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How to add songs to iTunes

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How to add songs to iTunes: After arguing many, too many times with Windows Media Player, you have decided to learn how to use iTunes and to transfer your digital music collection to Apple’s media player. I like your fighting spirit, so I have decided that I will help you with this “move”.

If you want to learn how to add songs to iTunesyou must first know that there are various ways to import music into the Apple program: in addition to importing songs and folders already on your PC, you can “rip” music CDs, you can download songs from Apple Music (Apple’s music streaming service) and you can buy music on the iTunes Store.

So, what do you think? Would you like to find out how to carry out all these operations in more detail? If your answer is yes, take five minutes of free time and put into practice the instructions you find below. I assure you this is a breeze. The instructions are valid for both Windows and macOS (where there is no Windows Media Player and iTunes is the music software set by default in the system), so regardless of the type of computer you have you will not find it difficult to put them into practice. Happy reading and have fun!

Add songs from a folder

Let’s start with the simplest operation, that is, from how to add songs to iTunes importing files and folders on the PC. To import songs in MP3, AAC or other file types supported by the program into iTunes, start the program and select the item Add files to the library from the menu File which is located at the top left. If you are using a Mac, instead of “Add files to library” you will find simply Add to library. Then select the files you want to add to your music library and that’s it.

If you want to import an entire folder of songs and not just individual songs, select the item Add folder to library from the menu File iTunes and presses the button Folder selection after choosing the folder to transfer in the iTunes library.

As an alternative to these two options, you can also select the item Music from the iTunes drop-down menu (top left) and drag songs or folders into the program window. The files will automatically be added to the iTunes music library.

If you want, you can set iTunes to be in its (Music iTunes iTunes Media) a copy of all files imported into the music library is saved. To activate or deactivate this function (which is active by default on Mac), go to the menu Edit> Preferences of the program (iTunes> Preferences on Mac), select the tab Advanced and put the check mark next to the item Keep the iTunes Media folder organized.

How to add songs to iTunes

Import an old iTunes library

Do you want to import the music library you had on another computer into iTunes? Don’t worry, you can do that too. Here are in detail all the steps you need to take.

  • Close iTunes on your old PC;
  • Copy your iTunes music library from your old computer and transfer it to a flash drive or external hard drive. The folder should be C: Users yourusername Music iTunes on Windows and / Users / yourusername / Music / iTunes / on macOS. In any case you can find the full path in the menu Preferences> Advanced of iTunes;
  • Close iTunes on your new PC;
  • Make a backup copy of the iTunes folder on your new computer (in case something goes wrong);
  • Copy the folder with the iTunes library from the stick or external disk to the folder Music of your new computer (overwriting the one already present).

At this point, launch iTunes and you should find your old library already imported into the program. If not, close iTunes again, restart it by holding down the key Shift on the keyboard (or the alt if you are using a Mac), click on the button Choose a library and select the file itl of the library you just imported to your computer. More info on the whole procedure are available in my tutorial on how to export iTunes library and on Apple’s website.

How to add songs to iTunes

Add songs from audio CDs

You have a music CD and you want to transform the songs it contains on your PC, turning them into compressed audio files to be kept in the library of iTunes? Nothing simpler. Start the program using its icon on the Windows desktop and insert the disk you want to “rip” into your computer’s CD / DVD drive (this is a jargon when transforming music CDs or DVD movies into compressed files such as MP3 and Avi / DivX).

At this point, an iTunes message will appear asking you if you want to copy the songs of the music CD inserted in your library: click on the button Yup and the program will automatically start copying the tracks from the CD to your PC, transforming them into AAC files. The procedure lasts no more than a few minutes.

How to add songs to iTunes

If you want to change the file format in which to save the songs imported from audio CDs, go to the menu Edit> Preferences of the program (iTunes> Preferences on Mac), select the tab General and click on the button Import settings located at the bottom right. In the window that opens, expand the drop-down menu Import using and select one of the available output formats: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3 or WAV. For more info on the whole procedure, see my tutorial on how to rip audio CDs.

Add songs from Apple Music

If you have signed up for a subscription to Apple MusicApple’s music streaming service, you can add songs, albums and playlists to your music library simply by searching for them and pressing the button (+) placed next to their title.

To be even more precise, you need to click on search bar located at the top right and you need to search making sure the option is selected Apple Music in the box that opens. Then you have to select the song, album or playlist of your interest and first click on the button (…) placed next to its title and then on the item Add to music present in the menu that appears (or more simply on the button (+)).

How to add songs to iTunes

The same goes for the songs, albums and playlists found by “browsing” the sections Announcements And For you Apple Music: The buttons to click are always the same. Once added to the library, the songs can also be downloaded offline by clicking on the icon cloud.

Add songs from the iTunes Store

Finally, here it is how to add songs to iTunes by purchasing them from the iTunes Store. As you well know by now, iTunes Store is Apple’s virtual store where music, albums, ebooks and movies are sold. To access it, all you have to do is select the item Music from the iTunes drop-down menu (top left) and select the tab iTunes Store located at the top right.

Once in the iTunes Store, browse all the songs and albums available on the service using the categories you find in the right sidebar or, alternatively, search using the bar located at the top right.

How to add songs to iTunes

After identifying the items of your interest, to proceed with their purchase and transfer them to your iTunes library, first click on theirs titles and then on the button with the price. The prices of the albums vary on average from 5 to 13 euros, while the singles are generally sold for 0.69 or 1.29 euros.

As you can easily understand, to buy songs on iTunes and use Apple Music you must have linked your account to a credit card (also rechargeable) and you must log in to iTunes using your Apple ID. Your purchases and your favorites on Apple Music will be automatically synchronized on all the devices connected to your ID.