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Free puzzle games

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Free puzzle games: Are you a big fan of puzzle games? Whenever you have a moment of free time, do you love spending it stacking bricks, candies and colored balls to get higher and higher scores? Then you came to the right place at the right time.

I am in fact about to report a series of unmissable free puzzle games available for computers, smartphones and tablets. You will probably know some of them already, but I bet you will also make interesting discoveries. Good fun!

Let’s start with MyPuzzle , a website entirely dedicated to free puzzle games which includes dozens of video games in Flash format to be played directly from the browser, without requiring any particular software (except Flash Player, which, however, you should already have installed on your PC).

By connecting to the MyPuzzle home page you will find yourself in front of a grid with some of the best games available on the site divided into categories: New puzzle games with the latest titles, Number puzzles with mathematical puzzle games, Match 3 games with the games in which you have to combine 3 or more elements of the same type to accumulate points and so on.

You can “browse” all the titles in each category using the links located at the top of the screen. To start a game, just click on its preview image and wait a few moments for it to load.

Free puzzle games

If you are looking for the most popular free puzzle games of the moment, I recommend you take a stroll on , the official website of the manufacturer of Candy Crush Saga , Farm Heroes Saga , Papa Pear Saga and other famous puzzle games available for PC and portable devices. To play one of the above titles, you must click on their title and create a free account on the site by filling in the appropriate form that is proposed to you. Later you can also associate your Facebook account with the site to synchronize your scores between multiple devices.

About Facebook : if you want to try free puzzle games that allow you to challenge other users online and share your scores publicly, connected to the App Center of the social network that hosts games for all tastes, with “fashionable” titles to the great classics such as Tetris and Puzzle Bobble (in various more or less original variations).

Remaining on the subject of online games in Flash format (therefore to be played directly through the browser), I also recommend you connect to AOL which inside houses a section entirely dedicated to puzzle games with more or less famous, large titles classics and new video games.

Puzzle game

Finally, here’s a rundown of free puzzle games available for Android and iOS. So you can always carry your passion for puzzle games with you, on your mobile (or even on your tablet) and make boring moments less tedious.

  • Tetris ( Android / iOS ) – the classic Tetris optimized for touch-screen input. On Android it is free while on iOS it costs 0.89 euros.
  • Breaker Blitz ( Android / iOS ) – the classic Arkanoid where you have to throw a ball on the screen and use it to break all the bricks in the level.
  • Candy Crush Saga ( Android / iOS ) – impossible not to know it. The aim of the game is to match as many candies of the same type as possible respecting the maximum number of moves allowed by the level.
  • Pet Rescue Saga ( Android / iOS ) – by the developers of Candy Crush Saga themselves. You have to associate the colored bricks and save the puppies.
  • Farm Heroes Saga ( Android ) / iOS ) – another King puzzle game in which you have to match the fruits of the same type by collecting them in the number provided by the level (without “overshooting” with the allowed moves).
  • Super Monsters Ate My Condo! ( Android / iOS ) – a very original and frenetic puzzle game in which you have to stack a series of floors of an apartment building with the same color (via swipe) and face the monsters on the sides of the screen.
  • Compulsive ( Android / iOS ) – original puzzle game in which you have to join the blocks of the same color by dragging them from one point to another on the screen.
  • Bubble Mania ( Android / iOS ) – an almost perfect clone of the mythical Puzzle Bobble.
  • Jelly Splash ( Android / iOS ) – very classic puzzle game in the mechanics where you have to combine 3 or more jellies of the same color.