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How not to turn off the phone

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How not to turn off the phone: Would you need to keep the smartphone screen always on for a certain period of time, maybe because you want to use it as a stopwatch or because you have to publicly demonstrate an app, but you don’t know how to prevent it from automatically turning off every few seconds? Don’t worry, if you want I can help you solve this little technological problem.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone: in both cases, being able to keep the phone “awake” is really child’s play. In the next paragraphs of this guide, you will then find explained how not to turn off the phone acting directly from the settings of Android or iPhone. Yes, because you won’t have to use any strange apps or tricks to achieve your goal. Just a few taps will be enough, you’ll see!

Just a recommendation before proceeding: once you have deactivated the automatic shutdown of the screen, remember to lock the latter “manually”, otherwise you risk finding yourself with a flat battery without realizing it and / or interacting unintentionally with the device. Indeed, at the end of the operation you intend to carry out, restore the automatic shutdown of the display: it is a boon to maintain a good autonomy of the phone!

How not to turn off your Android phone

If you have a smartphone Android and you are interested in finding out how not to turn off the phone, this is the part of the tutorial that interests you closely. Basically, to succeed in the operation, you must go to the settings of your device, specifically those relating to the screen, and disable the automatic shutdown of the display.

To proceed, therefore, start the app Settings, by tapping on the icon with the gears located on the Home screen or in the drawer (the screen that collects the icons of all installed applications) and identifies the section dedicated to the screen. The wording may vary according to the make and model of device in your possession and based on the version of Android installed on it.

On some devices, for example, you need to select the item Lock screen, tap on the item Suspension or Timeout and then choose the setting that allows you to disable screen shutdown (eg. Never, No, Keep the screen on, etc.).

On other devices, however, after going to the settings, you have to press on the voice Display or Screen, tap on the wording Screen timeout or Screen suspend and select the option that offers the possibility to deactivate the suspension of the display (eg. Never, No, Keep the screen on, etc.).

To restore the settings you changed, go back to Settings> Lock Screen / Display / Screen> Sleep / Timeout and choose one of the options available (eg. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.).

If through the instructions I just provided you were unable to locate the setting that allows you to disable the automatic shutdown of the screen, try searching on Google “How to disable display shutdown [marca/modello smartphone]” and see if you can find any specific guide for the smartphone model you have.

How not to turn off iPhone phone

Disable iPhone automatic screen lock

If you want to know how not to turn off the iPhone, as the smartphone in your possession is Apple branded, know that you can do this by going to the iOS settings and deactivating the automatic screen lock.

Then start the app Settings, by pressing the gray icon depicting the gears which is on the Home screen of your “iPhone by”, tap on the item Screen and brightness and presses on the wording Automatic block. In conclusion, in the screen that opened, select the option Never: by doing so, the iPhone screen will no longer turn off.

Then, to retrace your steps and set the automatic screen lock again, go to the menu Settings> Screen and brightness> Auto lock and select one of the available options (eg. 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.). Did you see that it wasn’t difficult?