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Games on Facebook

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Games on Facebook: Chatting, sharing photos, reading news, participating in discussion groups: Facebook in its many facets can serve all of this. It can be used to keep in touch with your friends and get information but, let’s not deny it, also to take a few minutes of pure relaxation.

The credit goes to the many video games that are available on the social network and that allow you to have fun both alone and in company, challenging other users from all over the world. What if I recommend you one of the ones I like best? What do you say?

If the idea tickles you, get ready. Below is a selection of the best games on Facebook sorted by their genre, they are all free and work in any browser (as long as you have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer). Many of them are also available on smartphones and tablets. Good fun!

Let’s start with the two genres of games on Facebook that are generally most loved by the public, puzzle games and simulation titles. Two examples above all? Candy Crush Saga and Farmville but there are also many others that are worth trying. Here they are.

Puzzle game

  • Candy Crush Saga – one of the most popular puzzle games in recent years. The purpose, as is well known, is to associate three or more candies of the same type to achieve the final objective of the level respecting the maximum number of moves allowed.
  • Bubble Witch Saga 2 – by the authors of Candy Crush Saga, it is a clone of Puzzle Bobble where you have to shoot colored bubbles and associate three or more of the same color to free the picture.
  • Bejeweled Blitz – fun classic puzzle game where you have to join three or more gems of the same type to achieve the highest possible score.
  • 2048 – the world’s most famous math puzzle game. The aim is to add the numbered pieces of the same value, proceeding in multiples of two, to make two thousand and forty eight.
  • Mahjong Trails – one of the best social transpositions of the famous Chinese game.
  • Monster Busters – puzzle game suitable for all ages in which you have to associate three or more monsters of the same type trying to reach the target set for each level.

Games on Facebook


  • Farmville 2 – needs no introduction. This is the most famous simulation title in the social world in which you have to impersonate a farmer, manage the vegetable garden and take care of the animals.
  • CityVille – from the same software house as Framville, Zynga, this game allows the player to build and manage their city.
  • ChefVille – fun social simulation in which you have to manage a restaurant. Also this title is signed Zynga.
  • Jurassic Park Builder – game inspired by the famous Jurassic Park film saga in which you have to defeat the dinosaurs of your opponents and collect coins.
  • Guitar Flash – Guitar Hero style music game, for Facebook.
  • TrainStation – very original game in which you have to manage a railway station, it includes over a thousand trains.

Games on Facebook

Do you love card games and would you like to prove your worth by challenging other people online? Here are the games on Facebook that are best for you. Following, some sports titles dedicated to football and engines.

Card games

  • Solitaire Blitz – nice pastime that combines the classic Solitaire with a treasure hunt. The aim is to match the cards and complete all the decks within a minute.
  • UNO & Friends – the world-famous UNO card game to play in multiplayer online with other Facebook users.
  • Zynga Poker – the most famous Texas Hold’em poker game in the social world. It is based on a system of credits to be earned during the games or to buy with real money.
  • Scopa – excellent digital transposition of the Scopa game.
  • Buraco – the Buraco in a fun social version.
  • Briscola – to play Briscola on Facebook pages.

Games on Facebook


  • Top Eleven – one of the most famous football manager games in the social world.
  • 8 Ball Pool – fun billiards for Facebook with challenges in multiplayer mode.
  • Trial Xtreme 3 – excellent 3D game where you have to make evolutions with your bike. Requires the Unity plugin to work.
  • Sports Heads Football 2 – cute cartoon style football game in which you have to confront your opponents with a stroke of … head. It is played one on one.
  • Extreme Road Trip 2 – fun 2D title, also with cartoony graphics, where you have to make evolutions with your car and collect the coins along the way.
  • Mini Golf – for fans of mini golf.

Games on Facebook

Who said that games on Facebook all have poorly maintained graphics and basic gameplay? Take a look at these action and strategy titles, they will surely make you change your mind.

Strategy and Action

  • Castle Clash – popular strategy game in which you have to set up your army and conquer opposing lands to set up a real empire. Among the available characters there are elves, dwarves, animals and robots.
  • Plants vs Zombies Adventures – the social version of the famous tower defense where you have to protect your garden from zombies.
  • Dead Trigger 2 – spectacular 3D zombie shooter with first person perspective. Requires the Unity plugin to function properly.
  • Mafia Wars – one of the most popular browser games of all time, whose purpose, as easily understood from the title, is to manage criminal activities to make money.
  • Milmo – action title with 3D cartoon graphics in which you have to impersonate a boy and challenge numerous monsters. Requires the Unity plugin.
  • Dragon City – title with 3D cartoon-style graphics in which you have to raise dragons and make them become stronger and stronger in battle.

Games on Facebook

To conclude, I offer you a selection of social games that are worth trying but that did not seem suitable to the categories mentioned above.

Other games

  • Criminal Case – investigative game in which you have to carefully analyze crime scenes to find out the perpetrators of heinous murders.
  • SongPop – music game in which you have to guess the title of the song being played before your opponent.
  • Logo Game – as easily understood by the name, it is a game based on logos. The aim is to associate the logos shown on the screen with the respective companies.
  • QuickWit – one of the best Ruzzle alternatives for Facebook.
  • Scarabeo – the classic Scarabeo in a fun social variant.