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How Facebook Dating Works

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You’ve been feeling a little lonely lately: something is missing in your life, be it a simple friendship or something more. For this reason, you are thinking of trying to get to know someone through a dating application and you have heard that Facebook includes a dedicated service for this purpose, called Facebook Dating . You would therefore like a little more information on the latter and you have come this far for this reason. That’s the way it is, am I right? Well, I would say that you are in the right place!

In fact, in this tutorial I will show you in detail how Facebook Dating works , analyzing the service in all its facets. I will therefore go to discover what this platform offers, explaining how you can use it to get to know other people. I will also not fail to show you how to deactivate the service, in case you want to do a simple “test ride”.

What do you say? Are you ready to learn more about Facebook Dating? Don’t be overwhelmed by shyness – there’s nothing wrong with analyzing the service and seeing what it offers. Come on then, just follow the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you a good read!

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how Facebook Dating works , I think it might interest you to know more about this service launched by Mark Zuckerberg and associates.

Well, Facebook Dating is a service announced at the end of 2019 that aims to bring people together . Many associate it, for obvious reasons, with Tinder. Facebook says its service is designed to introduce people who have common interests, events, and groups .

Put simply, using the data in its possession, linked to the accounts of the popular social network, Facebook tries to bring together those who have similar tastes . In any case, although the service is clearly oriented towards the search for a soul mate, therefore a stable relationship , people can also choose to pursue casual relationships , chatter and friendships .

In short, everyone makes their intentions explicit and Facebook Dating tries to connect the right people with each other. The service creates a sort of secondary account for the user, which is not viewed by those who are only registered with the “normal” social network. Put simply, here people can form relationships and express themselves even through Stories accessible only to those who are registered on Dating .

Dating can be defined as another social network, a world that those who are only subscribed to the “normal” Facebook cannot see. In any case, after arriving in the USA at the end of 2019, Facebook Dating landed in Italy starting from 22 October 2020 .

As for compatible devices , for the moment Dating is only available through the official Facebook application for Android and iOS / iPadOS (it is not accessible from a browser or desktop). I almost forgot: you must be of legal age to use the service.

How to activate Facebook Dating

Facebook app

The service is creating some confusion for users, as some don’t realize there is no Facebook Dating download . In fact, to access Facebook Dating for Android and Facebook Dating for iOS you do not need to download any additional app, but go directly to the official Facebook application for mobile devices (the feature is not yet active on other platforms).

To download the latest version of the latter (even if in reality Dating is activated on the server side and not with an app update), just open the store of your device – for example the Play Store if you have an Android device or ‘ App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad -, type “facebook” and tap on the app icon (the social network logo). Then, click on the Update button (or on Install / Get , if you have not yet installed the Facebook app) and, if you are on iOS / iPadOS , verify your identity using Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

Once the application is open, you will be prompted to create an account (if you have not already done so). For all the relevant information on this phase, I recommend that you refer to my tutorial on how to create a Facebook account.

How to activate Facebook Dating

After logging in, click on the hamburger icon at the top right and tap on the Dating box . Finally, all you have to do is press the Start button to enable the service on your account and start the configuration process.

How to use Facebook Dating

After having shown you the method to enable the service, I would say that it is time to move on to the configuration of your profile and find out how to use Facebook Dating and how to search for a soul mate or people to make friends with.

Privacy Settings

Facebook Dating privacy settings

The phrase with which Facebook welcomes the user is: “We will not recommend your current Facebook friends within Dating or notify them that you have signed up” . In short, unless you decide to make it explicit, your friends won’t know anything.

For the rest, you can press on the Privacy Settings option , present at the top right, to choose whether the service can suggest friends of friends or not. For the sake of completeness, Facebook explains that “anyone who signs up for Dating will be able to see your profile, except your current Facebook friends and people you’ve blocked” .

Also note the fact that it is not possible to take screenshots within the main Facebook Dating screens, as it is private data. In short, some attention is paid to the user’s privacy . Once you have finished editing, tap the Next button to continue.

Golden Rules

Facebook Dating Rules

Facebook Dating makes it clear: to get the most out of the service, it is important to respect the rules .

This means aiming for authenticity , then posting authentic photos and information, as well as remembering that behind every profile there is a person with feelings, who must be respected. If there is no “feeling”, you can move on and get over it without too many problems.

In case someone makes you uncomfortable, you can file a report or block that person from Dating. Finally, Facebook itself advises not to give personal information to others right away, but to put safety first and make sure first that it is the right person.

Once you understand and internalize these rules, press the Next button to continue.

