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How to access Xbox Live on Minecraft PE

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How to access Xbox Live on Minecraft PE: Minecraft is one of the most played and loved video games ever. Just in its simplicity lies the originality that continues to conquer millions of new players all over the world: difficult to resist the curiosity to create and explore the countless levels generated by the most creative minds of its community. If you also play Minecraft, you should already know that there is a mobile version of the game, available for Android and iOS, which allows you to have fun also from smartphones and tablets.

The portable version of the Mojang title is perfectly comparable to those for consoles and PCs and also allows you to play online with friends through the Xbox Live service . Yes, you got it right! You can play Minecraft online from your smartphone or tablet using your Xbox Live account and connect with friends and players even if they are playing on PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. How do you say? Didn’t you know about this possibility and now you are dying to find out how to access Xbox Live on Minecraft PE ? Then I’ll settle for you right away: all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and read the guide below.

In addition to illustrating how to connect to Xbox Live from your smartphone or tablet, I will explain in detail what Minecraft PE is , I will illustrate the differences between the latter and the latest Minecraft for Android and iOS (i.e. the title on which you will have to focus the your attentions) and I’ll tell you about a method to try the game for free. Come on, courage: do not wait any longer and find out how to have fun online with your friends using the mobile version of this famous video game!

Preliminary information


Before explaining how to access Xbox Live on Minecraft PE , I have to explain to you what we are talking about, because “Minecraft PE” is not what you need.

Minecraft PE (short for “Minecraft Pocket Edition”) was in fact the old version for smartphones and tablets of what today is simply called Minecraft. It offered a distinctly different (and incomplete) gaming experience compared to the Minecraft downloadable today from the Play Store and App Store and, as easily understood, it did not even offer support for Xbox Live.

If, therefore, your intent is to play the mobile version of Minecraft by connecting it to your Xbox Live account, you have to look for an app called simply Minecraft and not Minecraft PE , which by the way is now only available via apk package on Android and, therefore, it is also unnecessarily risky to install.

How to access Xbox Live on Minecraft mobile

Now that you have the clearest ideas, you may be wondering how to download the mobile version of Minecraft with support for Xbox Live . No problem: all you have to do is keep reading and you will have all the answers about downloading the game and using its multiplayer mode.

Download Minecraft to mobile

Minecraft PE

If you want to play Minecraft on mobile devices, the first thing you need to do is to buy and download the most secure and updated version of the game, the one created and officially by Mojang, which is available for both Android and iOS .

The game, at the time of writing, costs 6.99 euros on Android and 7.99 euros on iOS and has the following software requirements: Android 4.2 or later on Android devices and iOS 8.0 or later on iPhone and iPad.

That said, to start the purchase process of the title on an Android device , open the Play Store app by pressing on its icon (the triangle with the Google colors). Once the store is open, use the search engine located at the top to write Minecraft and press on the first result shown by the search. Alternatively, visit the link I previously provided directly from your Android device, in order to open the Minecraft card immediately.

Now, press the green button with the game price written on it and tap on Continue . Now you just have to choose the payment method you prefer between Add a credit or debit card, Add PayPal or Use a gift card (if you have a prepaid Google Play). If your service provider allows purchases from the store, you will also find the item Use billing , followed by the name of your provider.

After choosing the payment method, follow the on-screen instructions to enter your personal billing information. Once the payment is complete, the download will start automatically. If this does not happen, press the green Install button and then I accept to start it manually.

Download Minecraft mobile

If, on the other hand, you have an iOS terminal , you can buy Minecraft by opening the App Store (the icon of the “A” stylized on a blue background on the home screen), by tapping on the magnifying glass present in the menu bar located at the bottom , writing Minecraft in the text field and pressing on the first search result . Alternatively, you can visit the link I previously provided directly from your iPhone / iPad and open the Minecraft tab immediately.

At this point, press the blue button with the price of the game written and the last purchase, confirming your identity via Face ID, Touch ID or by entering the iCloud account password. Payment can be made by credit or debit card , telephone charge (according to the manager), with PayPal or with a gift card . In case you encounter problems with the payment, I invite you to consult my detailed guide on how to make purchases on the App Store .

When the purchase is complete, Minecraft will be downloaded and installed automatically on your device and you can start it by pressing the Open button , or by tapping on the game icon just added to the home screen.

Sign in to Xbox Live on Minecraft mobile

Sign in to Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

If you have reached this point in the guide, it means that you have installed Minecraft and are ready to find out how to access online on Xbox Live , perhaps to be able to play together with your friends in possession of the Xbox One, PC or Switch version of the game, right?

No problem: it is nothing difficult, always if you follow carefully what I am about to tell you. First, start Minecraft by tapping the game icon on the app menu of your smartphone / tablet.

After loading, you will be greeted by a welcome message from Microsoft. Now, tap on Sign in for free and wait a few seconds to see the Xbox Live login page .

Sign in to Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

How do you say? Don’t see the welcome message in the game? There is no reason to be alarmed: if you do not see it, you can press on the Login item located in the lower left corner of the Minecraft home menu and thus open the screen to access Xbox Live.

At this point, to enter, you can use any Microsoft account. You can find help on how to create a new one or how to access an existing one in my guide .

Log in online in Minecraft

Now that you have completed access to Xbox Live directly from Minecraft, you can proceed with the personalization of your character by pressing the hanger-shaped button that is located just below the 3D model of your avatar.

Please, don’t be caught unprepared by other online players! Find out, or review (in case you are already an expert), how to play Minecraft following my advice. If, on the other hand, you wonder how they work and how to access online game servers, I will provide you with important explanations later on.

Play Minecraft servers online on mobile

Playing Minecraft online

Have you downloaded and installed Minecraft on your device, have you logged in to Xbox Live but still don’t know how to access game servers to play in the company of other people? Don’t worry, if you got here you have very little to fear. You will only need a few steps to achieve your goal.

When you are in the start menu of the game , press on the first item Play , so as to open the tabs Worlds, Friends and Server . Then tap on Server and you will immediately see the list of available servers. From this screen you can also press the Add server button and manually enter the coordinates of a server (maybe one created by you ).

Playing Minecraft online

The data to be entered are: Server name, Server address and Port . So, if you already have this information, you can enter it and press the Play button , to not wait any longer and get into the heart of the game, or the Save button , to store everything and play a game on other occasions.

Alternative methods to play Minecraft for free on mobile

Free alternatives Minecraft mobile

If you are at this point in my tutorial, you are probably looking for an alternative solution to play Minecraft for free on smartphones and tablets, right? Well, if that’s your intent, I have more solutions that might be right for you.

One of these could be to download the demo version of the old Minecraft PE , which, however, as already mentioned, is only available as an apk package and is unnecessarily risky to install. However, if you really wish, I wrote a tutorial on how to get it .

Alternatively, you can open the store of your device, search for Minecraft and you will surely find many alternative titles similar to Minecraft to play at no cost, such as Minetest for  Android , Kiloblocks Lite  for  Android  and  iOS or Block Craft 3D for  Android  and  iOS , of which I talked to you in more detail in my tutorial on how to download Minecraft PE for free .