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How not to lick on Fortnite PS4

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How not to lick on Fortnite PS4: After your friends have been talking about Fortnite , the famous Battle Royale title of Epic Games, for a long time , you have finally decided to download it on your PS4 . However, something does not seem to work properly and during the first few games you have noticed that the character jerks, or “teleports” from one point to another on the map. You are not alone: ​​unfortunately this is a rather annoying problem, called lag (delay, translated into Italian), which is encountered daily by many players, but there are methods to solve it or at least mitigate it. Which? If you want, I’ll tell you.

How not to lick on Fortnite PS4

If you take a few minutes of your time, I can explain how not to lick on Fortnite PS4 using quick and easy to understand solutions, so that you can reach your goal without difficulty. Yes, that’s right: most likely, the problem you are experiencing can be solved by implementing small tricks and without going to buy new devices. The solution lies in knowing how to correctly use the tools available to you and in configuring your devices in the best possible way.

Now, however, let’s ban the talk: I guess you can’t wait to start, since you’ve come to this tutorial. The instructions below will take you straight to your goal and I can assure you that by following them, you will be able to significantly improve Fortnite’s performance on your PS4. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and make a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Fortnite PS4 WiFi problems

Before going into detail on the procedure on how not to lick on Fortnite PS4 , I think you may be interested to know more about this problem and what it is caused by.

The lag in online video games (but not only) is often linked to the quality of the Internet connection. The parameters to consider are mainly two download speeds and latency (ping) . In particular, the latter parameter indicates the time required for your computer (in this case the console) to send a command to remote servers and receive a response. In the worst cases, that is when the ping (which is measured in milliseconds) is very high, it can take a few seconds before the game character responds to the commands.

In addition to this, in the specific case of Fortnite, there are graphic settings that can improve the fluidity of the game, but we are talking about features that are often already activated by default or have rather marginal effects, so try to focus on the quality of the connection.

Without these necessary clarifications, let’s move on to the action: below you will find all the details of the case to solve your problem with Fortnite (and the other online games).

Improve the quality of the connection

As mentioned above, the quality of the connection is the main factor that determines the lag on Fortnite. For this reason, I will shortly explain to you what tools are available to improve the situation.

Check the quality of the connection

Set up PS4 Internet connection

The first thing to do to understand the problem is obviously to check the quality of the Internet connection , analyzing the data relating to download speed and latency (ping).

My advice is to perform a speed test directly from the PlayStation 4. To do this, go to the upper toolbar and press the pad X button on Settings (the gear icon). After that, first select the item Network and then that Configure Internet connection .

At this point, choose if your network is wireless, by pressing on the item Use Wi-Fi , or by cable, selecting Use a network cable (LAN) . In case you are using a Wi-Fi network, you may be asked to enter the access key , if it is the first time you access it. Having said that, it is advisable to use a wired connection to take full advantage of the connection and not run into problems typical of Wi-Fi networks, such as interference or poor signal.

Now you just have to press on the item Check Internet connection and wait for the console to perform all the necessary tests. The data that interests you are Connection speed (download) and NAT type , but I will talk about this later in detail .

Check Internet Connection

For now, let’s focus on the download speed . Well, to have a satisfying gaming experience, it is advisable to have a connection that exceeds 6 Mbps . Usually a 7 Mega ADSL is enough to be able to play safely. However, there is also another important factor that affects the quality of the gaming experience offered by Fortnite: ping .

As previously mentioned, ping indicates the data transmission time from one point to another, in this case from the PlayStation 4 to the Fortnite server, and is expressed in milliseconds (ms).

To analyze this data, go to the main screen of Fortnite Battle Royale , press the Options button on the controller and select the Settings item . At this point, press the R1 button on the controller, to go to the card with the gear icon , and press the R2 button on the pad. You just have to activate the option Actual Debug Statistics and press the triangle button on the controller to apply the changes.

Fortnite PS4 actual debug statistics

Now, start a game of Fortnite and carefully analyze the data and the graph that will have appeared at the top left: in case your connection is not the best, you will see a Wi-Fi icon with a yellow X that will indicate that they could there are lag problems. In particular, this will happen when the ping exceeds the recommended value of 30 ms / 40 ms or there will be many lost packets (you can check the percentage by looking at the graph or the Packet Loss entry ).

In short, you now have all the tools to understand what the problem is, while below you can find some possible remedies for the situation.

Set the NAT

Configure PS4 Internet

In some cases, the connection may meet the requirements of the game, but the Fortnite games may have the same as the lag, or there may be difficulties in connecting to the servers. In cases like these, you are almost always faced with a NAT (Network address translation) problem .

There are three types of NAT: NAT 1 , NAT 2 and NAT 3 . The first is to indicate that NAT is open and therefore completely free to accommodate the connections of online games, but it is particularly difficult to obtain (you need to connect the PS4 directly to the modem and, however, not all operators allow you to have it). The NAT 2 , which is also what is typically used by players, represents a moderate situation, in which the network settings are optimal for the online game but the opening of the NAT is limited to some specific ports. The NAT3 is problematic because it is a closing situation, difficult for online games to communicate properly with the network.

If you don’t know what type of NAT is currently associated with your connection, I invite you to perform the network test that I illustrated in the chapter on how to check the quality of the connection . If, as likely, you have a type 3 NAT, proceed to read and implement the instructions below.

