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How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

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How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10: Would you like to transfer some files via Bluetooth from your mobile phone to your PC with Windows 10 installed but you don’t know how to activate it? Would you like to connect some Bluetooth accessories to your computer but you have no idea where the settings are to enable the technology in question? Don’t worry, I can help you out. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time, I can in fact show you, step by step, how to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10 .

I know, most likely at this moment you will be thinking that being a beginner with the world of information technology or in any case not having particular familiarity with new technologies the steps to be taken could be difficult and out of your reach but, believe me, it is not not at all like that. Contrary to appearances and what you may think, enabling (and using) Bluetooth on Windows 10-based PCs is very simple, although the operations to be performed are different than those of previous versions of the OS. Just access a special section of Windows settings or call the notification center and you’re done.

Then? How about putting the chatter aside and finally moving on to the real action? Yes? Very well. I therefore suggest not to waste any more precious time and to immediately enter the heart of the matter. Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted PC, take a few moments all for yourself and concentrate on reading this article of mine entirely dedicated to the topic. I am sure that in the end you will be able to say that you are happy and satisfied with what you have learned. Good job”!

Enable Bluetooth on Windows 10

As I said, activating Bluetooth on Windows 10 is an operation that can be accomplished by accessing a special section of the system settings or by calling the notification center. Let’s see immediately how to proceed in both cases. You find everything explained below.

From the settings

In the first case, or if you want to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10 by acting from the system settings, first of all, call the Start menu by clicking on the appropriate button (the one with the Windows flag) located at the bottom left of the task bar after which click on the gear icon on the left side.

In the window that you will see appear on the desktop, click on the Devices icon , make sure that the Bluetooth and other devices item is selected on the side (and if not, you do) and then turn ON the switch that you find next to the word Bluetooth in the part right of the window so that the word Activated appears next to it . Done!

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Once activated, in the Windows notification area, next to the system clock in the lower right part of the taskbar, you will then see the Bluetooth icon appear (the blue one with the “B” printed on it). If you cannot see the icon, click on the arrow pointing upwards that you always find next to the clock, most likely it ended up among those hidden automatically.

From the notification center

If, on the other hand, you prefer to activate Bluetooth from the Windows 10 notification center, the first fundamental step you need to take is to call up the latter by clicking on the speech bubble symbol located at the bottom right of the taskbar. In the panel that at this point you will see appear, click on the Bluetooth button and you’re done.

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

As confirmation of the actual activation of Bluetooth, the relative button in the notification center will become colored and in the notification area of ​​the taskbar you will see the relative icon appear, as seen together a few lines higher by acting from the system settings.

Pair Bluetooth devices with Windows 10

Now that you have finally managed to activate Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer, let’s try to understand how to pair the devices that use the aforementioned technology with your PC.

To begin with, you must also enable Bluetooth on the device you are interested in communicating with Windows 10. If you do not know how to do it, you can follow the ad hoc indications that I provided in my article on how to activate Bluetooth in which, in fact , find out how to do it on all other Windows PCs, on Mac, Android and iOS.

Then click on the Start button located on the task bar and then go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices and in the right part of the window open on the desktop click on the “+” button next to the wording Add Bluetooth or other device .

Then click on Bluetooth , wait a few moments for your PC to locate the other device to connect to, select it from the list that you see appear in the new window that has opened on the desktop and press the Connect button to confirm what are the your intentions.

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Once this is done, depending on the device you are trying to pair with, you may need to take a final step. This could include adding a PIN or allowing Bluetooth access to the external device.

Once you have paired your Bluetooth devices with Windows 10, you will see them listed at the bottom of the Bluetooth settings page, under the wording Mouse, keyboard and pen or under that Other devices (depends on the type of associated device).

Keep in mind that as well as as I just indicated you can call the peer function to connect a Bluetooth device to Windows also through the icon added to the notification area on the taskbar. To do this, right click on the latter, select Add a Bluetooth device from the menu that appears and continue in the same way as I have just indicated to you.

