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How do you use Facebook

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How do you use Facebook: Everyone is talking about Facebook and everyone is using Facebook, this is now a fact. Nevertheless, until now you have preferred not to venture into the meanders of the now famous social network. Curiosity, there is poso to do, in the end, however, seems to have prevailed. You then grabbed your computer, searched for Facebook on Google and clicked on the first link in the search results. How do you say? Things went like this but now you don’t know where to put your hands and you would like to understand how do you use Facebook? Well, in that case don’t worry, I can explain to you, in detail, all that needs to be done to start using the number one social networking service in the world.

Before you can get alarmed and think about the worst, however, I want to reassure you immediately about one thing: understanding how to use Facebook is not complicated at all, you just have to “get a grip on it” and that’s it. The clearest proof of this is the fact that subscribers to the famous social network are now many all over the world.

So if you are really willing to understand how Facebook is used, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and concentrate carefully on reading this guide. I am sure that in the end you will have perfectly understood how to use Facebook and that if necessary you will also be able to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends.

The simplest way to understand how Facebook is used is undoubtedly to register for the service and, subsequently, get to know its basic functions.

To subscribe to Facebook then connect to the main page of the social network clicking here, fill in the fields First name, Surname, E-mail or mobile number, Re-enter your email or mobile number, New Password And Birthday by entering the required information, then indicate whether you are a woman or a man by checking the relevant box and then click on the green button subscribe.

Once this is done, a new Web page will open that will invite you to open the e-mail address corresponding to the email address you specified during registration and to click on the link contained in the email invites from Facebook in order to confirm your account. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to provide your mobile phone number, you will have to wait for the receipt of an SMS from Facebook containing a verification code. Therefore, follow the instructions given by the social network.

Facebook’s sending of the email or text message should happen instantly. In the unfortunate event that this is not the case, press the button Resend the confirmation email or Send confirmation SMS again that you see on the screen. In case of problems you can also press on Change your email., on IEnter the confirmation code you received via e-mail., on Change your phone number. or on Enter the confirmation code from your SMS..

Screenshot of Libero mail

After you have confirmed your Facebook account, it will offer you a quick wizard to allow you to quickly create a profile and to be able to immediately get in touch with people you know.

Then proceed by dedicating yourself to finding and adding friends on Facebook. To do this, all you have to do is type the name and surname of the person you want to add in the search bar located at the top of the web page, click on the person of your interest, wait to be able to view their Facebook profile and then click the green button add to friends. Please note that this procedure must be performed for all the people you intend to add to your circle of friends on Facebook.

Facebook screenshot

However, keep in mind that in order to get in touch with the people you have chosen to add as your friends on Facebook you will have to wait for them to accept the friend request. When this happens you will see a specific notification in the upper right part of the blue bar of the social network, exactly in correspondence with the icon depicting a globe.

In the meantime, however, it is not excluded that some of your friends have sent you a friend request. In this case you should see a notification appear in correspondence with the icon depicting two men located in the upper left part of the blue bar. You can also decide whether or not to accept the friend request by clicking on the buttons respectively Confirmation or Delete request. Before accepting or rejecting a friend request, I suggest you take a look at the profile of the person who sent it to you. To do this, presses on his name which can be viewed directly from the notification.

In addition to allowing you to get in touch with other Facebook users, it allows you to do the same with pages And groups. Generally the pages refer to products, premises, Internet sites and much more while the groups are agglomerations of users in which everyone can have their say about one or more topics that are of common interest.

To follow a page on Facebook just type its name (for example ) in the search field always located at the top of the social network and then click on the button I like it located to the right of the fanpage. Carry out these operations and you will see all the posts shared by that specific page directly in the main section of Facebook which you can access at any time by simply clicking on the social network icon located to the left of the search bar.

Facebook screenshot

If, on the other hand, you wish to join a group, you must write the name of the latter in the search bar at the top of Facebook, click on the result of interest by choosing one of those proposed and click on the green button Join the group. As for the pages, even in the case of groups, once registered you will see all the updates directly in the main section of Facebook.

Facebook screenshot

Now that you have made friends with other users on Facebook, that you have started following one or more pages and that you have signed up to the groups of your interest, I would say that you are finally ready to share some posts on the social network. To share a post on Facebook, all you have to do is type a text message in the box What are you thinking about? viewable in the top center of the social network home or your profile and add some photos or videos, your position and let others know what you are doing and how you feel by clicking on the relevant icons located under the box to type the text. To share your post with other users click the button Publish.

Facebook screenshot

Once the post is published, it will be visible on your profile, in the section Diary, and also on the main Facebook page along with the news of your other friends.

Another function to which I suggest you pay attention to understand how to use Facebook in the best possible way is the one thanks to which it is possible chat privately with other users. To chat privately with a Facebook friend, all you have to do is type his name in the search bar of the social network, click on his profile and then press the button Message located to the right of the profile picture.

After viewing the chat window at the bottom right of the page, type the message you want to send to your friend in the appropriate text field and then press the button Enter present on your computer keyboard to send it. Eventually you can also add photos and emoticons by clicking on the respective icons. Eventually you can take advantage of the Facebook chat also to make video calls. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you read my guide on how to video call on Facebook.

Facebook screenshot

Now that you have finally understood how to use Facebook, however, I want to give you another interesting indication before leaving you free to have fun on the social network. If you are looking for a good pastime, know that on Facebook it is also possible to have fun with many games free. These are games that can be used directly from the social network without having to install absolutely anything on your computer. If you want to know more about it, I invite you to consult my guide on how to find games on Facebook.

Finally, know that all the information I gave you about how to use Facebook can also be done in the same way directly from your smartphone or tablet, using the Web browser or using the official social network app.