Profile information and what you are looking for

Creare un account Facebook Dating

After you’ve made some important points clear, it’s time to get serious and set up the information on your dating profile .

The application completes the various information by default, taking it from what you have added to your “normal” Facebook profile. In particular, name and age cannot be changed , while gender identity , city ​​of origin , professional title , company and so on can also be removed from the Dating profile, depending on how much information you want to show to others.

Remember that this information is visible to everyone on Dating , as it serves to “introduce you” to other people. In short, pay attention to what you enter at this stage. You can edit or remove information using the pencil icon and the X on the right. You may also need to tap the Remove button to delete information.

In any case, the changes you make here will only apply to your Dating profile and will not “affect” your “normal” Facebook account . Once the information is sorted, tap the Next button to continue.

Who Would You Like Facebook Dating

At this point, you are asked who you want to meet among Women , Men or Everyone . Tap on your choice and press the Next button to continue. Subsequently, the information on the data will appear on the screen : after reading it, tap on Accept to proceed.

At this point, you will need to indicate what you are looking for . Options include Chatter , Friendship , casual relationship , stable relationship and I prefer to leave it out . Make your choice, which will be visible on your dating profile, and click the Next button .

You will then be prompted to activate geolocation . Don’t worry: this data will not be sent to other people, but will be used by Facebook Dating to recommend users who are near you and not on the other side of the world. Other people will be shown an indication of your location (for example, the name of the city where you live), but not the address of your home.

Press, therefore, first on the Activate location settings button and then on the Allow button , to provide the app with access to geolocation. Facebook also uses this information to suggest local events and more relevant advertisements . On Android, you may also have to tap the Allow item only while using the app , but this depends on the device you have. Then click on the Next button to continue.

Geolocation Facebook Dating

At this point, you will be asked secondary questions related to information that you can add to your dating profile. More precisely, you will be asked to enter your height , city ​​of origin , professional title , company where you work, if you have children , what is your level of education , if you smoke , drink alcohol , what languages do you know and so on.

You can decide, at your discretion, whether to add this information to your Dating profile or whether to click on Skip , present at the top right. Some of these details might help the application suggest people like you , but of course you have to choose whether to add them or not.

Once you have answered all these questions, you will be asked to choose your best photo , starting from those available on Facebook. The system will make a basic choice, but you can change it by tapping on the Change photo box and select an image from your roll , from Facebook or take a photo on the spot. Of course, you will be allowed to crop it .

Once you have chosen the photo you think is most valid, tap the Next button to continue. The app will then allow you to check the information you have entered for the last time and will explain what you are accepting by using the service.

Facebook Dating Profile

To complete the registration of your Facebook Dating account, you just have to tap on the Confirm button . The service will thus create a Dating profile using your Facebook photos automatically , but obviously, before making it visible, you can make all the necessary changes .

Then press the Preview button of the suggested profile to take a look at how the system has created your Facebook Dating profile . Generally, the image chosen previously is inserted at the top , while below it appear the name and age , as well as a description of the person (which you can add manually) and an indication of your position and what you are looking for.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, there are 3 photos representing the user, taken from his Facebook profile. If you want, you can also add other information by pressing the Answer a question button , as well as insert Instagram posts m using the appropriate button.

Preview Facebook Dating Profile

To edit the photos chosen by the system, just press the pencil icon and move or remove the photos . You can choose others by clicking on the Add a photo button . Once you have chosen the images to insert, tap on the Save item , present at the top right, and then on the X icon , in order to exit the profile preview.

Perfect, you are now successfully signed up for Facebook Dating. The app will return to the initial menu: from there, to enter Dating , click on the appropriate box.

Match search

Facebook Dating People who like you

The search for matches is not carried out by the user, but by the system . In particular, Facebook Dating describes matches with the term matches , since they are people with similar interests to their own.

In any case, obviously Dating must collect enough information to show you matches, so it is necessary that in your area there are people registered to the service who fall within the fees you entered during the profile configuration phase.

Don’t worry, therefore, if the message “everything is ready for now” appears initially and there are no people, as Dating will inform you when it finds suitable matches for you.

When there are matches, you will see one of those profiles appear at the top and you can press on the heart box to put a “Like” or discard the proposed person by pressing the X icon .

Facebook Dating Stories

Below you can also see the Stories of the profiles shown, as well as add your own, a bit like on Instagram. In addition, you’ll find the sections Events in common , communal groups and secret passions , which can allow you to make more “match”.

