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How do you see if you use Hangouts

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How do you see if you use Hangouts: You’ve been using it quite frequently lately Hangouts, the instant messaging and video calling service developed by Google. You are very comfortable with this communication system, however you have some doubts about its functioning, with particular reference to how you interact with other users.

What is still not entirely clear to you, in essence, is as you can see if you use Hangouts: you would like to understand, in particular, if there is a way to determine if the person you want to communicate with already uses the platform in question, but also if they are connected and available to receive messages.

I fully understand your perplexities and, for this reason, I decided to deepen the subject with this tutorial: you just need to dedicate a few minutes of your precious time to reading the next paragraphs and you will see that, in the end, you will be perfectly able to recognize independently if the person you are interacting with has a Hangouts account and is online. Ready to get started? Perfect. Find everything explained below.

Preliminary information

Before proceeding to the explanation on how to check if a user is using Hangoutsit is appropriate to make some important clarifications.

Google has in fact announced that the service in question will be phased out over the course of 2021, at the same time inviting its users to use the new applications. Google Meet And Google Chat: you have probably already noticed the presence of a blue banner on the main screen of the service, both on PC and on mobile device, which warns of the migration in progress.

If, in consideration of the above, you consider it appropriate to start informing you about the alternatives mentioned above, I want to immediately let you know that I have made several tutorials focused in particular on the Google video conferencing service: you can always rely on me, therefore , for example if you want to learn more about how Google Meet works, if you simply want to know how to download the program or apps, or how to register on the platform and so on.

As for Google Chat, it is a communication system very similar to Hangouts, focused more oninstant messagingbut which also allows you to carry out video calls. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that all conversations made on Hangouts will be migrated to the aforementioned platform: you have nothing to fear, therefore, regarding the preservation of your chats.

But now, as promised, the time has come to address the central theme of this guide. I must warn you, however, that by virtue of the decommissioning of the service, some of the features I am about to export may no longer be available or may not be fully functional at any moment.

As you can see if you use Hangouts from a PC

google hangouts

After the appropriate premises made in the previous chapter relating to the migration of the service in question, I will show you to begin with as you can see if you use Hangouts from your PC: this is the simplest condition to verify, as the functionalities present in the computer versions of this service make the task particularly easy.

Furthermore, if you use the PC, you can refer to three ways of using Hangouts: through the dedicated site, from your Gmail mailbox or, if you use the Chrome browser, even through the extension developed specifically by Google.

Hangouts site

Hangouts main site screen

If you use the Hangouts site and, therefore, you have already authenticated to your Google account by clicking on the button Log in located at the top right of the main screen, as you will see shortly it is not absolutely difficult to understand if another account already uses the platform in question and if it is also online and available for conversation.

First of all you need to determine if the person you want to contact is already on your list of connections: to do this, click on the symbol of two people side by sidelocated at the top left, to load the list of people with whom you have already established a conversation in the past.

If the user is connected and available, there is a green dot at the bottom right of his profile picture: clicking on his name, therefore, opens the chat window through which you can start texting (or start the video call) , having the certainty that the latter receives them in real time.

If it is a user you have never contacted before, in this case you need to click on the item New conversationpresent at the top of the contact list panel seen above and type his email addressthe first nameor the telephone number in the appropriate search field that is proposed.

The result is shown below: if it is a Google account its availability, at this point, depends on the settings chosen during the profiling phase. It is possible, for example, that the user accepts connections from anyone who knows his number or his email and that, therefore, the green dot as seen in the previous paragraphs.


If, on the other hand, you have preferred to customize the methods in which to be contacted, in the latter circumstance it may be necessary to first send an invitation in order to start the conversation by pressing the appropriate voice. Invitelocated to the right of the result, possibly typing a presentation message and confirming the request by pressing the button Send Invitation.

If the system does not provide this possibility, it is possible that the user has inhibited this functionality in their settings, by selecting the appropriate option that prevents sending invitations to those who do not know the telephone number or email.


hangouts from gmail

Hangouts, as you may already know, has been integrated into the Webmail Google: it is therefore possible to use the service also by accessing the Gmail mailbox.

The related chat and video call functions and the contact list are grouped together in a special box located in the left panel, at the bottom. The immediate availability of a contact, also in this case, is deductible from the presence of the green dot bottom right of the profile picture.

If you want to interact with a user not in the contact list, instead, click on the button [+] located to the right of your profile name in order to start a new conversation.

In the panel that opens on the right, type theemail addressthe first name or the telephone number of the person with whom you wish to communicate, then consult the result proposed in the box below. Here you can already see, for contacts with Google accounts that have kept the default settings, the presence of the green dot I mentioned earlier and possibly start texting immediately.

Otherwise, you will find the wording Click to invite to Hangouts or Invite just below the result: it is therefore necessary to wait for the contact in question to accept the connection request in order to start the conversation.

Chrome extension

chrome hangouts extension

You may not be aware of it, but if you are using the Chrome browser you can refer to a ‘extension developed by Google to be able to use Hangouts from a PC in a dedicated window.

To activate it, simply log in to This Page of the Chrome Web Store and press the button add located on the right, confirming the intention by pressing the button Add extension in the next window.

Then, to start it, press on the symbol of green speech bubble located at the top right (or, if you already have several extensions installed, first press the icon of puzzle and locate the symbol of green speech bubble from the list that is shown to you) and the messaging service will be loaded in a special box.

The functionalities to understand if another user uses Hangouts are, in essence, the same as described in the previous chapters: in the main screen you will find the list of recent conversations, while clicking on the button New Conversation you can view the list of all contacts already in place.

Typing theemail addressthe telephone or the first name of a contact with whom you have never interacted, finally, in the appropriate form located at the top right, you can access the functions to add him to your contact list.

In all cases, therefore, the presence of a green dot indicates that the user is logged in and available, while his absence indicates that the account is not logged in at the moment. If you see the option Invite or Click to invite on Hangoutson the other hand, the possibility of communicating is bound to the acceptance of the request by the recipient.

As you can see if you use Hangouts from smartphones and tablets

mobile hangouts

In case you prefer to use the Google messaging service from mobile, things change a bit: the indicator of the presence of a contact, in fact, is not as intuitive as it happens for the PC versions, but in any case it is not absolutely difficult to understand. as you can see if you use Hangouts from smartphones and tablets.

For starters, it’s good to know that the Hangouts app is compatible with both devices Android that iOS / iPadOS. To be able to install it, simply visit the links just mentioned and tap the button Install / Get. In the case of iPhones and iPads, identity verification may also need to be performed using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password.

Once you have started the app by pressing on its icon, to start a new conversation, press on the symbol [+] located at the bottom right: on the next screen, if you have not already done so, I recommend that you accept the request to access the app to your contactsto facilitate their identification.

The list of contacts shows, at the top, the connections you have interacted with most frequently. In this case it is not possible to determine the availability of a user through the green dot, as happens in the case of use of the service from a computer, however you can find the indication, on the right of each contact, when the last access took place.

If you have granted the app access to your address book, continuing to scroll through the list you will find a section called Not on Hangouts: the contacts in your address book that are not associated with a Google account are already listed here, from which you can request the possibility of communicating via Hangouts by clicking on the button Invite: Once the invitation is accepted, you will receive a notification to start the conversation.

Alternatively, you can use the search form at the top: type, therefore, email address, first name or telephone of the user with whom you want to interact and always press on the wording Invite to request the ability to communicate through Hangouts.