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Free online games

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Free online games: After a whole day spent between books and documents, did you want to have some fun playing video games but the console broke? No problem. Open your computer’s browser and take a look at the Internet sites I am about to report to you.

Maybe you don’t know, but there are many free online games that wait for nothing more than to be tried. There are some that can be played directly from the browser and others that instead require the download of a so-called client (i.e. a small program to be installed on the PC). All you have to do is choose the ones you prefer the most and start having fun!

Then? Can I know what are you still doing with them? Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusted computer and immediately begin to focus on reading all of the following. I sincerely hope that in the end you will be able to find at least one game of your liking and that you will then be happy with the discoveries made. Are you ready? Yes? Great. So let’s ban the talk and proceed. I wish you, as usual, happy reading and I make you a great, indeed a very good luck for everything.


Free online games

If you are looking for free online games to relax and “unplug” from work (or study), I highly recommend you take a ride on GamesGames which offers a huge range of Flash titles playable directly from the Internet. To make them work, just use a browser with support for Adobe’s Flash Player (for more info on this, I recommend you read my guide on how to install Flash Player ).

By connecting to the main page of GamesGames you will find in the center of the screen the list of the most recent games published on the site (the titles are renewed very often), while continuing to scroll there is a list with the most popular games ever, namely the most played by users, and the most popular ones of the last week. There are also collections dedicated to, for example, only multi-player titles, current events, etc.

Alternatively, you can “browse” the games offered by the service based on their genre by clicking on Action (for action titles), Adventure (for adventure games), Puzzle (for puzzle games), Racing (for motor racing) or the other tabs at the top of the page.

To start a game, all you have to do is click on its preview image and wait a few seconds for it to load. I also point out that on the game page you will also find a brief description of the selected title and indications for the commands to be used.


Free online games

Are you a lover of board games and would you like to know if there is any nice related title that can be used directly on the net? Well, of course it is! You can find a lot of them on Pogo , a very famous and appreciated portal (especially in the land with stars and stripes) that collects many board games in digital format, such as the Scarabeo and the Monopoly. Requires Adobe Flash Player and to play you need to create an account (free). Since these are board games, the games can take place both against real opponents and against fictitious players.

To start playing on Pogo, as anticipated, you must first create your account on the site. To do this, connected to its  home page  and click on the Register link  at the top right. Then fill in the form that is proposed to you with the requested data (email address, username, password, gender, date of birth and country of origin), tick the box relating to the acceptance of the privacy policy and use of the service which is at the bottom and presses the Register button  .

At this point, you can finally start having fun with the various titles available. So choose the category of online games you are interested in by clicking on the appropriate items at the top ( Puzzle , Card , Board  etc.) or browse the list of all available games that are proposed to you by default on the home page.

When you find a game that you think you may like, click on its preview and press the Start Game button to start the game that will start automatically after the appearance of a short advertisement.


Free online games

The portals that I have already proposed through which to find free online games have not satisfied you or in any case they have not done it completely? Then try to take a look on Miniclip and you will see that you will not regret it. It is a site that includes a boundless collection of Flash games created by the developers of the portal and some of which are also available in Italian, all accessible without having to create any account and possibly playable even in full screen.

To play with the titles available on Miniclip, first connect to the service home page . So start taking a look at the various titles on the list. At the top there are the most “popular” ones, while just below there is a ranking of the most successful games of the moment.

If, on the other hand, you want to explore the games available by genre, press the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top right, take a look at all the categories available from the menu that opens and select the one of your interest (eg Acrobatics , Arcade , Adventure etc). On the new page that will open at this point you will find the complete list of titles belonging to the category previously selected. You can sort the titles available based on three different criteria by clicking on their tabs: Best Games , Latest Games , or most beloved games .

If you want you can also perform a direct search between the various games available, by typing the keyword in the appropriate bar at the top and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

When you find a title that you think is interesting, click on its preview and wait a few moments for the game to load. To enable the aforementioned full-screen mode, just click on the square with open sides symbol located at the bottom.