By pressing on the Profile item , on the other hand, you can see the final result of your profile and possibly make it more “attractive”, by tapping on the Complete profile button or in any case replacing the images and information .

Again starting from the main page of Dating, at the top there are also the sections People who like you , in which there are those who have put “I like” you , and Correspondences , which is the area where all the chats with related people reside . to your matches.

Facebook Dating Settings

For the rest, you can press on the gear icon , present at the top right, to modify other important options, such as the maximum distance of the recommended people (by default it is 100 km), the gender identity and the band of age . You can also express other preferences, such as those relating, for example, to children and religious orientation .

By moving to the General tab , however, you can decide to show your Instagram posts on the Dating profile, see the profiles you have discarded and share the service with other people. Also, by pressing the Notification settings button , you can choose whether to be notified when you receive new “likes” or messages . By default, these notifications are already active.

Secret passions

Secret Passions Facebook Dating

An interesting feature on Facebook Dating is that related to secret passions , which allows you to add up to 9 Facebook friends or followers in a small circle on Dating.

These people may not know that you have a “crush” on them, but if they add you to the secret passions of dating in turn, you will know that the feeling is mutual and a good relationship could arise. The Secret Passions section is available directly on the Facebook Dating home page , below.

To add a person to the Secret Passions section , just click on the + button , search for the person’s name among Facebook friends or followers on Instagram and click on the most relevant result . To remove , however, a person, you just hit on his photos and make tap on the button Remove from interest secrets .

Either way, the person you add as a secret passion will be notified that an anonymous person has a “crush” on them, but they won’t know who they are.

Chattare your Facebook Dating

Chattare your Facebook Dating

To be able to write to another person, you have to “Like” their profile by clicking on the heart icon , and wait for them to accept your invitation from the People who like you section . You can also post comments on the photos .

In any case, once the other person has accepted, the system will inform you that you have made contact and will move the chat to the Correspondence section . Here you can write with the other person, a bit like on Facebook Messenger, and possibly start a video call , by pressing on the video camera icon at the top right.

For the rest, you might be interested in taking a look at my tutorials on how to start a chat with a girl or a boy, in which there are simple common sense rules to make a good impression and start new friends / acquaintances “with the foot right”.

How to Block a Person on Facebook Dating

How to Block a Person on Facebook Dating

In case someone annoys you within Facebook Dating, you need to know that there is a feature to block people .

To use it, just press, starting from the main profile page, on the gear icon , present at the top right, move to the General tab and tap first on the Privacy Settings item and then on that Block people on Dating .

By doing so, you will access the section that allows you to block people: just click on the option Add to the list of blocked people and select those you no longer want to see on the platform.

How to disable Facebook Dating

How to disable Facebook Dating

How do you say? Have you tried to take a “test drive” on Facebook Dating but you don’t like the service and, therefore, would like to deactivate it , so as to return to the standard Facebook profile only? No problem: I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

To proceed, open the Facebook app , press on the hamburger icon , present at the top right, and tap on the Dating box . Then, tap on the gear icon , located at the top right, and move to the General tab .

Here, under the Account tab , you will find two options for deactivating the service. To temporarily disable it , until your next decision to use it, just move the lever relative to the Pause option to ON and press the Continue button .

By doing so, you will be able to continue responding to people who have liked you or are already in contact with you, but your Dating profile will be temporarily disabled and you will no longer receive requests .

How to Delete Facebook Dating Account

If, on the other hand, you want to delete your profile from Facebook Dating , just click on the Delete profile option , select the reason why you decided to exit the service – or click on Skip – and tap the Delete button .

This will result in the permanent deletion of your Dating profile , as well as of photos , replies and conversations . The action cannot be canceled and, if you want to re-enter the platform, you will have to create a new account (always following the instructions I gave you in the chapter on how to activate Facebook Dating ).

Facebook dating is not working

Facebook dating is not working

In some cases, the Facebook Dating service may not work properly on your device. The reasons for this can be different.

This could be an availability issue : Dating is not accessible or is “too new” in some areas . Also, the release of the feature happens gradually , so it may not be accessible from your Facebook profile.

In this case, you just have to wait for the service to be extended to your area. Otherwise, if you have managed to activate your Dating profile but do not see any matches , you may have to wait for a sufficient number of people who are close to you to start using the service.

In short, there could be multiple reasons why Facebook Dating isn’t working on your device. For the rest, I recommend that you consult my tutorial on how to solve problems with Facebook, since Dating is usable through the same application.

Finally, you might also be interested in taking a look at my guide on how to contact Facebook, as well as the official Facebook Dating guidelines .