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How to age a face in a photo

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How to age a face in a photo: In my day these things didn’t happen. There are no more half seasons. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Sorry for telling you, but sometimes you talk just like my grandfather. Yet I saw a picture of you when you were eighty and you seemed like a modern, youthful type. How do you say? No, I’m not crazy… and no, I don’t have any time machines! I simply tried some “tech” tools specifically designed for this purpose. These are online services, computer programs and apps for smartphones and tablets which, in fact, have allowed me to discover what you will look like as an elderly person.

How do you say? Does this intrigue you (and also a lot) and would you therefore like to know more? So let’s do this: take a few minutes of free time all for you, make yourself comfortable in front of your trusty PC (or, grab your smartphone or tablet if you prefer to operate from mobile) and concentrate on reading the instructions on what to do I have already provided to you, right below, in this guide of mine on like aging a face in a photo. I anticipate that, although apparently it may seem something reserved for the most expert in photographic retouching, in reality the resources that I am about to indicate and explain to you are easily usable by anyone, even by those who, a bit like you, he doesn’t exactly consider himself a great expert on the subject.

Then? May I know what are you still standing there? Start fiddling with the resources I am about to offer you now and you will see that you will not regret it! In the end, I have no doubts, all your friends will not hesitate to ask you how you did it. Happy reading and… happy aging, oops, sorry, I meant fun!


The first useful resource that I want to advise you to try is called In20Years. It is an online service that, as the name itself can easily guess, allows you to age faces in photos by at least 20 years. The final result is very realistic and well defined and can be saved on the computer or shared on social networks. It’s super easy to use, it’s free, and you can do it all from your web browser window, without having to download absolutely anything to your PC.

To use it, first connect to the website of the service then select, in correspondence with the wording Genderthe gender of the person portrayed in the photo you are going to upload and indicate if you want to age the face imprinted on it by 20 or 30 years by selecting the option you prefer in correspondence with the item Age. Then choose whether to increase the number of wrinkles or not by checking the appropriate item under the heading Drug Addict.

Now, you have to upload the photo you want to act on. To do this, press the button Upload your photo which is at the bottom, press up Choose file / Open file and select the image from your computer.

Finally, type your e-mail address in the appropriate field that appeared on the screen and press the button Get My Photo!. You will be immediately sent an email with the aged photo attached. You will also see the latter appear in the browser window. To save it locally from there in JPG format, press the link Save imagewhile to share it on social networks or elsewhere, use the links below.

ProphecyMaster (Windows)

How to age a face in a photo

You do not prefer the use of online services and are you looking for a software tool suitable for the purpose and able to do everything automatically? Then I can not help but advise you to try now ProphecyMaster. It is a commercial program (but usable in a trial version at no cost) for Windows operating systems that acts by aging the faces of the selected photos. The final result is definitely credible.

To download the trial version of the software on your PC, connect to download page of the program on the Softonic website and click on the button Download at the top right and then presses on again Download. When the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained, click on Yes / Run and complete the setup by pressing on Next five times in a row, come on Install and to conclude on Finish.

Once the program window appears on the desktop, click on Continuethen on Load Image and select the photo saved on your computer on which you want to go to act. Once the photo has been uploaded, use (if you deem it necessary) buttons [+] And [-] to increase or decrease the zoom level of the image and the central button with the arrows to rotate it.

Then press on the button Next. So wait a few moments and on the next screen you will be shown the face in the photo aged 20 years. If you want to save the returned image on your PC, click on Savewhile to send the photo directly via email to your friends presses on Send to a friend.

AgingBooth (Android / iOS)

How to age a face in a photo

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act as a mobile, you can age the face in a photo by appealing to the use of a special application: AgingBooth. It is a free resource and extremely simple to use which, after selecting the photo on which to act, is able to age the portrait face by automatically applying special filters. The returned image can then be saved on the device or shared on the network. It’s free and it’s available for both Android that for iOS.

You ask me how to use it? Well, its use is so simple and intuitive that there would be no need to explain it, anyway … you are satisfied! First of all, connect, through the links I have provided just now, to the section dedicated to the application on the app store of the mobile platform in use on your device and install AgingBooth by pressing the appropriate button.

Then start the app, press the button Start displayed on the screen and choose, by tapping on the appropriate buttons, whether to take the photo on which to act at the moment (Room), whether to take it from the camera roll of the device (Library) or whether to export it from Facebook (Facebook).

Therefore, wait for the image to be loaded and completed, then check that the points and lines on the screen are positioned in correspondence with the eyes, mouth to chin (and if not, make the necessary corrections by dragging them to the correct position), then press on the button Ready? Go! which is at the bottom right.

Wait a few moments for the image to be processed and in the screen that will subsequently open you will find yourself in the presence of the photo with an aged face. To save it on your device or export it to another application, click on the icon of sharing (the rectangle with arrow) that you find at the bottom right and then choose the desired option. If, on the other hand, you want to share the photo on Facebook or Twitter, select the relevant buttons that you can always find at the bottom, on the left.

You can also send the image via email by clicking on the icon envelope that you always find in the lower part of the display, while if you want to delete the photo in question and start over you have to tap the button with the dustbin top right.

Oldify (Android / iOS)

How to age a face in a photo

As an alternative to the above resource, you can turn to Oldifyavailable for Android (free with in-app purchases) and for iOS (for a fee, it costs 1.09 euros). This is another application that works quite similar to the one already mentioned a few lines above but if possible the results returned are even more surprising. Plus, it’s super easy to use.

To use it, first of all connect via the links that I have just provided to the section dedicated to the application on the app store of the mobile platform in use on your device. Then install Oldify by pressing the appropriate button on the screen. Then, start the app by pressing on its icon and then stop on the button Tap to start in the main screen of the same that you see appear.

Therefore, after tapping on the appropriate buttons, choose whether to go and act on a photo to be taken at the moment (Take a photo with camera) or whether to take the image from the gallery of the device in use (Select photos from gallery) then position correctly, on the eyes, mouth and chin in the photo, the dotted lenses you see appear on the screen and press the button Rady? GO that you find in the lower part.

Then you can finally view your photo with the aged face. To save it locally click on Savewhile to share it on social networks or in other apps, press the button Share. If, on the other hand, you want to change the chosen photo or in any case start the whole procedure all over again, click on the button Retry that you always find below.

Other useful resources

How to age a face in a photo

Those that I have indicated to you in the previous lines represent the simplest and most effective systems currently present on the square to be able to age the face in a photo. However, if you have a little more free time and also a discreet desire to learn something new, know that the same (if not even better) results can be obtained by using those that today represent the cornerstones of photographic retouching. digital: Photoshop And GIMP.

Regarding Photoshop, I don’t think it needs any particular introduction. It is the most used Adobe software in the world for photo editing, both amateur and professional. It offers many tools and useful functions to correct and distort images. It is paid (but you can eventually download a free trial version). To find out how to use it in general, you can refer to my dedicated tutorial, while as regards the specific operations to be carried out for aging you can follow the step-by-step instructions in numerous videos. on Youtube.

In regards to GIMP, it is a free software but of a professional nature and of an open soruce nature. It is chock full of advanced image editing tools and has very little to regret the aforementioned Photoshop. To find out how to use it for your purpose, you can read my guide dedicated to the use of the program and follow, even in this case, the specific videotutorials present on Youtube.

On smartphones and tablets, instead, instead of using the apps I reported to you in the previous lines, you can try your hand at aging faces in photos by using some special resources for photo editing on the go, such as those I indicated in my article. on apps to edit photos. Of course, these are not advanced tools like for computers but if I were you a try I would do it anyway