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How to advertise a product on Facebook

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You have finally started your business and created a product that, in your opinion, could be of interest to many people. For this reason, you have seen fit to advertise it on Facebook  which, being the most famous social network in the world, is used massively by both famous brands and by much smaller entrepreneurial realities, like yours, as a means of promotion.

Not being very familiar with social media, however, you would like to have some guidance on how to achieve your goal in a simple way. Did I guess? Well, then know that I will be happy to help you! In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain how to advertise a product on Facebook by  providing you with both technical information on creating a page dedicated to your product and practical suggestions to get yourself noticed by the public.

Are you ready to get started? Yup? Then I would say not to waste any more precious time chatting and to take action immediately. Come on: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you. By doing this, you can get started on the right foot and immediately advertise your product online effectively.

Create a Facebook page

To advertise a product on Facebook  you must necessarily  create a page with which to promote it. To do this, all you have to do is start the wizard for creating a new Facebook page: let me explain in detail how to proceed both from mobile and from computer.

Smartphones and tablets

If you prefer to create a Facebook page by acting as a smartphone or tablet , start the social network app on your Android or iOS device   and log into your account, in case you have not already done so. Once logged in, tap the button (≡) located at the top right (on Android) or bottom right (on iOS), tap on the items  Pages>  Create a page  and then press the Start button  to start the procedure page creation wizard.

Now, write the  name  you want to assign to your page in the appropriate text field, tap the Next button  ; indicate, through the appropriate drop-down menus, the category in which you want to insert it (taking care to choose a suitable one for your company, such as  Brand and products , Local companies , etc.), the relative  sub-category  (eg. Product / serviceLocal company , etc.) and press the Next button again  .

In the screen that opens, specify the website of your company to associate with the page (if you have one), so as to make it appear in the information screen of the same, as well as among the shortcut buttons, and press the Next button  . If you want, you can also skip the operation by tapping on the Skip  item located in the upper right corner of the screen.

To conclude, you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen, completing the information on the page and adding the profile and cover images (if you want, you can also skip these steps and add this information later).

As you may have noticed, creating a mobile Facebook page is not complicated at all. However, if you have found it difficult to do so, you can take a look at the in-depth study that I have just linked to, so as to clarify your ideas.


how to promote a product on Facebook

If you intend to create a Facebook page by proceeding directly from your computer , after logging into your account, connect to this page and click on the Start button relating to the type of page you intend to create (probably  Company or brand ).

In the form that appears on the screen, type the name you want to assign to your company page in the appropriate text field and indicate the  category to which you want to include it by typing a term in the Category field and using the suggestions that appear below to select the category correct (eg. Retail company, IT company , etc.).

Then click first on the Continue button and then on the Upload a profile picture  button  to upload the image you want to use as a profile picture; upload the cover image by pressing the Upload cover image button   and follow the other instructions that appear on the screen to add all the information concerning the page just created.

At this point you should have reached the end of the procedure and, to confirm this, you should see the message  We welcome you to your new page on the screen , present in the box with all the advice that is provided to you to complete the other information on the page (description, adding a username, etc.) and that I invite you to follow.

If any step relating to the creation of the Facebook page is not clear to you, do not hesitate to read the guide where I explain in greater detail how to do this.

Sponsor a product on Facebook

how to advertise a product on Facebook

Since the Facebook algorithm favors the visibility of the contents published by the personal profiles of users, penalizing, in fact, those coming from the pages, it is practically obligatory to sponsor a product with paid advertisements. Before explaining “technically” how to sponsor a product, however, let me give you some practical “tips” on what to do.

First of all I advise you to analyze the statistics of your page (you can do it using the Insights function , as I explained to you in another tutorial) and possibly those of the other social accounts in which you advertise your company (e.g. Instagram), in order to understand who your target audience is and, therefore, set your business strategies based on this data, including the advertising campaigns to launch to promote one of your products.

Even analyzing the trending topics on the web   (perhaps using tools such as Google Trends , which I told you about in a dedicated tutorial) can be useful for choosing the keywords to include in the posts you decide to sponsor. If you produce razor blades, for example, through Google Trends you can see that the keyword ” razor blades ” is searched above all in some Italian regions (eg Lazio and Lombardy ) and, consequently, you may decide to limit the sponsorship of your posts to the latter, since there are more users interested in the product in question.

