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Free online Flash games, the best sites

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Free online Flash games, the best sites: Do not tell your boss or professor, but every now and then it is good to “unplug” and take a few minutes to relax while working on the PC. And the best way to relax on the computer without wasting too much time is free online Flash games . As you well know, Flash games are those that can be played directly online, from the browser , without downloading or installing any software on your computer.

All you need to use the games in question is a navigation program that supports the Adobe Flash Player plugin, such as Google Chrome (which includes it “standard”), Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for Mac, and a proper adjustment of the settings of the same, as I will be able to explain better in the opening bars of this guide.

That said, let’s not waste any more time and let’s go straight to the action: below you will find a list of sites containing hundreds of online titles, of all kinds and all ages, including multiplayer ones to be played in the company of other people from all over the world. You just have to visit them, have fun … and then immediately return to your workplace, I recommend!

Preliminary operations

Adobe Flash Player update

Before going into the heart of this guide and browsing the best free online Flash game sites , I recommend you make sure that the latest version of the Flash Player plugin is installed on your computer (if you don’t know how to do it, consult the my guide regarding the Flash Player update ). After performing this verification, access your browser settings and verify that Flash Player is activated as well as installed. If you don’t know how to proceed, consult the  guide dedicated to the topic on this blog.

Adobe Flash Player is now in the process of being discontinued, as the advent of HTML5 technology, which is less expensive in terms of energy consumption and is integrated directly into browsers, without the use of external plugins, is gradually replacing it. Therefore some online games may be based on this technology rather than on Flash. In addition, some games, usually the more advanced ones that are characterized by the presence of 3D graphics, can be based on the Unity Web Player plugin  , which is compatible with all major Web browsers.

That said, let’s ban the talk and find out, together, which are the best sites on which you can find online games in Flash format (and not only). Good fun!


Miniclip is a real point of reference for the world of free online Flash games . On this site, also available in Italian, you can find hundreds of video games of all kinds (action, sport, puzzle, platform, multiplayer, etc.) updated daily.

To view the list of titles available on Miniclip based on their type of membership, after going to the home page of the site, click on one of the categories listed (eg  ActionSportMultiplayer , etc.). If, on the other hand, you prefer to take a look at the ranking of the most popular games of the moment, click on the button (≡) located at the top right and then click on the item  Top 10 or Top 100 in the menu that opens. I would also like to point out that from the same menu you can access other “secondary” categories, which are not highlighted on the Miniclip home page, such as the one relating to games in  3 Dimensions.

To start a game, just click on its preview image, wait a few seconds for its loading to be completed and then follow the instructions on the screen to start playing (for example, you may need to press the Play or Start button to start a game session).

As I mentioned earlier, Miniclip also hosts many multiplayer titles. To play it, you must create a free account on the site by pressing the Sign up / Login item  located at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you. If you have a Facebook account , you can also speed up the registration process on the site by clicking on the  Sign in with Facebook button and authenticating yourself directly with your social profile. 


If I were you, another site I would visit to spend a few minutes of healthy relaxation is Kongregate , a portal that is part of the GameStop network and is one of the main world sites to offer free titles to play online via Flash technology. You can really find everything there: from puzzle games to action games, from platformers to card games. All playable for free directly from the browser in single or multiplayer mode.

To “flip” all the titles on Kongragate, linked to its home page and review the various sections of the site: under the heading  Hot new games are listed the most attractive stocks among those published recently, under the heading Highest rated games c ‘ is the list of the most popular games of the moment, while clicking on the Games tab  located at the top left you can view all the games available on Kongregate based on their genre ( ActionMultiplayerShooter  and so on).

Once you have identified the title of your interest, click on its preview image and it will be loaded directly into your browser within a few seconds. To access the multiplayer functions of some video games, the creation of a free account on Kongregate is required. If you want to create your personal account, click on the Register item located at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you with your personal data (email address, username and password) or, if you want to shorten the time, click on the  Sign up with Facebook button and authenticate on the site through your Facebook account .


Another site that, in my humble opinion, can not miss in your bookmarks is  Y8 : on the latter you can find hundreds of video games divided into various categories ( adventure , cards , puzzles etc.) with constantly updated rankings. Connect to his home page and explore it with me.

By opening the New Games menu located at the top, you can check the games that have been added in the past two months and you can even know when the next title will be released. By expanding the Categories menu and more , however, you can access the 12 categories available on the portal and also access some rankings, such as the  Best New Games  and the Most Popular Games .

Again, to start a game, all you have to do is click on its preview image. In addition, I would like to point out that by holding the mouse pointer still on the preview of a video game, you can view a short video gameplay of the latter, which can help you get an idea of ​​the title you are considering.

Addicting Games

Free online <a href=><noscript><img class=Addicting Games is a must for all fans of Flash games: it is a constantly updated Internet site where you can find any type of video game ready to be played directly from the browser. It is also suitable for younger children, so we immediately see how to use it.

After connecting to the main page of Addicting Games, you can use the tabs relating to the various categories of games (located at the top) to browse the multiple titles available on the site or consult the Top Games section  (at the bottom of the page), which includes all the videogames most played in the last week ( Last Week ), in the last month ( Last Month ) and all time ( All Time ).

It is not necessary to register on the site to play, however many of the titles that support multiplayer mode require the creation of an ad-hoc account to be used. When requested by the game, register following the instructions on the screen: it will take a few moments.

Armor Games

Another “historical” site in the panorama of Flash games is Armor Games , which offers many original titles of various genres: action, arcade, MMO, strategy, shooter, etc.

To “browse” them all, after going to  the main page of the site , select one of the categories listed above (eg Adventure , Puzzle , etc.). Alternatively, consult the New Games and  Popular Games sections  where you can find, respectively, the list of titles recently added on the platform and those most played by users.

Access to Armor Games multiplayer titles – as seen for other sites – is reserved for registered users. To create your free account on the site, click on the Create account button  located at the top right and fill out the form that is proposed to you. Alternatively, click on the  Sign up with Facebook button  (the Facebook icon located at the top right) and log in directly with your social account .