks to the excellent statistics relating to damage and life points . The deck is composed as follows: Giant (Rara, Arena 0), Frecce (Comune, Arena 0), Arcieri (Comune, Arena 0), Bombarolo (Comune, Arena 2), Goblin (Comune, Arena 1), Palla di fire (Rara, Arena 0), Principe (Epica, Arena 0) and Musketeer (Rara, Arena 0).

As for the competition deck , I recommend keeping an eye on what relies on the excellent PEKKA card . The deck contains the following cards: Barbarian barrel (Epica, Arena 3), Goblin Hut (Rara, Arena 1), Cemetery (Legendary, Arena 12), Megasgherro (Rara, Arena 4), PEKKA (Epica, Arena 4), Poison (Epica, Arena 5), Giant Snowball (Municipality, Arena 8) and Electric Wizard (Legendary, Arena 11).

PEKKA Clash Royale

For more details on the decks described and for many other examples, I highly recommend you consult my guide to the best decks of Clash Royale , where you can find several interesting ideas to make your choice wisely.

If, on the other hand, you do not understand how to unlock the characters , the cards relating to the latter can be found mainly through the trunks that are obtained by simply playing (and winning) normally the games offered by the title of Supercell. The cards can also improve and level up , increasing, for example, hit points and damage . For more details, I recommend you take a look at my tutorials on how to see trunks on Clash Royale and how to play checkers on the Internet .

Find the right strategy

Clash Royale strategy

As I said earlier, Clash Royale is a video game that relies heavily on strategy and it is therefore very important to find one that suits your playing style.

As you can imagine, it is difficult for me to give you precise advice, given that there are myriads of strategies that can be put in place in the title of Supercell. However, I can however provide you with general indications that are often used by more experienced players.

The first advice I would like to give you is not to attack the opposing main tower immediately . In fact, you must know that once the “secondary” towers are destroyed , you can place your characters directly in the “other half” of the other player . Although destroying the main tower (i.e. the central one) automatically leads to victory , I still recommend that you aim for the secondary ones first .

Also keep in mind the difference between flying and ground troops . In fact, those on land must necessarily pass through the bridges and roads on the right and left of the map, to get to the other side, while flying characters are generally faster and can cross the “cliff” also if they are in the center . In short, do not underestimate this factor.

Another aspect to consider is the use of “action” cards , such as the “rain of arrows” and the fireball . In fact, the latter can be used strategically in certain situations. For example, if there are only a few seconds left until the end of the game and your opponent’s tower has remained standing with very little “life” , you might think of shooting a fireball to destroy it permanently and bring the game home .

Going further, one of the most common mistakes among novice Clash Royale players is to be in a hurry . In fact, the user often starts immediately in fifth by placing his cards. In reality, especially at the beginning of the game, waiting for the opponent to make the first move could be very useful for studying how he thinks and fighting him .

Opposite side Clash Royale Strategy

As for the use of elixirs , I recommend keeping in mind the existence of the Elixir Extractor card , which can be unlocked in the manufacturer ‘s Workshop (Arena 6) and allows you to reload the elixir bar faster , so that you can play the cards before the opponent . This card can therefore be very interesting to put in place a good strategy. In any case, in general, you should try not to waste all the elixirs right away , but in this case it depends on how you want to set up your game.

Finally, one last tip that I would like to give you is to try to put characters , possibly fast , on the opposite side when an enemy is attacking only on one side . Defending oneself is not always the right move, since a correct action on the “counter-attack” could guarantee the victory . I also remind you that your towers can also protect themselves a little from the sun and therefore against some enemies with little life it may not even be worth deploying defensive troops.

To train

Clash Royale test field

It may seem like a foregone conclusion, but in reality many users do not know the options made available by Clash Royale to train without going to face other opponents online.

To access this possibility, just press the hamburger icon at the top right, tap the Test field button and press Yes . In this way, you can experiment with your deck and your strategies much more calmly and without too much fear of losing. Clearly you won’t get trunks , but you can hone your skills and return to play against other players only when you’re ready.

If you are thinking that artificial intelligence is too “weak” to really put yourself to the test, you are wrong: the developers have created the test field just in order to offer players a challenge that goes to simulate as much as possible the clashes against opponents human.

Find a clan

Find Clash Royale clan

“Union is strength” and, in fact, in Clash Royale finding a clan can be very useful, since it brings various advantages.

Joining a clan can indeed guarantee you to level up much faster , quickly get cards for your deck and get in touch with other people who could teach you the “tricks of the trade” . In short, carrying on your solo game is still fun, but joining a clan and participating in related activities can make you take many steps forward.

My advice, if you want to become an excellent player, is to join some already established clan and let yourself be “guided” by more experienced users . To do this, you must reach level 2 , press the Social icon (present at the bottom right of the main Clash Royale screen) and tap on one of the recommended clans , obviously looking for one that seems interesting to you.

After that, press the green Join button and you will enter the clan chat . Here you can request or exchange cards , play a friendly match to train against some member of the clan, post some emotes or write a chat message . You can do all this through the buttons at the bottom and from here you can search for people to play together or get help for more chances of victory.

Create Clash Royale clan

You can of course also create a clan . To do this, just press the Social icon located at the bottom right of the main screen of the game, move to the Create tab and fill in the form that appears on the screen. In particular, you will have to type the name of the clan , choose the decoration among those proposed by Clash Royale, select the type of group (Open, By invitation only or Closed), the trophies needed to enter the clan (0, 300, 600, 1000, 1300, 1600, 2000, 2300, 2600, 3000 and so on up to 7000) and choose if it is an international groupor if all participants are in a particular country .

You just have to press the Create button to give life to your clan. You will be required to pay 1,000 gold coins . I remind you that the latter can also be obtained for free and therefore you should not make too much effort to gather this loot.

Learn from the professionals

Pro Player Clash Royale

One aspect that is often overlooked is that there are countless multimedia content related to Clash Royale online. Obviously, there is also the possibility to watch the games played by the pro players and I can assure you that taking a look at how they play can help you improve particularly.

To find this content, I mainly recommend you to follow the Clash Royale Esports YouTube channel , where all the Supercell title tournaments are published . Here you can therefore find the games played by the best pro players in the world regarding Clash Royale.

If you are interested in live content , where you can also interact with the chat and the streamer , I invite you to take a look at the Twitch page dedicated to Clash Royale , where you can find all the live streaming that they could do at the your case.

I would also advise you to consult the page of my site dedicated to Clash Royale , where you can find myriads of tutorials related to the title of Supercell.