The first thing you need to do is set up a static IP on the PS4. Then go to the upper toolbar and press the X button on the controller above the gear icon (Settings). Once this is done, select the item Network , then the Configure Internet connection and, choose whether to use a Wi-Fi network or a wired one (I always recommend the wired one), then select the Custom item . If you have decided to use a wireless network, you will be asked for the access key (if it has not already been saved on the console).

When asked to set the IP address, select the Manual item . Now, type an IP address based on the address of the router: for example, if the router has address , that of the PlayStation 4 will have to follow the scheme 192.168.1.xx , where instead of the ‘x’ there are some digits of your choice (e.g. ). In the Subnet mask field enter (this is the default one, but may vary according to the network used), in the Default Gateway enter the router address (e.g. ) and in primary DNStype the router address again. Leave the secondary DNS field blank . Once this is done, press the Next button, set the MTU value to Automatic and choose not to use proxy servers .

Set up PS4 Internet connection

Now, you must proceed to open the ports of the router used by Fortnite, that is: 80 TCP , 443 TCP , 3478 TCP , 3479 TCP , 3480 TCP , 3478 UDP and 3479 UDP . For example, taking into consideration a D-Link router, but this varies from model to model, just open your browser , connect to the router address (it is usually or ), enter your username and password and press the Login button . After that, you have to press on the Features itemat the top and select the option for port forwarding .

Then press the Add rules button , complete the Name field with a description (eg “Fortnite Port”), type the local IP of the PlayStation 4 (the one you have previously set), enter the TCP and UDP ports that I have indicated to you first and press the Apply button . Repeat for all doors. Once all the doors are open, press the Save button to make the changes effective.

For specific instructions relating to the various router models, I recommend you read my guides on how to configure a Netgear router , how to configure a TP-Link router , how to configure a D-Link router , how to configure a TIM / Telecom router , how to configure an Infostrada router and how to configure a Fastweb router .

Open Fortnite PS4 doors

At this point, by re-running the test described in the chapter on how to check the quality of the connection , you should see that the NAT has become type 2. If this does not happen, it means that something went wrong during the procedure. The problem may be that the router address is not the default one, but for more details I recommend you to consult my tutorial on how to open the doors for the PS4 .

Set up DNS


Another aspect that could significantly improve the quality of the connection is linked to the DNS (Domain Name System) . If you don’t know, the DNS servers are the ones that “translate” the addresses that we type into browsers (eg into the numeric IP addresses of the resources to be reached (ie their real addresses on the Internet). We can consider them as a sort of telephone directory and, as easily understood, the faster they are, the better.

My advice is to try using the international DNS servers of some providers known for their speed, such as Google , OpenDNS and Cloudflare .

To do this, just follow the procedure described in the chapter on how to set the NAT and, when asked to complete the primary DNS and secondary DNS fields , enter the values and respectively (Google DNS). If, on the other hand, you want to use OpenDNS DNS, type and , while for Cloudflare DNS you have to set the values and .

Once this is done, try to run the test described in the chapter on how to check the connection quality again and see if the values ​​have improved.

Set up the QoS


The QoS (Quality of Service) is a tool that helps optimize the network giving priority to certain packets and then allowing the console to have more bandwidth than other devices. This possibility is only supported by some routers.

Yes it is also a feature that changes from device to device, so I will not be very precise in my directions. In any case, in general, all you have to do is access the router management panel (as I explained before and as described in my guide on how to access the router ), search for and enable the QoS item , among those available.

For example, taking into consideration a D-Link router, you need to press on the Characteristics item at the top, in the management panel, and select the QoS Engine item . At this point, you must drag the icon linked to the IP address of the PS4 (the one you previously set) in the Maximum (priority) box and press the Save button , to apply the changes.

In this way, the packages destined for the PlayStation 4, and consequently for Fortnite, will have priority over the others and you should therefore see a good improvement in the quality of the connection, especially if your network has several connected devices.

Other useful tips

PS4 wired connection

In addition to those described above, there are also some more “trivial” but no less effective measures that some users often forget to implement.

I am referring in particular to the use of a wired connection , which can offer better power and stability than Wi-Fi networks which, as is known, are subject to interference and signal problems.

If your router is very distant from the PS4, you can still resort to the use of Ethernet cables using the Powerline adapters , accessories that can “pass” the connection via the electrical network: I told you more about it in the tutorial that I just linked to you.

If you really can not do without the Wi-Fi network, I recommend that you bring the router closer to the console (in order to improve wireless coverage) and, in case of problems, change the radio channel of the wireless network , to avoid interference .

Adjust the Fortnite settings

Fortnite PS4 matchmaking region

In case you have not yet managed to “remove” the lag found on Fortnite for PlayStation 4, you could probably be one of those users who notice the difference until the last FPS. Don’t worry: there is also a solution to this problem.

In fact, Fortnite for PlayStation 4 implements some settings that allow you to make the gameplay a little more fluid. To activate them, go to the main menu of the Battle Royale mode , press the Options button on the controller and select the Settings item from the menu that opens.

At this point, verify that the field of matchmaking Region is set to Auto (the game will also provide an estimate of the table in ms) and the option Record replay is set to No . Another aspect that could help you to make the game more fluid is to set the squashed view by reducing the resolution of the console.

As far as the analysis of the FPS to which the game is running on the PlayStation 4 is concerned, I advise you to consult my guide on how to see the FPS on Fortnite PS4 .