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How to activate the webcam of the Windows 10 PC

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How to activate the webcam of the Windows 10 PC: You have a computer with it installed Windows 10; would you like to use the webcam associated with it, to take photos and record some videos, but being still impractical in terms of IT and new technologies, you don’t know how to make it work? Don’t worry, if you want I can give you a hand, with my tutorial dedicated specifically to the topic.

In fact, if you take a few minutes of your precious free time, I can personally indicate you how to activate the PC webcam on Windows 10. I already anticipate that, contrary to what you may think, you will not have to do anything particularly complex or that is out of your reach. Just check that the device is correctly detected by the PC and then turn to the program of your interest that supports the use of the webcam. That’s all!

Then? How about finally putting the chatter aside and starting to get busy? Yup? Great. Position yourself comfortably, take a few free minutes just for yourself and follow the instructions below. I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned, as well as, of course, that you have finally succeeded in your intent. Let it bet?

Preliminary information


Before going to find out, concretely, what are the operations that must be carried out to succeed activate the PC webcam on Windows 10, there are some preliminary informationin this regard, it is my duty to provide you.

First, keep in mind that on most computer portable the webcam is commercially available included “Standard”. Sui stationary computershowever, this is usually not the case and, consequently, a webcam must be purchased from connect externally. If this is your case and if you want to receive some advice on which webcam to buy, you can refer to mine Buying Guide specific.

As anticipated, if an external webcam is used, in order to exploit it, it is necessary to connect the device to the computer beforehand. The connection can be made via USB cable, inserting the narrower end of the same in the port present on the webcam (when the wire is not integrated) and the other end in one USB port of the PC.

Activate the webcam of the Windows 10 PC

Without the above clarifications, let’s get to the heart of the matter and find out, in detail, how to activate the PC webcam on Windows 10. Below, therefore, you will find below how to proceed with the configuration of the device and with actual activation.

Configuration in Device Manager

Windows 10 device management

To begin with, make sure the webcam is detected by your PC. To do this, you must make use of Device management, the tool included in Windows through which you can view and manage devices connected to your computer.

So, start the latter by clicking on the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) that you find in the bottom left part of the taskbar, by selecting the link Control panel present in the menu that opens and then on the item Hardware and sounds and / or that Device management (depending on the type of display set), in the pop-up window on the desktop.

In the further window that opens on the screen at this point, locate the item Cameras and click on dart placed on the side, in order to expand the related list. Check, therefore, that the. Is listed in the list of devices that is now shown to you webcam: if this is present you do not have to do anything, as the device is correctly connected to the PC and is detected without problems.

If instead, is not listed no webcam or the icon is semi-transparent or submit a yellow symbol in its correspondence, obviously there is some problem in the detection and / or configuration of the device.

To overcome this, in the case of a device not listed, if you are using one outdoor webcam, first make sure you have correctly connected the device to the PC. After that, whether the webcam is external or integrated, right click on the wording Cameras, select the item Detect hardware changes from the contextual menu displayed and wait for the list of devices connected to the computer to be updated.

In the case of the semi-transparent icon or the yellow symbol, however, right-click on the name of your webcam and select the item Enable or Driver software update from the contextual menu that appears, in order to activate the device and update the related drivers (in this second case, you will also have to specify whether to search in automatic an updated driver or whether to search for the software the driver on your computer).

As for updating the drivers, if you have decided to automatically search for the most updated ones but Windows 10 is not able to find them, you can find them yourself. To do this, check whether there is a coupled to the computer or webcam (in the case of externally connected devices) CD appropriate and, if so, insert the latter into the reader connected to the computer and repeat the steps I have indicated to you a moment ago.

In the absence of the CD, you can try to search for the drivers you need on Internet, connecting to the website of the manufacturer of your computer (if you are using an integrated webcam) or to that of the manufacturer of the webcam (if you are using an externally connected webcam), going to the section of the same dedicated to support and assistance, looking for the your device, by visiting the related section manuals, software and drivers and proceeding from there with the download. For more details on what to do, you can consult my guide specifically dedicated to how to download drivers.

