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Funny pictures

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Funny pictures : Is one of your favorite pastimes on Facebook sharing ironic posts to entertain your friends? Then I bet you would like to discover new interesting sites on which to find many funny pictures to use for any occasion. Did I guess? Yup? Very well! So give me five minutes (or a little more) and you will see that you will not regret it.

Below, in fact, I have collected for you some of the best sites, Italian and international, and the best apps for smartphones and tablets through which you can find funny photos of any kind: from the classic “fail” of ordinary people to images with animals, without forgetting the satire of costume and the inevitable memes that involve personalities of all backgrounds and caliber. You will be spoiled for choice.

How do you say? Would you also like to find hilarious GIFs to send via Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging applications? Don’t worry, I thought about that too. Among the resources listed below, there are also some that allow you to download animated images to be used on any social network, forum or chat service. Come on, don’t waste any more time! There are thousands of funny photos waiting for you.

Sites for funny pictures

Numerous are available on the Net sites through which you can find many for free funny pictures to be shared on social networks and instant messaging services. If you are interested in it, below you will find the ones that in my humble opinion represent the best portals in the category. Visit them now, you will see that you will not regret it.



If you are looking for funny pictures to share online to surprise your friends, I recommend you take a look at 9GAG, one of the most popular humorous sites on the Web that offers many ironic images, funny videos and curious photos dedicated to the most disparate topics every day: technology, pop culture, animals, events and much more. Although the site is in English, the images are very understandable even for those who do not “chew” the language very well.

To use it, go to the its home page and also start scrolling the list of funny images on the home page. If you want to view, however, the most “popular” content of the moment, select the item Hot located in the left side menu, at the top. You can also watch the trend pictures by clicking on the item Trending, while to view those recently added you have to click on the item Fresh.

You can also choose to look at the content available on the site by category, selecting the one of your interest from the menu on the left, and you can search by keyword, by clicking on the symbol of the magnifying glass placed at the top right and typing the reference keyword in the text box you see appearing.

When you find an image you like, click its title to open its web page, to view the comments that other users have left and, if you want, to add your own. To download the image, however, click on the button (…) and select the option Download from the menu that appears. From the same menu you can also choose to share the image via email or via Twitter, while clicking on the adjacent buttons you can post it on Facebook and Pinterest.



Are you interested in finding hilarious GIFs to post on a forum, on Twitter or to share online with your chat friends? So don’t think twice and take a look immediately GIPHY, one of the largest resources for content of this type available online. You can find us many funny animal pictures, but also funny Christmas images, GIFs dedicated to sport, the world of entertainment etc.

If you are interested, visit the site home page and start scrolling through the list of all the most popular GIFs of the moment. Using the search bar located at the top, however, you can search for the images you like most by keyword.

Would you like to browse GIFs based on the topic they are dealing with? No problem. Click on the one you are interested in in the menu at the top (further categories are available by moving the mouse cursor over the button (…)) And you can immediately view hundreds of thematic GIFs of various types.

To download an image from GIPHY, click on its thumbnail, then right-click on it and choose the option to proceed with the download that you find in the contextual menu that opens. If, on the other hand, you want to share a GIF directly on forums, chats, social networks, etc., click on the appropriate buttons on the right.

Bastards inside

Bastards inside

If you are looking for a little bit of local comedy with funny and politically incorrect images, I suggest you take a ride on Bastards inside, one of the most popular Italian websites with high irony content.

So, go to the site home page, select the card Images placed at the top and also begins to browse the various images available in the list. To go to the next or previous page, select i numbers that you find at the bottom. You can also view the images by category, by selecting the one you prefer from the list above.

When you find an image you like, select it and proceed with the download by right-clicking on it and choosing the option to download it from the contextual menu that opens.

Other sites for funny pictures

Daily Haha

Taking a look at the sites for funny images that I have already reported to you, you were unable to find anything that would satisfy you and would you like me to point out other resources belonging to the category? No sooner said than done. In the list below, in fact, you will find solutions alternatives to which you can not not at least take a look.

