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How not to show friends on Facebook

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How not to show friends on Facebook: Social networks like Facebook were created to let your friends know what you are doing or what you are thinking in the space of a day. Yes it’s true, you agree with my statement, but you think that your friend took this concept a little too literally. It is always online on Facebook and publishes its status updates continuously: in the last few days you will have counted at least three, four, five messages every five minutes. In short, a little too much for your taste; you can’t take it anymore to see the main Facebook page overwhelmed by the links it shares and the messages it writes.

I understand you, all this constant spam of status updates is a bit annoying. Why don’t you get rid of it? How do you say? Don’t want to remove him from your friends list? And who told you you have to do it? Facebook includes several features that allow you to hide and unhide your friends on Facebook, allowing you to stop seeing their messages on the home page, and mostly without letting them know and without removing them from friends.

If the topic in question is of interest to you, then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time to calmly read the information I will give you in this tutorial. During this guide I will explain how to hide the posts of friends on Facebook, through the various options made available by the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Have a good reading.

How to hide posts from friends on Facebook

If you first want to know how to hide posts posted by some friends on Facebook, know that it’s one of those things that are really easier to do than to say. If you no longer want to view a friend’s status updates without taking away the friendship, all you have to do is log in to the Facebook social network via your desktop browser.

At this point, locate the post of the friend who constantly publishes their status updates on the famous social network and move the pointer of your mouse over one of his messages. Then click the button with the three dots symbol that appears on the right to see a drop-down menu appear.

Now click on the entry Hide post present in the menu that opens and in this way you will indicate to Facebook that you do not like the nature of those posts. By doing this, the social network algorithm will show you fewer posts of that type.

If annoying posts from Facebook pages you are subscribed to appear in your Facebook News Feed, you can use the same treatment. Put simply, you can also choose to hide the posts of the Facebook pages you are subscribed to and, consequently, see fewer posts from that page, following the same procedure.

Do you have a friend who is particularly inclined to spoil the endings of your favorite movies and TV series? Do you want to temporarily disable the display of posts from friends and Facebook pages that appear in the social network’s News Feed? Don’t worry, this is also possible.

After identifying a friend’s post from the social network home page that you want to temporarily pause from viewing in the News Feed, move the mouse over the three dots symbol which you can see located at the top right.

Click on it and then click on the wording pause [nome dell’amico] for 30 days. In this way, on your Facebook Home Page, you will no longer see this person’s posts, but only for a certain period of time. After 30 days, you will return to viewing his posts in the Facebook News Feed.

In the case of posts published by Facebook pages, know that you can carry out the same procedure and disable the display temporarily. The wording on which you will have to click, from the menu accessible via the button with the three dots symbol is pause [nome della pagina] for 30 days.

Do you want to completely disable the display of a person’s posts, without removing them from friends? You can do this by following the same procedure I just explained to you. After clicking on the button with the three dots symbol, you can also choose to click on the wording Don’t follow anymore [nome del tuo amico]. In this way you will permanently deactivate and, until manual reactivation by you, the display of his posts in your Facebook News Feed. Also in this case, the procedure I have just explained to you is the same for both people’s posts and Facebook Pages.

The friend you hid is no longer chatty as in the past and you want to start viewing his messages again? No problem, know that to remedy what you have done, retracing your steps at any time. To do this, click on the downward pointing arrow located in the top bar of Facebook and then click on the entry News section preferences that you will see appear in the drop-down menu.

This will open a box containing various customization options regarding your preferences for viewing posts in the Facebook News Feed. I tell you below about the options you have available:

  • Decide who to see first– You can quickly choose friends and Facebook pages to see first in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Stop following people to hide their posts: quickly disable the display of posts from Pages, Groups or People on Facebook.
  • Reconnect with people you no longer follow: if you have disabled the display of a person’s posts or a page, you will find their name in this section. By clicking on the name of your interest you will return to see the posts in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Discover the Pages that match your interests: in this screen you will be shown a list of Facebook pages that you have been invited to “like” or pages that may interest you, based on the others you follow.
  • See other options: by clicking on this menu item you will be able to view the list of hidden applications from the News section of Facebook and reactivate them by clicking on the wording Show.

How to stop following friends’ updates

In order not to see the posts that your friend publishes on Facebook, there is also another option, namely the deactivation of the functionality follow from the person’s profile, who is automatically activated by adding them to friends on the social network.

To carry out this procedure you must first access Mark Zuckerberg’s social network and then, using the search engine located at the top, type the name and surname of the person for whom you want to disable the function follow.

Then press enter from your computer keyboard to view the results of the search you have carried out and search for the person of your interest. By clicking on his name you will be able to view his profile within the social network; at this point, in correspondence with the word Friends you will find the button Follow already which will be active with a check mark. Then click on it or move the mouse over this item to see a small drop-down menu appear.

The automatically activated wording will be Default setting but, at this point, if you want to completely disable the display of his posts, press the button do not follow anymore [nome del tuo amico].

Still working from this screen, you can change your mind at any time by pressing the button again follow that will appear and then choose whether to activate the voice again Default setting or whether to show that person’s posts in the Facebook News Feed first. In the latter case, press the button Show first.

Also keep in mind that a very similar procedure can be carried out to disable updates of Facebook pages, without removing the “Like”. In fact, by typing the name of a Facebook page in the search engine located at the top, identifying the Facebook page of your interest, you can click on the wording page followed: this will open a small drop-down menu and you can click on the wording Don’t follow anymore in correspondence with the item In your section News. Also click on the entry No nobody to avoid receiving Facebook page updates via notification. These procedures will not unlike the Facebook page and are reversible at any time.

To reactivate the display of posts and notifications from a Facebook page, click on the item follow and activate the voices Show first (or Default Setting) in correspondence with the item In your news section And Yes all in correspondence with the item Notifications.

How not to show your friends list on Facebook

You may not know, but you can too hide friends on Facebook by not letting anyone who visits your profile see their names without being your friend.

To do this, click on your name and surname to view your profile on the social network and, on the page that opens, first click on the tab Friends and then on the button with the pencil symbol present in the upper right corner. Then click on the entry Edit privacy menu that appears.

On the page that opens, select the item Only me or Friends from the drop-down menu located in front of the wording Friends list and then press the button end to return to the main Facebook page and thus save changes.

By setting privacy as Only me, not even your friends on Facebook will be able to view the list of people who are part of your contacts within the famous social network.