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How Facebook Ads works

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You are a creative person, a professional or the owner of a business and you have heard around that in order to get some publicity you absolutely have to learn how Facebook Ads , the advertising system of the famous social network, works. At the same time, however, you do not feel like a great expert in technology and social networks, so you fear that you will not be able to manage a page with paid ads.

Nothing more wrong! Just give me a few minutes of your time so that I can explain to you how simple it is to create ads on your Facebook page , directly from your PC or smartphone, and manage them quickly and effectively. You will need them to promote your business, find new customers, bring visits to your personal or corporate website, and much more. In fact, the more you think about it, the more it seems to be the right solution for your business.

Make yourself comfortable and carefully read the tutorial I have prepared for you. If you follow the instructions I will give you, you can immediately start publishing sponsored posts and in a short time you will already be able to obtain interesting results. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

What is Facebook Ads

Before moving on to the operational phase, it is good to explain what Facebook Ads is , to get an overview on the subject. In short, Facebook Ads is an advertising system within the well-known social network and related channels. An advertisement is represented, quite simply, by a shared content (a post, a page, an event) that the user can promote by investing money. In this way the communicated message will have a better chance of involving the public and being intercepted by the Facebook algorithm.

If you are reading this guide, in all likelihood you already have a Facebook profile : you will therefore have noticed, in the News section , a prevalence of posts published by your friends and from the pages you follow, interspersed, from time to time, by a message bearing the word Sponsored . Here, this is an advertisement ( ad , in English). As you can see, contents of this type are able to “pierce” the flow of common posts and perhaps reach someone who, like you, has an activity or profession to make known.

Facebook is a very powerful channel for advertising, thanks to the data it manages to keep: elements provided by likes , the preferences that people express, the posts they share, the content they comment on and so on. All this also serves to make the so-called sponsored very targeted , the very ones that will help you have greater visibility, consolidate your online presence and even make money.

If you want to know more about what Facebook Ads is and how many possibilities it has for you, you can consult the official Facebook for Business page . To learn more about the practical side of the matter, continue reading this guide.

How Facebook Ads works

How Facebook Ads works requirements and costs

The topic, at this point, becomes interesting. Since I’m here to show you how Facebook Ads works , I also have to give you some necessary background. First of all, Facebook Ads is not a free service: since it is a system of advertisements, these are paid. Don’t worry though: you can invest even a few euros, always keeping in mind what the purpose of a promotion should be, that is to bring customers and therefore make your company earn, thus amortizing the investment made for advertising.

I also remind you of the need to have a Facebook page , or to be an Administrator , otherwise I will not be able to guide you and let you discover how Facebook Advertising works . But let’s get into the procedure, one step at a time.

Requirements and costs

How does Facebook Ads cost

As anticipated, among the basic requirements to use Facebook Ads is to be an administrator of a Facebook page . If you want to know the quickest way to create a Facebook page to administer, find all the relevant information in my guide dedicated to the topic. Since perhaps you have a commercial or professional activity, you may also be interested in some more targeted advice on how to create a company Facebook page: find my guide on this topic too. Also, know that you can also turn your profile into a Facebook page. In short, the choice of which approach to follow is up to you. In any case, when requested by the procedure, enter a payment method of your choice betweencredit card , PayPal , current account and Facebook coupon . Note that you will need it to pay for your listings.

In this regard, you may be wondering how much it costs to sponsor a post, an event you created or the same page on Facebook. Well, there is no fixed price: you can invest from one euro up to several hundred euros. Obviously I advise against the second hypothesis: to start, try with a very low figure by following the evaluations of the same social network during the publication of the sponsored ad. Pay attention to how to commit your amount, the adverts are based on a time duration .

What does this mean? That you have two options to choose from: decide a total fund to spend over the time frame within which the ad will remain active or allocate the budget to a daily sponsored. You can also decide to advertise multiple actions at the same time, but wait until you have gained some experience on how Facebook Ads works.

How to create an ad on Facebook Ads from a PC

Facebook Ads

Since you should now have a Facebook page and payment method linked to it, you can start sponsoring your posts. Please note: what you publish with your personal profile will never automatically end up on your page, unless you decide to share it there too, with the relative command.

In any case, let’s start from your personal Facebook profile : open it and scroll the menu on the left of the screen, where you should find the icon relating to the page you created: click on it and your Facebook page will open.

At this point, there are several possibilities. We will see how to create an ad on Facebook Ads from PC using the Promote function and its sub-menus: Automated Ads , Choose a goal and Highlight existing content But let’s go in order.

That of automated advertisements is a simplified method that allows anyone to create an ad on Facebook Ads . Using it is very simple. Within your Facebook page , look for the Promote button and click on it. Then move to the Promote section of the page that opens and select the item Automated ads .

A dialog box will provide you with information on how to get started with Automated Ads : read it and click the Get Started button . You will then be asked questions about how you carry out the activity to which the page is linked. Answer and select Next each time . Once the questionnaire is finished, you should reach the Choose a plan section , then select the option you think is most suitable and click on the Next button .

On the next screen you can compose your ad complete with title , text and image . You can set up to six different versions. Facebook will give you suggestions on this, using the information on your page. Depending on the case, you can also enter a URL (for example that of your website) or invite users to take an action , when they view the ad. Click Next again and go to the Select audience section . For ease, you can select the automatic audience recommended by Facebook , again based on the data related to your page.

