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How to activate Facebook chat

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You also couldn’t resist, you just started using the computer but you have already signed up for Facebook and you want to do everything to stay in touch with your friends on the most important social network in the world. Things are going pretty well, you have already added several friends to your contact list but there are still some aspects that are not clear to you.

For example, although everyone tells you it’s child’s play, you haven’t yet managed to enter the Facebook chat to talk in real time with your friends. How about we solve this little snag together and find out how to activate Facebook chat? I promise you, I won’t take more than five minutes of your time.

Obviously you have not paid much attention to it, but in the lower right part of the main Facebook page there is a gray button that says Chat (offline). If you want to find out how to activate Facebook chat, all you have to do is click on it and you will see the Facebook chat sidebar appear with the names of your friends and real-time updates on their activities.

Once the chat sidebar is activated, to chat with your friends who are online on Facebook, you need to set your status to available to chat. To do this, click on the button with the gear icon located at the bottom right and select the item Available to chat from the menu that appears. This way, your friends will be able to call you in chat and you can chat with them by simply clicking on their names.

Sometimes, but very sporadically, the Facebook chat does not appear and does not even activate when you click on the button Chat (offline). This happens when there is some maintenance activity in progress or there is some small problem on the Facebook servers, so all that remains is to wait a few minutes and reconnect to Facebook when things have settled by themselves.

A few months ago, Facebook also introduced Skype video calling in its chat. If you want activate Facebook chat with video calling, you need to connect to this Facebook page, click on the green button To start and select the name of the person you want to make a video call with from the chat list.

Then click on the button in the shape of camera located at the top right and download the Skype video call plug-in on your PC by clicking on Configure. In the window that opens, first click on Run twice in a row and then on Yup to complete the plug-in installation.

At this point, click on Allow and you will be free to make a video chat with any friend connected in chat by simply clicking on the button in the shape of camera in the chat box itself (obviously, whoever is on the other side must agree to join the video call). Simple, isn’t it?