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Get updates on Facebook: how it works and what it is

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Get updates on Facebook: how it works and what it is: As you have surely noticed, in the past few weeks Facebook introduced a new function called updates. Thanks to it, it has become possible to view the news posted by those who are not among our friends on the main page of the social network: a bit like what happens on Twitter, where you can “follow” any user without the obligation to friendships.

Interesting, right? Then if not yet receive updates on Facebook and you want to find out better how it works and what it is this new feature, follow the directions I’m about to give you. I bet you will soon be able to master this new Facebook feature too, taking advantage of all its indisputable advantages.

Before seeing how to receive updates from someone on Facebook without adding them to friends, we need to make a small clarification. To follow a person’s news, he or she must have activated them updates on Facebook and has authorized the display of its updates in public, so not all users allow you to view their posts without first having to include them as friends. That said, connected to the main Facebook page, click on your name at the top left and click on the item Updates located in the left sidebar.

At this point, click on the button Allow updates and set your Facebook update privacy preferences to enable the updates feature on your profile. In this way, not only will you be able to “subscribe” to the posts of other users but you can also allow those who are not friends to receive your public status updates on their wall (those for friends only or friends of friends will remain private and will not be displayed, quiet).

Once the function is activated updates on Facebook to allow others to “subscribe” to your profile (as long as you want to, it is not mandatory), you can start choosing the people you want to post without having to include them as a friend. Then search for the name of the person you want to “subscribe” to using the classic Facebook search bar (located at the top center) and access their wall.

At this point, if the person whose profile you are visiting has activated the updates function, you will see a gray button that says Receive updates top right. That’s the button you need to click to start receiving user updates on your wall without adding them to your friends.

To view all the updates of your non-friends, go to your profile page and click on the Updates item located in the left sidebar. At this point, you can view the complete list of all the people to whom you have “subscribed”, also having the possibility to regulate the flow of news to be received from each of them.

To adjust the update settings and choose which news to receive or not on the bulletin board, all you have to do is place the mouse pointer on the button Updates activated present next to the name of all the people you “follow” and remove the check mark from the type of news you no longer want to receive (eg. Status updates, Photo, etc.). Easy, right?