In short, through sponsorships you must try to maximize the conversion rate of the audience. This means that you have to carefully study the type of users who might be interested in your product, thinking about their needs and using this data to start “intelligent” advertising campaigns. Returning to the example of razor blades, it is likely that a male audience over the age of 16 is likely to be interested in this type of product. It would therefore be almost useless to show a sponsored post to an audience of 500,000 women: conversions would be practically close to zero!

Now, after learning these basics, you are ready to sponsor your product on Facebook. In the next paragraphs you will find out how to do this both from mobile and from computer.

Smartphones and tablets

how to advertise a product on Facebook

To sponsor your product page from your  smartphone or tablet , start the Facebook app and access your account from your Android or iOS device  , then tap the button  (≡) and press the name of the page  you want to promote.

At this point, tap on the Promote item  located under the cover image of the page, select one of the sponsorship options from those available (eg  Configure a continuous promotionMake more people visit the website , Promote yours page , highlight your post , etc.) and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to start the advertising campaign, through which to promote the page and, consequently, your product.

If you want, you can also sponsor a content that you have already published on the page, by pressing the button Highlight the post  located under the post of your interest and setting the  audience , the  budget and the  duration  of the advertising campaign from the box that appears on the screen. For more information on how to sponsor on Facebook, please also consult the guide I linked to you.


how to advertise a product on Facebook

In case you want to sponsor the page dedicated to your product using a computer , access your Facebook page, click on the text field Write a post … , select the item Advertise your company in the menu that opens and select one of the options among those available (eg. Highlight a post , if you want to advertise only one content; Promote your button [button name] , if you intend to promote the call-to-action button of the page; Promote your Page , if you intend to promote the page itself, etc.).

Then follow the instructions that are provided to you by Facebook in relation to the sponsorship procedure that you have started and click on the buttons and menus that are proposed to you, based on the choice you have made just now, in order to select target , budget and  duration.  sponsorship, as well as the  payment method to use for the campaign.

Also in this case, let me remind you that you can also decide to sponsor a content that you have already published on the page dedicated to your product. To do this, you must click on the button Highlight the post  placed immediately below the content of your interest and also in this case set the public , budget and duration of the advertising campaign through the appropriate box that opens.

For more information on how to sponsor on Facebook, please read the article in which I speak in more depth on the topic.

Tips for promoting a product on Facebook

How to create a Facebook page from your mobile

As promised in the introduction of the article, we conclude with some tips for promoting a product on Facebook : these are a series of “tips” that, if put into practice, can help you grow your page and effectively promote the your products on Facebook, taking into account your audience and customers.

  • Regularly  publish interesting posts – regularly post interesting posts able to describe the product (perhaps with detailed descriptions of its characteristics and / or its functions) and post quality photos and videos in which the latter is seen, will certainly contribute to its promotion on the social network. Since even on Facebook Stories (to be clear, the sequences of photos and videos that self-destruct after 24 hours) are a very popular type of content, creating some dedicated to your product will help you to make it known.
  • Show people using your product  – in posts and Stories, as well as describing how your product works, show people who use it and are happy to do so, perhaps using images of them doing personal activities.
  • Use little text and more images  – if you put too much text in posts promoting your product, you risk distracting users. Also, using ads that have a small amount of text will allow you to reach more people.
  • Use hashtags  – since hashtags, that is the words / phrases preceded by the # symbol , which are used to catalog the contents published online, are used by Facebook users to perform searches in the internal search engine of the social network, I recommend to equip your posts with relevant and possibly popular hashtags. Don’t overdo it though, at most a couple of hashtags per post should be fine: inserting more could annoy the public and reduce interactions.
  • Interact with other users  – this is especially important when other users ask about the product via private messages or comments. By responding promptly to their doubts, you will increase the visibility of the page and, above all, you will be more appreciated by your potential customers, who will feel more enticed to eventually buy your product.
  • Respect your potential customers  – when promoting your product on Facebook, do not hide any limitations and shortcomings of the latter. Try to be as transparent as possible to avoid getting negative reviews from buyers.

If you want some other “tips” on how to have a successful Facebook page, so as to further expand your audience and be more likely to be able to advertise your product on the famous social network, consult the in-depth study that I linked to you: it could come back to you useful. While you’re at it, also take a look at the Facebook Business guides that offer interesting ideas for promoting your products on the social network.