In the future, as you become more experienced with Facebook Ads, you should be able to set it up yourself. Click the Next button again , check your plan and choose a daily budget , even a personalized one, following the instructions on the screen. You did it: click on the Promote button and your ad will be active!

Attention: the advertisement will be published every day . Remember, however, that at any time you can decide to pause or delete it permanently . Alternatively, in the Choose a daily budget section , you can select One day as the promotion duration .

How Facebook Ads Automated Ads Works

Now let’s move on to the Choose a Goal option , which has several simplifications compared to “Automated Ads”. To use this, select the Promote button . In the screen that opens, you should already see a series of tabs describing goals: Get more people to contact you , Get more people to visit your website , Highlight a post , Get more messages , Promote your page , Get more calls and Get more contacts .

Click, therefore, on the objective that seems best to you (some objectives are marked as Recommended ) and a page will open divided into different sections: fill in each of them carefully, click on the Promote button and the game will be done.

The mode Highlight existing content assumes that you have already published the post on the page and allows you to promote them as ads. Find, therefore, the “usual” blue button Promote and, in the following screen, select the item Highlight existing content . The list of your posts will open , in chronological order from the most recent: choose the one you prefer and click on the relevant button Highlight the post , then fill in all the sections of the page that opens. Finally, click on Promote .

Note: Facebook may associate a tool called Business Manager at the same time as creating a page. If you are not an experienced Facebook Ads user, don’t use it for now. Know, however, that it allows you to set up and track your ads as accurately as possible. However, it is mostly dedicated to social media managers who manage several Facebook pages for their customers. If you want the best from online advertising immediately, you can think of turning to such a professional figure.

How to create an ad on Facebook Ads from a smartphone

How does Facebook Ads create ad with smartphone

If you want to know how to create an ad on Facebook Ads from a smartphone (or even a tablet), know that the procedure is very similar to the one just seen for PC. But let’s go in order.

So if you don’t have it yet, download the Facebook app : follow this tutorial to know exactly how to do it. Once this is done, I recommend that you also download the free Facebook Ads app from the Google Play Store , if you use a phone with an Android operating system (if you use one without Google services, you can go to an alternative store), or from the App Store if you have an iPhone / iPad . I warn you that in this second case you will find it with the name Ads Management .

Once installation is complete, start the app and log in with the same account you use in the Facebook app, by pressing Continue . Next, tap on your Facebook page (top) and tap the + button (Create campaign) . Then choose the type of ad you prefer from those listed and in any case follow the instructions you see on the display . For more information on the types of sponsored, take a look at this link. In this way, managing Facebook Ads from a smartphone will allow you to have greater control of the situation.

You want to know how to create an ad on Facebook Ads for smartphone without the app Facebook Ads ? Simple: from your personal profile , select the ☰ icon and, in the screen that opens, choose your Facebook page . Inside it, find the blue buttons that allow you to directly start a promotion .

For example, you can choose between Get more people to contact you or Highlight the post . Better yet, tap the Ads button at the top and then choose between Start using automated ads , Highlight a post or Start with a goal . Here you will find different categories of posts to choose according to the purpose you want to achieve.

How to manage an ad on Facebook Ads from a PC

Facebook Ads

Your ad is active, but you have noticed that you have made some mistake or you are not entirely satisfied with its performance. Don’t worry, you can monitor it, modify it or delete it at any time. So here’s how to manage an ad on Facebook Ads from a PC : access your Facebook page , then locate the item Ads Center in the Manage Page menu on the side and click on it.

In the screen that opens you will see a Summary of your active promotions, including statistics and various data that will surely help you understand the progress of the sponsorship, for example the coverage (the estimate of people who have seen the advertisement at least once), the number of interactions with posts and the number of clicks on the link . Choose, therefore, the promotion on which you intend to intervene and select the item View results on the right of the post itself.

On the page that opens, you can pause the advertisement by pressing the appropriate button. By clicking, on the other hand, on the icon with the three dots in the upper left corner you can permanently stop the sponsored, using the Delete advertisement option .

How does Facebook ADS cancel listing

Through the View Results screen you can carry out all the management operations of the advertisement, after its publication. Such as using the Edit function or even changing the duration of the promotion and managing payment methods . Keep in mind that all these interventions can only be carried out after the approval of the announcement by Facebook. This can take up to 24 hours, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the Active status next to the promotion right away.

How to manage an ad on Facebook Ads from a smartphone

How does Facebook Ads manage ad with smartphone

Have you published an advertisement and now you want to monitor data and statistics related to it, or modify or cancel it even when you are out and about and do not have a PC available? What you need to know, then, is how to manage an ad on Facebook Ads from smartphones (and tablets).

Whether you are an Android or iOS user , connected to the app store of your device, download the Facebook Ads app , as I explained above .

Once launched, you should find your active ads in it . Go to the post you want to edit and press the three dots icon next to the header. In the drop-down menu that opens, then choose the type of action you want to perform among Duplicate , Edit budget , Compare , Delete , or disable the lever that you find next to the Activate option , to pause the promotion.