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How to add an email address on Gmail

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How to add an email address on Gmail: Over the years you have tried so many different email services and, at the moment, the one you are best with is Gmail. Since, however, to register for various online services, you have previously used accounts from other mail services, you would need to “import” these accounts to Gmail, so that you can then manage all your e-mail from the service offered. from Google.

If what I have just described is your situation, you can easily refer to the information you find in the next chapters, where I will explain to you, in detail. how to add an email address on gmail. As you will see shortly, the service of the Mountain View giant integrates, in fact, a convenient function that allows you to have access to the emails of other email accounts both in receipt and in sending.

In order for everything to go well, you will obviously need to know the password of the accounts to use on Gmail and you will need to have access to the latter. All clear? Optimal! So I don’t steal any more precious time from you and leave you to the directions to follow. Happy reading and have fun!

How to add an email address on Gmail: computer

For add an account of a other mail manager e-mail on Gmail from computer, you will need to access the settings of the Google email service which is accessible via the browser. I immediately anticipate that, regardless of which account you intend to add to Gmail, the procedure to follow to proceed remains exactly the same as you find in the next paragraphs.

Also, keep in mind that by linking another email account to Gmail, the storage space virtual (15 GB for “free” Gmail accounts) is also made available for the email messages of the account you will connect and, therefore, it will inevitably be consumed. The storage limit can be increased starting from € 1.99 per month: for more details on this, I refer you to my guide on Google One.

The first step to add another email account to Gmail is to access your email inbox on the latter service. To do this, open This Page and, if necessary, do the login with your login details (e-mail And password). Once this preliminary step is completed, press the icon of thegear at the top right and, from the menu that opens, select the item View all settings.

Then, click on the wording Account and import that you find at the top and, from here, press on the item Add an email account which is located in correspondence with the wording Check mail from other accounts. In the window that opens, enter, in the only available field, theemail address you want to “import” and press the button Next >>.

Computer Gmail settings

At this point, select the option Connect accounts with Gmailify pressing on it and confirm by clicking on the button Next >>. Now enter the password your non-Gmail email profile; on the next page, click on the button Yup And that’s it. Really simple, don’t you think? In this way your account will be synchronized on Gmail and when a new mail message arrives to it you can view it directly in the folder Incoming mail.

You want to import the “old” messages ei contacts stored on the account you just connected to Gmail? In this case, go back to the item Account and import (cited above) from the menu of settings of Gmail and press on the wording Import messages and contacts that you find in the section of the same name.

Now enter yours Postal address in the single field on the next screen and press the button Go on twice in a row. Next, confirm your intentions by pressing the button Yup. Close this last window and, in the previous window, check the boxes placed next to the items Import contacts, Import messages And Import new messages for the next 30 days and click the button Start Import.

That’s it, now you can find all the imported messages in the various folders (eg. Incoming mail, Sent, etc.) of your mailbox. Or, to view them even more simply, press directly on the“external” email address added that you find in the list of folders on the left, on the home page of the mailbox.

You can also compose new messages from Gmail and send them with the “external” addressby selecting it in the field From in the composing email screen; if you don’t see it, go back to the Gmail settings and click on the item Add another email address placed in correspondence with the wording Send message as. On the page that opens, type first name And email address you want to add, press the button Next steptherefore it sets SMTP server, door And TLS / SSL connection (if necessary; the parameters can be found with a Google search) and enter the password of the email address you are adding. Then press the button Add account And that’s it.


With the method I told you about so far, it is possible to keep only one external “incoming” email account connected at a time. If you want to add another email account to Gmail by repeating the steps above, you will need to first disconnect the newly added profile by returning to the item Account and import of the menu settings of Gmail and then pressing on the wording Disconnect on the right, in the section Check mail from other accounts.

Alternatively, you can choose to link other accounts using the e-mail transmission protocol POP3 (But be careful because by doing so the messages, once imported into Gmail, will be deleted from the origin servers, unless there are special backup functions active). To proceed in this direction, click on the item Add an email account in the section Check mail from other accounts. Then enter yours Postal address in the appropriate field and then select the item Import emails from my other account (POP3). Now you will have to enter in the appropriate fields, the password of your account, the POP server and the port number.

Import email account on Gmail POP3

To find this information, simply carry out a specific search on Google by typing the terms POP3 parameters [nome servizio account email]; or, you can also consult my tutorial on how to find the e-mail server in which I have specified the POP3 parameters of some of the most popular e-mail services.

Were you unable to find the parameters of the service you are interested in? Then try to take a look at my guides on how to set up Outlook email, how to set up Alice email, how to set up Yahoo! and how to configure Libero email.

How to add an email address on Gmail: smartphone and tablet


You are interested in knowing how to add an email address on gmail from the relative application for Android And iPhone / iPad? No problem, I’ll settle you immediately. First start theapp above and then tap the ≡ button located at the top left. Scroll down the menu that is proposed to you and then click on the item Settings.

Now tap on the wording Add account and select the type of account you want to register from the menu (eg. Google, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo! and so on). If the profile you want to add is not among those proposed, click on the item Other.

Now you just have to enter in the appropriate fields thePostal address associated with the account you want to connect and its password. Finally, click on the button Forward four times in a row, leaving the default configuration parameters shown on the screen unchanged (if necessary, however, you can set a name of your choice for the account). That’s all!

Add mail account on Android Gmail app

At this point, to use your account directly from the Gmail app, press the icon of yours Google account located at the top right, on the home page of the application itself and, from the list that is proposed to you, tap on profile name just added.

At this point you will be shown all your inbox. To view the messages sent, simply go to ≡> Sent; while to compose a message just press the button you write located in the lower left. In short: you can also use this address as you are used to normally do with your Gmail account. To learn more about the subject, I invite you to read my tutorial on how Gmail works.

If you want, you can too import all mail ei contacts of an “external” email account directly within your Gmail account. To do this you must first add the email profile to the Gmail app as I indicated above. Once this is done, from the home screen of the application, go to ≡> Settings> [nome account] > Link account> Get started.

Now select theGmail account on which you want to import the e-mail and contacts (if it is not the default, press on the wording Choose a different Gmail address), then tap on the item Next> and performs the login to your “external” account with the relative ones access data.

Import mail account to Android Gmail app

Finally, click on the button Yup And that’s it. Now you will be able to see the mail of your “external” account directly on your Gmail profile and create new messages directly with this mail account (when composing the email, just click on the sender field From and select theaccount imported). If you encounter any problems, try linking the accounts again by repeating the steps of this last procedure that I have listed for you.

How do you say? Have you thought about it and would like to remove the account you just linked to Gmail? If so, from the application home screen, go to ≡> Settings> ⁝> Manage accounts. At this point, you will be redirected to settings of your operating system; you will then need to select the option for Gmail (IMAP) and, from here, the first name of yours account. Finally you will have to select the appropriate option of removalwhich could be called up by pressing the… button or the ⁝ button, depending on the operating system installed on your terminal.

How to add another Gmail address to Gmail

Import Gmail accounts to Android Gmail app

Desires add another Gmail address to Gmail? To succeed from computersimply follow the steps to log into another Gmail account from your browser.

To succeed from appInstead, all you have to do is repeat the same steps that I have listed for you in this chapter.