  • Daily Haha – Internet site which, as the name suggests, offers a lot of photos every day belonging to the most disparate categories and capable of tearing at least a laugh. Note that it is excellent for finding funny good morning pictures is funny pictures of goodnight.
  • Cheezburger – website that includes many ironic photos dedicated to the so-called “fail”, that is, embarrassing and / or tremendously funny situations that can happen to each of us in life. In addition to images, you can find tons of funny videos and animated GIFs.
  • If the paintings could speak – it is not really a site, but a Facebook page, to be precise one of the most successful ones in Italy, on which photos of famous paintings are posted every day with captions that are nothing short of brilliant that transform them into funny images, indeed very funny.
  • If social networks had always existed – Facebook page where there are (fake) screenshots of improbable conversations made through social networks between important historical figures.
  • Welcome to the Internet – it is another renowned Facebook page, which collects some of the funniest photos on the Web.
  • Memorable Comments – amusing page on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network which, as easily understood by the name itself, collects the images of the most “memorable” (and hilarious) comments that appeared on the Net.

App for funny pictures

Let’s move on now to app you can rely on to find funny images directly and comfortably from smartphones and tablets. You find the ones that I believe represent the most interesting in the category right below. Download them now, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Funny pictures! (Android)

Funny pictures!

If what you’re using is a smartphone or tablet Android, I suggest you contact the app Funny pictures!. It is free and offers its users many hilarious photos and memes for all tastes. It is also perfect for finding the loved ones funny pictures cats, and on animals in general, as well as funny happy birthday pictures etc. Note that it offers in-app purchases (at a base cost of 61 cents) to remove advertising.

To download it to your device, visit the related section of the Play Store and press the button Install. When the download is complete, open the application by tapping on the button You open appeared on the display or by selecting the relative one icon which has just been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, select the categories of images you like most from the proposed list and also start browsing the proposed photos by pressing the buttons with the arrows that you find below.

When you find an image you like, to save it in the gallery of the device or to share it on social networks or through other apps, tap on share button (the one with the dots joined together) which is located at the top right and makes your choice from the menu that opens.

If, on the other hand, you want to add the image to your favorite Funny images !, so that you can access it immediately even later, tap on the symbol of the heart placed at the bottom. All the images you add to your favorites will then be visible in the section Favorite images of the app, accessible by selecting the appropriate item from the menu that you can open by pressing the button with the three lines horizontally placed at the top left.

Funny pictures will share (iOS / iPadOS)

Funny pictures will share

If what you are using is an iPhone or iPad, you can contact the app instead Funny pictures will share, specific for iOS / iPadOS. It allows you to explore various categories of funny images, such as those dedicated to animals, food, the Internet etc. It also allows you to edit the texts that accompany the photos, changing them in six different languages. It’s free.

To download the application on your device, visit the related section of the App Store, press the button Get, on that Install and authorizes the download via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password. Then, start the app by touching the button You open appeared on the screen or by selecting the relevant one icon which has just been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, select the category of hilarious images of your interest among those proposed and also start browsing through the various contents available by pressing on the arrows that you find at the top of the screen. To change the language, however, tap on initials of the idiom of reference placed at the top.

When you find an image you like, to save it on your device, tap on thesharing icon (the one with the rectangle and arrow) in the upper right part of the screen and choose, through the menu that appears, whether to add it to the iOS / iPadOS Gallery or to post it on social networks or export it to other applications.

Other apps for funny pictures

9GAG app

None of the funny image apps that I have already suggested to you has convinced you in a particular way and you would therefore like you to point out some resources alternative to whom you can turn? Then immediately take a look at the list below. There are, in fact, many other free applications that you can use to find funny photos.

  • 9GAG (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is the official app of the 9GAG website that I told you about in step present at the beginning of the tutorial. It reproduces the same contents as the portal it is connected to and the operation is practically the same, but with ad hoc functions for the touch screen of mobile devices. Note that it offers in-app purchases (starting from 3.09 euros) to unlock additional content.
  • GIPHY (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is the counterpart for smartphones and tablets of the site to find animated GIFs that I mentioned in the step present at the beginning of the guide. Its operation is good or bad analogous to that of the portal, but also includes special functions to create personalized GIFs using the camera of the device in use.
  • Bastards inside (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – as the same name implies, this is the app of the all-Italian website to find hilarious and irreverent images that I pointed out to you in step present at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • Funny Pics (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – app through which you can find over 100,000 funny images of all kinds. It also includes a caption and meme generator, through which you can create hilarious personalized photos.
  • Memdroid (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is the app of one of the best online communities dedicated to memes and funny animated GIFs. It offers many different humorous images every day, which can be saved both locally and shared online. Note that it offers in-app purchases (at a base cost of 2.42 euros) to remove advertising and unlock other additional functions.
  • LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) (Android) – application that allows you to find many hilarious images of various kinds, as well as memes, GIFs, photos with phrases etc. Every day a lot of new content is made available and the photos can be both downloaded on the device used and shared on the Net.