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Games to download for Android

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Games to download for Android: Who among us, when there is a minute of free time, does not like to remove the smartphone from the pocket and play a bit with one of the many video games available for iOS, Android and all other mobile platforms?

On the other hand there are games for all tastes: from beloved puzzle games to platformers, up to card games and action titles (including some first person shooters with 3D graphics). How do you say? Would you like it if I recommend you some of my favorites?

Well, then make yourself comfortable. For the moment, I would say to focus on Android which is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Here are the how to play checkers on the Internet that I recommend you try at all costs!

Games to download for Android – Platform and Action

  • Subway Surfers  – the most popular endless running title of the moment. The aim of the game is to guide a boy to a train station to collect coins by dodging trains and other obstacles. 3D graphics in cartoon style. Free.
  • Rayman Fiesta Run  – one of the best platforms for smartphones and tablets. Bring all the fun of Rayman on a mobile platform. It costs 2.69 euros.
  • Into the Dead  – 3D zombie-based FPS where you have to juggle a horde of living dead by running away and / or killing them. Free.
  • Brothers in Arms 2  – War-themed 3D FPS with various game modes both single player and multiplayer. Includes 50 missions in 5 different settings. Free.
  • Jetpack Joyride  – almost historic endless running where you have to escape from the laboratory of an evil scientist using a jetpack. Free.

Games to download for Android

Games to download for Android – Puzzle Game

  • Monument Valley – exceptional title with fairytale atmospheres in which you have to guide a little man in mazes that make extensive use of perspective games to reach the final goal of each level. It costs 3.59 euros.
  • 2048  – the mathematical puzzle game of the moment. The aim is to associate numbered cards of the same value up to the figure of 2048. Free.
  • Bubble Safari  – one of the best Puzzle Bobble “clones” around. There is nothing else to add. Free.
  • Candy Crush Saga  – no longer needs an introduction. One of the most popular puzzle games in the world whose aim is to match the candies of the same type reaching the goal of the level respecting the maximum number of moves allowed. Free.
  • Dots  – very simple but fun puzzle game where you have to join the colored dots of the same. It can be played in time or with a limited number of moves. Free.

Games to download for Android

Games to download for Android – Strategy and RPG

  • Plants vs Zombies 2  – among the best tower defense for Android. It is the sequel to the excellent Plants vs Zombies in which the aim of the game is to protect your garden from a horde of hungry zombies. Free.
  • Zenonia 5  – Japanese-style RPG with cartoony graphics and fast-paced fighting system. It is in English. Free.
  • Clash of Clans  – popular strategy where you have to build a village and build an empire using an army made up of barbarians, sorcerers, dragons and other warriors. Free.
  • Final Fantasy IV  – three-dimensional, Italian-language remake of one of the best chapters of the historic Square-Enix GDR saga. It costs 14.49 euros.
  • Brave Frontier  – another unmissable Japanese-style RPG with 2D graphics. It is in Italian and includes over 200 characters to be upgraded with various weapons, armor and skills. It also supports online multiplayer. Free.

Games to download for Android

Download how to play checkers on the Internet – Card games

  • Scopa Pro  – one of the best video game transpositions of Scopa with 4 different difficulty levels. It also supports local and online multiplayer. Free.
  • Buraco Jogatina  – Buraco game with online multiplayer support with 2 against 2 or 4 against 4 challenges. Free.
  • Briscola Jogatina  – Briscola game with 3 difficulty levels to choose from. Free.
  • 250+ Solitaire Collection  – an unmissable collection of over 150 card solitaires. Free.
  • Fresh Deck Poker  – Online multiplayer poker with 3D avatars, free basic.

Games to download for Android

Games to download for Android – Sports and Motors

  • FIFA 14  – the football simulation par excellence with 3D graphics and official licenses. It includes game modes but the Coach, Tournament and Kick-off modes can only be unlocked by purchasing the full version of the game for € 4.49.
  • Real Racing 3  – one of the most spectacular automotive titles for Android with 3D graphics and over 50 cars of prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Dodge and Porsche. Free.
  • Pool Billiards Pro  – pool game with various game modes. Free.
  • 2XL MX Offroad  – 3D motocross game in which you have to drive your vehicle by swinging your smartphone or tablet.
  • Smash Tennis 3D  – 3D tennis title where you have to use your fingers like a racket to serve or respond to opponent’s throwing.