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How to activate PS4 microphone

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How to activate PS4 microphone: You just bought a pair of headphones for yours PS4 but can’t you get them to work properly? Your friends can’t hear what you say in the microphone? Don’t despair: if you have five minutes of free time, I can help you carry out all the necessary checks and, if possible, solve the problem (which, I must say, is quite common among owners of the Sony console).

To discover how to activate microphone on ps4, you must first make sure that you have connected the headphones to the console correctly. Then you have to check that your microphone is set as the default device for audio input and you have to make sure that the sound volume is adequate for your needs, or rather, those of those who will listen to you during gaming sessions.

To create the tutorial, I will use a standard PS4 (“fat” model) equipped with version 5.55 of the PlayStation firmware. However, the instructions in the article should be valid for all models of the Sony console (including PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro) and for all the most recent versions of its firmware. Having said that, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!

Connect the headphones to the PS4

The first step you need to take is connect the headphones to the PS4 in the right way. So take some free time and be sure to carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you: the procedure to follow, in fact, varies according to the type of headphones purchased (obviously it must be headphones with a microphone).

If you bought a couple of headphones with cableconnect them to the PS4 controller using the classic 3.5 mm jack. Then insert the headphone cable into the appropriate input on the controller (under the key PS) and wait for the notification about this operation to appear on the TV.

Then press and hold the key PS for a couple of seconds, in order to bring up the PlayStation configuration menu; go up Audio / Devicesselect the item Play audio through headphones (using the key X controller) and set the item All audio or the voice Chat audio from the drop-down menu that appears, depending on whether you want to listen to all the game audio or just the chat audio from the headphones.

If your PS4 did not automatically recognize the headphones you connected to the controller, go to the menu Settings PlayStation (by selecting the toolbox icon located at the top right of the console’s main menu), go to Devices> Audio Devices and select the item Headphones with microphone connected to the controller from the menu Output device.

How to activate wired headphones on PS4

If you have a couple of wireless headphonesinstead, connect theirs receiver or theirs base at the USB port and tooptical audio output PS4, using the supplied cables. After that go to the menu Settings PlayStation (by selecting the toolbox icon located at the top right of the console’s main menu), move to Audio & Display> Audio Output Settings and set the option Main exit on Digital out (optical) and the option Audio format (priority) on Linear PCM.

Also check that in the menu Main exit there is a check mark on the items relating to the audio formats supported by the headphones (eg. Linear PCM 44.1 kHz/Linear PCM 48 kHz or Dolby Digital 5.1). Finally, go to the menu Settings> Devices> Audio Devices and select the name of the your headphones from the menu Output device.

How to activate wireless headphones on PS4

You have a couple of Bluetooth headphones? I’m sorry for you but, due to the restrictions Sony applies to its console, you can’t connect them to the PS4 as you do with your smartphone or tablet: the only thing you can do is connect them via cable to the controller (like I explained to you before) or buy a external Bluetooth adapter with microphone adapter.

External Bluetooth adapters are quite affordable (on Amazon you can also buy them for less than 20 euros) and, once purchased, they must be connected to the USB port of the PS4. Then you have to insert the adapter for the microphone into thecontroller audio input and perform the pairing device with Bluetooth headphones. You can find more details on this – and in general on the procedures to connect the headphones to the PS4 – in my tutorial on how to connect the headphones to the PS4.

Turn on the headset microphone on PS4

PS4 Headset

Once the headphones are connected, you can activate microphone on PS4 going to act on the console settings and, if necessary, on those of the partythat is, game groups that can be created on the PlayStation Network.

The steps to follow are the ones you find illustrated below: put them into practice and you should be able to solve all your problems related to the clarity of communications during online multiplayer gaming sessions on PS4.

Audio settings

How to activate PS4 microphone

To activate the headset microphone on PS4, first go to the menu Settings console by selecting the toolbox icon in the top right of the main console screen. At this point, go on Devices> Audio Devicesselect the item Input device using the key X of the controller and, if necessary, choose the item related to your headphones from the screen that opens.

After this step, you need to adjust the volume of the audio output from the microphone of the headphones. Back, then in the menu Settings> Devices> Audio Devices PS4, select the item Adjust the microphone level and use the left and right directional arrows or it left analog stick on the controller to set the microphone volume level, using the adjustment bar Microphone level: as can be easily guessed, the more the bar goes to the right, the higher the microphone volume.

To get the best balance of the sound, you need to speak into the microphone of the headphones and check that the bar of the input volume it is almost always on the interval good (if it ends up on too highyour interlocutors will hear a disturbed sound, while if it stays on too short they won’t be able to hear what you say). Once you have set your preferences, click on X and then on OR on the controller to save the changes and that’s it.

If you prefer, you can also adjust the microphone settings by holding down the key PS for a couple of seconds, in order to bring up the PlayStation quick setup menu, and going up first Audio / Devices and then on Adjust the microphone level.

Party screen

How to activate PS4 party microphone

As you surely know, PS4 allows you to create gods partywhere players can share their gaming sessions and communicate using the microphone.

If you are in a party and are unable to communicate with other players, go to the PS4 main menu and select the icon Party located at the top (the headphones with the microphone). At this point, if you are already a member of a party, the screen for configuring the party should appear. If, on the other hand, you participate in multiple parties and want to change the settings of a game group other than the one the PS4 shows you, select the item View other parties from the right sidebar. If you are not registered for any party, you can create one by pressing the button first OKthen on that Create party and entering the information about the party to be created (name, number of players, etc.) in the screen that is proposed to you.

Once in the party setup screen, select the del icon microphone located next to your name, press the key X on the PS4 controller and select the item Unmute microphone from the menu that opens: in this way, if the microphone was deactivated, it will reactivate and your playmates will be able to hear you again.

Also, select the item Party settings from the right sidebar and go up Adjust the microphone level to adjust the volume of the sound that must come out of the microphone, as I have already explained to you in previous chapter of this tutorial.

In case of problems

PS4 Headphones

Although you followed my directions to the letter, were you unable to activate the microphone on your PS4? In this case, there may be a compatibility problem between your headphones and the Sony home console.

As a last resort, if you have a pair of headphones with a detachable microphone, try quickly removing and reinserting the microphone from the headphones without letting go of the jack completely and it should work again.

Alternatively, if not even this “trick” works, take a look at my purchase guide dedicated to PS4 headphones and buy a pair of headphones with microphone specifically designed for the Sony home console: by doing so you should no longer have problems communicating with your friends during online gaming sessions