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Free logos

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Free logos: Have you recently created your website to promote your business by following all the tips that I indicated in my guide on how to create a website for free? Great, you really had a great idea! I am happy to have been of some help in shaping your new business.

If you allow me, however, I think you are missing that final touch that would make everything perfect; that extra bit of creativity that really makes the difference. I am referring to the fact that you should create a beautiful logo that is capable of capturing the attention of users. How do you say? You don’t have enough graphic skills to make a logo on your own, and from the moment your business has just started, you’re not sure if you can afford to commission one for a fee? No problem, you can choose to contact online services that allow you to create free logos in just a few clicks, via the Internet.

To create a free logo in fact, it is enough to use one of the many Web services: clearly the final result can never be as original, professional and refined as what you could get by contacting professionals in the sector, but for a small project like yours it could be fine. In fact, in this guide I want to talk to you about which Web services to use to create free logos; these are really easy to use tools and above all they do not require any technical skills. You are ready to find out how to create free logos? Yup? Very well, then let’s get to work immediately: I’ll explain everything in detail in the following lines. As usual, I wish you a good read.

Launchaco Logo Maker

One of the best tools you can use to create free logos is the website creation tool Launchaco Logo Maker. The site in question features an intuitive user interface and works from any web browser. It is a tool for creating online logos designed to be easily used even by those who have no knowledge of graphics, in fact it guides the user in choosing the fonts, colors and icons to use.

The logos created with Launchaco Logo Maker can be downloaded for free in both SVG and PNG format, however their use in personal and commercial projects is limited by the conditions of use of the fonts and icons included in them (therefore in order to understand in what contexts it is possible to use the created logo, you must read the conditions of use of the selected fonts and icons).

To start the process of creating your logo, first connect to the home page of the serviceclick the button Create your logo for free and type the your company name (or your site / project) in the appropriate text field.

Then choose i font that you prefer among those offered to you by the service and, when the operation is completed, choose one color palette among those available. Once this is done, choose up to three icons to use in your logo (if you want it) and click on the button Continue with xx icons to move forward.

Launchaco Logo Maker will propose you a first logo created on the basis of the choices you made in terms of fonts, colors and icons: if you like it, download it directly on your PC by clicking on the item first. Edit, Download, or Share located at the top left (appears only after moving the mouse cursor over the logo preview), then on the icon of the arrow located at the bottom right and, finally, on the button I Agree, Let’s Download This!.

If you don’t like the logo proposed by Launchaco Logo Maker, click on the item instead Edit, Download, or Share (located at the top left) and takes advantage of i menu that appear below to apply the changes: Color to choose the color palette to use; Text to choose the font; Icon to choose icons and Layout to define the layout (i.e. the arrangement of text and icons) of the logo.

To find out the conditions of use of the fonts and icons used in your logo, click on the links under the preview of the same (eg. [nome font]by [nome autore] licensed under [tipo licenza]).

Mantic design

One of the websites that I suggest you use to create free logos, is the Design Mantic website that offers a quick and easy logo creation tool. The strength of Design Mantic is its online editor that allows you to design a free logo for your website or for your business, starting from some already created logos, carefully divided by sector to which the company belongs.

To start creating free logos using the Design Mantic website, first connect to the official web page of the service. Then proceed now to enter your company name in the text field Enter the company name and select your sector via the drop-down menu below, and then press the button Show my drawings.

In the screen that will open you will be able to see some logos already created to measure. You will also have access to an additional text field where you can possibly enter your slogan and then press the button Refresh.

Then choose one of the available logos and click on it. You will be able to see more color variations and choose the one you like best to start editing by clicking on it. In the edit editor you have some basic buttons for editing. The buttons of arrows are used to cancel or restore some changes, the button of the star to add elements to the logo and the symbol button T. will allow you to add a custom text field.

Once you have created all the necessary customizations, just press the button Go on. On the next screen then press the button No thanks to continue without selecting a business card. At this point you will now have to register for the service. Then enter your name, surname, country, email and password and press the button Sign in. Alternatively, you can register via social networks by pressing the button Facebook or Google.

Design Mantic is a website that only allows the creation of a logo for free: the logo created will then be purchased at the price of 37 $.

If you are looking for a website that gives you the opportunity to create a logo for free and then also be able to download it without spending a cent, I suggest you take a look at the website

The Internet site offers the creation and download of the logo in a completely way free, allowing you to create a logo in a few simple steps. Clearly it will be a logo with basic stylistic characteristics, but by applying a little creativity to it, satisfactory results can be obtained. Before starting to create a logo for free, using the tool made available by the Internet site, I want to make just a small premise. As indicated by the creators of the website themselves, the logos created through do not have any uniqueness characteristics. For this reason they cannot be registered as distinctive elements of commercial activities: the purpose of the service is in fact to provide a free way for the creation of writings and logos to be used for reasons other than commercial.

Having said that, then go to the website of the service and start customizing your logo by pressing the buttons available. In particular, the button Change Icon to select one of the logos available: there are several categories you can choose from. When you’ve found the one that’s right for you, click on it. The same thing you can do with the button Change Font, while in the text field called Enter the text of your writing, you can type the name of your website or your project. Via the text field located next to Text coloryou can also customize the writing by coloring it.

When you have finished customizing your logo, applying all the necessary changes to it, you can create it by clicking on the button Create Logo. At this point, if you have applied all the procedures I have indicated correctly, you will be able to view the preview created for your logo. Then press the green button Download to download it for free on your computer in PNG format.

Other websites to create logos

If you are not satisfied with the websites indicated for the creation of free logosyou can consider spending some money by relying on more professional online services that require the payment of a fee.

Among the online services you can turn to there is BestCreativity. It is an online site through which you can get in touch with professionals in the graphics sector. Unlike other websites, the noteworthy feature of BestCreativity is given by the possibility of publishing an announcement in which to commission the creation of a logo (or more generally of any other graphic project) and then start a contest between professionals in the sector. graphic. Once you have dictated the guidelines on the project to be created, you will then decide what did the best work, and then pay it with a cash prize. Clearly, however, since it is a professional service, the prices are high: for the creation of a logo, in fact, it starts from a minimum of 249 euros.