Configuration in Settings

Windows 10 webcam settings

After making sure that the webcam is correctly detected by the computer in Device Manager, I suggest you access the Settings Windows 10 to verify that the device has all the necessary permissions to function properly.

So, click on Start button (the one with the Windows flag) that you find in the bottom left part of the taskbar and select, from the menu that opens, the icon of Settings (the one with the gear wheel). In the window that at this point you see appear on the desktop, select the item Privacy and then that Camera that you find in the side menu located on the left.

Take action, therefore, on the parameters on the right side of the screen. More precisely, make sure the entry is present at the top Access to the camera for this device is activated: if not, click the button Edit and move up On the switch attached to the box that appears.

Afterwards, make sure under the headings Allow apps to access the camera is Allow desktop apps to access the camera the relative switch is moved to Onotherwise fix it. Also check that in the list under the heading Choose the apps from the Microsoft Store that can access the camera the switch is moved to On at the applications of your interest: if not, remedy it yourself.


Camera application Windows 10

After completing all the necessary steps for the configuration that I have indicated in the previous lines, you are finally ready to be able to activate the PC webcam on Windows 10, going to use it with the software of your interest. All you have to do, nothing else is to start the program you intend to use: the webcam will appear immediately ready for use (if this is supported by your software, of course).

To give a practical example, if you want to use the webcam to take photos or record videos with the app Camera included in Windows 10, useful, in fact, to perform this type of operation, just click on the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) that you find in the bottom left part of the taskbar and select the link Camera from the menu that opens.

In the program window that you now see on the desktop, if you want to take a picture of yourself, select the icon of the camera located on the right, positioned in front of the webcam lens so that your face is visible in the application window and press the white circular button with the camera in the center, which is always on the right, to proceed.

If you want, you can also enable the HDR function or you can choose to take the photo after a short countdown, by clicking on the button respectively HDR and on the one with the stopwatch that you find on the left side of the screen.

If, on the other hand, you want to record a video, select the icon of the camera in the right part of the program window and start recording by clicking on white circular button with the camera in the center that you always find on the right. When you want, you can pause the “shooting” by pressing the button Pause appeared on the right or you can permanently stop them by clicking on the button Stop.

Keep in mind that all photos taken and videos recorded are saved in the folder Pictures> Camera roll Windows 10 and are also accessible by clicking on the preview visible in the bottom right part of the Camera application window.

If this may interest you, I would like to point out that by clicking on the icon with the gear wheel, which you can find in the upper left part of the Camera screen, you can also adjust the application settings according to your needs and preferences. More precisely, you can choose whether to enable advanced controls for photos and videos, whether to activate the display of the grid for framing, you can adjust the quality of the photos and videos etc.

Programs to activate the webcam of the Windows 10 PC


Would you like me to suggest you some software specifically designed to activate the PC webcam on Windows 10? Then turn to the solutions of this type that I proceeded to report to you in the list below. I am sure they will satisfy you.

  • ManyCam – program entirely focused on the use of the webcam, which can be used to make video calls (by registering with the proprietary video chat service), make direct streaming, record videos during video conferences and much more. It’s free, but by activating one of the proposed paid plans (with prices starting from $ 27 / year) you can take advantage of extra features, such as the ability to record in high resolution.
  • Debut Video Capture – zero-cost software that allows you to manage the computer’s webcam completely, also offering several advanced controls, such as the possibility of recording the screen and shooting via PiP mode. Note that it cannot be used for commercial purposes. In this second case, you need to switch to the Pro version (with costs starting from $ 40 euros)
  • YouCam Essential – software developed by the CyberLink software house, a well-known company that creates programs for digital entertainment and various multimedia products, which allows you to transform your computer and webcam into a real recording studio to create live video. It allows you to apply various effects, titles, images and much more and it is very simple to use. Basically it’s free, but to take advantage of all the features offered you need to buy the paid version, called Deluxe (at a cost of 49.99 euros one-off).

For more details on the above programs, I recommend reading my guide focused on webcam programs.