Free online games

I advise you to take a “trip” also on  Kongregate , a portal full of free online games belonging to the most disparate categories (puzzles, action games, card games, platform games and so on) with which you can have fun both in mode single and multiplayer. Even in this case, however, it is good to take this into account, the titles available are in Flash.

To know the complete list of games on the site, view its home  page and consult the various sections: you can find the most played games of the moment, the most popular ones, etc. To view the complete list of titles and browse them by category, click on the Games item at the top. You can also search by keyword using the appropriate bar at the top.

When you find a game that you think you might be interested in, move the pointer over it to read the description in the window that will open. If you are convinced, press the Play Now button to start playing immediately.


Free online games

Are you looking for free online games not based on Flash technology? Then the best suggestion I can give you is without a doubt to jump on  HTML5games . It is in fact a portal that collects many HTML5 games belonging to the most disparate categories. They can be used directly from the browser window, without the need to download anything to the computer and above all without the need to use the aforementioned Adobe plugin. Check them out right away, there are really nice titles!

Then connect to  the main page of the site and start scrolling the list of available games. Above there are the most successful ones of the moment ( Best ), while below there are those that have been recently added ( New ). If you prefer to browse the titles by category, just click on the one of your interest ( Puzzle , Arcade , Cards etc.). that you find in the sidebar on the left.

When you find a game that you think you may like, click on its preview, read the description of the title so as to realize if it can actually interest you or not and then press the Play button . Once this is done, a new web page will open from which you can immediately start playing with the chosen title.


Free online games

Do you love the “games” in Flash / HTML5 but do not occasionally disdain a game of the most demanding MMO titles? Then you should definitely add the MMOBOMB address to your favorites . It is an Internet site that combines a large selection of free online games with a review of MMO titles to download and use at no cost.

If you want to play “on the fly” without downloading or installing software on your PC, connected to the home page of the site and click on the Browser Games tab  at the top, select the title you want to try and click on the Play Now button to visit the official site of the game and start having fun.

To “browse” the list of browser games reviewed by the site based on their type of belonging (eg MMORPG , Shooter , etc.), place the mouse cursor on the appropriate tab and select one of the items in the menu that appears .

To view MMO titles, place the mouse cursor on the MMO games tab and choose one of the available genres (e.g. 2D MMO , Anime , Fantasy , Sci-Fi , etc.). Then select the game you want to download and click on the Play Now button to visit its official website. Here you will need to download the installation package and sign up, then you can start playing.

Other free online games

Staying on the subject of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO), I invite you to take a look also on  Wikipedia  (yes, it’s not a mistake at all!). By connecting to this page  of the famous encyclopedia via the Web, you can consult a rich list of the best free online games available for Windows, Mac and Linux belonging to the genre in question.

The list is divided into five parts: Free Play where the free games to download and use are listed; Free Play with advertising where you can find games for free but with advertising inside them; Free play with micro-transactions where free games are reported which provide for payments for the purchase of items or in-game bonuses; Optional paid subscriptions with titles that provide free game options associated with pay and Free play plans in open or closed beta , i.e. MMOs that are free only during the beta testing period.

In the list, you will also find short descriptions of the games, their genre of belonging and an indication of their graphics (whether 2D or 3D). To download one, click on its title, then on the link to its official website (in External links ) and follow the instructions contained in the latter. First of all, however, make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements necessary for its execution.

Wikipedia aside, additional portals that in my opinion you should consider if you are still looking for free online games are the ones that I have provided for you in the following list.

  • Armor Games – Internet site that collects a lot of original, fun and, of course, free titles to choose from to spend a few minutes in joy. Some games even offer the option to save the game.
  • Scirra  – Portal full of games belonging to the arcade genre with which you can have fun directly from the web browser window.
  • FOG – An acronym for Free Online Games, it is one of the richest zero-cost Flash games portals ever. It includes many simple and fast titles that are ideal as a pastime and also includes an Italian section.
  • MSN Games – The name is easy to understand: it is the collection of online games from Microsoft. There are card games (including the famous solitaire), arcade games, puzzles and much more.