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Funny pictures to share on Facebook

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Facebook is a large virtual square in which each of us can communicate with their friends, share their experiences, get information and – why not? – have fun through ironic images and videos dedicated to the most disparate topics. Precisely in this regard, today I would like to point out some pages where you can find funny pictures to share on Facebook.

Let me be clear, this is not a ranking. There are thousands of funny pages on Facebook, both Italian and international, and listing them all would be practically impossible. I therefore decided to collect the ones that in the last few months seemed to me the nicest (in absolutely random order) and to report them to you. There really is something for all tastes: from those dealing with social satire to those dealing with topics such as technology or sport. But I would say to start with the more “generic” ones where you can find everything that is “strange” and funny on the Internet. Have fun!

Caution: the pages mentioned in this post may deal with topics not suitable for an audience of minors and / or use explicit language. Furthermore, their contents could offend the sensitivity of the most susceptible people. I take no responsibility for it.

Funny pages on Facebook

As just announced, let’s start with some “generic” pages where you can find funny pictures to share on Facebook dedicated to the most disparate topics.

  • 9GAG – the official page of one of the most famous humor sites in the world. Every day it offers images and videos dedicated to the most disparate topics. It is in English.
  • If the paintings could talk – very famous page where funny descriptions are added to the paintings of various artists.
  • Be like Bill – one of the most popular pages of recent times. Its protagonist is Bill, a little man sitting in front of his computer who offers hilarious (but very sharp) advice on how to behave on social media and in real life.
  • Your mother is a legend – with over 1,270,000 active fans, it is one of the most famous funny pages on Facebook (as far as Italy is concerned). It offers images and videos dedicated to the most disparate topics.
  • The best of the internet + Italian demotivationals by Frullo – one of the historical pages of the Italian “politically incorrect” panorama. It includes ironic images dedicated to all topics: the best… or the worst of the Internet, depending on your point of view!
  • Bastards inside – official page of the homonymous site, which I believe no longer needs any introduction. Post funny pictures and cartoons dedicated to various topics on a daily basis.
  • Welcome to the Internet – another historical page with ironic images dedicated to various topics, in English.
  • Epic Fail & Epic Win – page with over 480 thousand active fans that publishes funny images of all kinds. First of all those relating to fail, that is to say the bad figures made by anyone.
  • I curse you – a series of funny and original “curses” to share with those who dislike us.
  • Dislike free – another page full of bad intentions towards others, obviously proposed in the form of funny images to share in your diaries.
  • Humor as subtle as a baobab – humorous cartoons, of a humor… as subtle as a baobab tree.
  • Cinesate tarocchissime – all the worst in the world of counterfeiting, Chinese and otherwise.
  • Ugly footballers – now very famous page dedicated to the world of football with funny photos and videos.
  • Calling yourself a Bomber among friends without apparent sporting merits – another ironic page dedicated to the world of football.
  • The Factory Of Degrado – the worst of the Internet, and around.
  • The strange part of the internet – the name says it all. The strangest part of the internet… but pretty weird!
  • IntrashTention – another page that offers us the worst of the Web (but also of TV) in the form of images, videos and animated GIFs.
  • Uncle Ematitos – funny word games proposed in the form of a rebus.
  • Very Tumblr stuff – because even the toughest things can be accepted if communicated with a nice font and a nice background image. In short, Tumblr style.
  • Ignorant writings – blunders, printing errors and other grammatical “accidents” taken from the most disparate sources (Web, newspapers and more).
  • The Giappominkiate of the souls – ironic images dedicated to Japanese anime, and to those who take them a little too seriously.
  • Cosplay made with c *** o – some cosplays just fail, and you can find proof here.
  • Rick and Carl – one of the most “quoted” pages on the now ubiquitous ironic cartoons featuring the characters of “The Walking Dead”.
  • Baby George despises you – little George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, hates us all.
  • The most beautiful phrases of Osho – the Indian spiritual leader Osho Rajneesh, more commonly known as Osho, has become the protagonist of a very funny page that sees him “commenting on things” in the Roman dialect.
  • The JackaL – the official page of the Jackal, now a very famous group of Neapolitan actors and videomakers who, in addition to making very nice videos for the Web (very well-finished from a technical point of view), also enjoy posting funny images.

Society, current affairs and satire

Funny pictures to share on Facebook

Now let’s move on to some pages that make satire on current affairs, on politics or much more simply on our daily life.

  • Ah but it’s not Lercio – Lercio is a very famous website on which false news are published aimed at exposing the vices and distortions of Italian society, as well as those of the media that normally try to tell it. It also has a Facebook page but I didn’t mention it in this post because it doesn’t offer funny images to share, it only contains texts and links. “Ah ma è non Lercio” collects in the form of images some pages of newspapers and Internet sites that publish real news but “filthy”, that is useless, itchy or frivolous.
  • Colorz by – is a page born from a “rib” of, the most famous satire site in Italy. It contains exclusively images dedicated to the most disparate themes, especially concerning current events.
  • Feudalism and Freedom – original satirical page that uses an archaic language to comment on the news (in the form of funny images to share on Facebook).
  • Conspiracy prosthesis – a page that makes fun of the “conspiracy theorists” and the outlandish theories that many of them believe in.
  • The Milanese Imbruttito – very famous page on which the defects of the average Milanese are ironically highlighted.
  • The off-site southerner – another very popular page in which he makes fun of the habits of students and workers from the south who move to the north.
  • The Roommate of M **** a – daily tragedies of those who find themselves living with a roommate (or a roommate).
  • BOOM. Friendzoned. – many have asked me to write a tutorial on how to get out of the friendzone. Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about that either! Seriously, this is one of the most successful pages on the subject, where screenshots of messages are collected in which poor boys are deluded by sweet girls only to receive painful “two of spades”. Or vice versa, in much rarer cases.

Technology and surroundings

Funny pictures to share on Facebook

To conclude, since this blog is about technology, I couldn’t help but suggest you some themed pages. Fun is guaranteed.

  • Memorable comments – that of “memorable comments” has become a real social phenomenon. Now everyone is competing to write the funniest comment under the post of a website or a famous person to end up on this page, which in fact collects the most “memorable” comments appeared on Facebook (but not only).
  • Social Media Epic Fails – a page where the fail, that is the fool, of those who manage the social communications of important companies, websites, etc. are collected.
  • The Startup of m **** a – as can be easily guessed from the name, this is a page that makes fun of the world of startups.
  • Lying in front of the blue Whatsapp ticks – the blue ticks of WhatsApp, which confirm the reading of a message by the recipient, are a double-edged sword. And this page proves it.
  • Moms who write messages on WhatsApp – when mom learns to use WhatsApp unspeakable things happen!
  • Dr Commodore – contains ironic images about video games, movies, manga and the world of technology.
  • IT stuff – ironic images dedicated to the IT world… you don’t really need to be an IT expert to understand them.
  • If social networks had always existed – very famous Facebook page (alas not updated very constantly) in which fabulous “social” discussions between poets, political leaders and other important historical figures are posted.