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Remove the Bluetooth devices

You had paired a Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 PC but now you have thought about it or have you realized that it is no longer useful and would you like to remove it from the list? Then I’ll explain right away how to proceed.

To do this, always go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices , find the Bluetooth device you want to dissociate from your PC in the right part of the window displayed, under the wording Mouse, keyboard and pen or under that Other devices , click on the relevant button Remove and then press Yes to confirm the operation you intend to perform. Et voila !

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Advanced settings

Now that you have perfectly clear ideas about how to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10, I would like to point out some advanced settings for managing it that could make you comfortable knowing. I am referring to the function that allows other Bluetooth devices to identify the computer and to the one that shows a warning when a new device wishes to connect with the PC, always via Bluetooth.

To access the aforementioned settings and to manage them, all you have to do is click on the Start button on the taskbar and always go to  Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices . Now, scroll all the way down the right part of the window open on the desktop and select the item Other Bluetooth options  that you find in the Related Settings section .

In the new window that you will see, make sure that the Options tab is selected (and if not, you will) then affix the tick (or remove it), based on what your actual needs are, on the boxes next to the following options .

  • Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC  – It is useful if you want to leave your Bluetooth connection active but do not want new devices to appear (e.g. if you use the computer in a public place).
  • Notify me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect  – Allows you to see a warning when you try to pair from an external third-party device.
  • Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area  – As easily deduced, it allows you to display the Bluetooth icon in the Windows notification area (as I also indicated in the previous lines).

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

To confirm and apply any changes made, click on the Apply button and then on the OK button .

Another advanced function that I suggest you pay attention to is the one related to the dynamic block that controls the proximity of the paired Bluetooth devices. If the function is active and if the devices paired via Bluetooth to the computer move outside the range of the latter, Windows automatically locks the PC. Once the devices return to the field, the computer will unlock again.

To enable the dynamic lock function , click on the Start button , then click on the icon of Settings in the left part of the Start menu , then on Account and select the word Access options  which is on the left. So find the item Dynamic lock in the right part of the window displayed on the desktop and check the box next to the wording  Allow Windows to detect your absence and automatically lock the device .

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Obviously, in case of second thoughts you can always and in any case deactivate the functionality in question by going to Settings> Account> Access options again and removing the check from the box relating to the dynamic block.

In case of problems

Even if you have followed my instructions on how to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10 you have not yet succeeded in your intent or has some problem arisen? Well, most likely this is attributable to Bluetooth drivers that may be defective or out of date.

To check this, right click on the Start button always present in the bottom left part of the taskbar and select the Device Manager item from the menu that appears. In the window that you will later see appear on the desktop, locate the Bluetooth item , expand the relative submenu by clicking on the facet that is next to it, right click on the reference driver and choose  Update driver .

How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

In the window that you will see later, choose the option Automatically search for an updated driver and wait for Windows to search for and install a newer version of the driver for the reference device. If in doing so no update is identified, follow the on-screen indications that are proposed to you. For example, you may be able to search for updates for the driver in question through Windows Update or through special software to be inserted in the computer.

If updates are not detected in this way, you can try to uninstall and re-install the “offending” drivers. To do this, right-click on the reference Bluetooth driver again in the Device Manager window and choose the Uninstall device option   from the menu that appears. Then wait for the driver uninstallation procedure to start and complete and then restart your computer. The next time you log in to Windows, a new copy of the previously removed driver should be installed automatically.

If, on the other hand, you cannot activate Bluetooth on Windows 10 because the relevant module has broken or much more simply because this is not really available on your computer, you can remedy this by purchasing a  Bluetooth adapter . This is a device very similar to the widespread pendrives for archiving files. It costs a few euros and can be purchased in any electronics store or even online, for example on Amazon, and allows you to add Bluetooth support to your computer in a very simple and fast way.