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Free games

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Free games: With the stressful daily routine, we all have the right to have some fun. Even if only for a few minutes. And one of the best ways to ease your nerves during work breaks is definitely playing video games.

This is the reason why today I want to report a roundup of free games that you can find on the Internet and play directly from the browser or download to your computer to have fun on any occasion. No matter which video games you like best, you will definitely find the one for you!

If you don’t want to waste too much time or don’t have the possibility to download many video games on your computer, here is a nice collection of sites with free games to be played directly online, through the browser. All you need is the good old Adobe Flash Player (which you should have already installed on your PC or is even integrated in the browser, as in the case of Chrome) and, only for a handful of titles, the free Unity Web Player plugin that it is available for free for both Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Kongregate – rightly considered to be one of the best Flash game sites. It is completely free and hosts video games of all kinds. It has no registration obligation except for multiplayer games that need a user profile to rely on.
  • – although slightly less stocked than Kongregate, Y8 is another of the best Flash game sites. It is translated into Italian and has extremely clean graphics that make it very easy to consult (on the left there are the game genres available and to start a game just click on its preview image). No registration required.
  • – AOL’s online gaming site, a real institution on the US web. It offers hundreds of free games, both single player and multiplayer. For the latter, a free registration is required (which in many cases can be avoided by playing as a guest user).
  • World of Solitaire – if you are a fan of cards, and especially Solitaires, don’t forget to add this site to your favorites. Without any registration or other boredom, it allows you to play over 50 different solitaires directly from the browser. It allows you to customize decks of cards, game table and is easily accessible even from tablets and smartphones.

Free games

Are you looking for something more “substantial” than Flash games to be played directly in the browser? No problem. There are many free games to download on your computer that have little or nothing to envy to those that can be purchased in the store. Try to take a look at the links I’m about to offer you.

  • GameJolt – is a site that collects hundreds of indie (independent) games for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Leaving aside some overly experimental projects and other video games that are not of the highest quality, it offers free access to many noteworthy titles that can be downloaded for free. Connect to its main page, choose one genre among those available (eg Action, Platformer, Arcade) and download the video games you like the most without spending a penny.
  • Steam – Valve’s digital delivery platform has allowed many software houses and many independent developers to distribute their works to the general public. This has led to the emergence of many free-to-play titles to download and play for free and which integrate paid extras within them. Between online shooter, MMORPG and horror games there is really something for everyone. To access the games, you need to download Steam to your computer and create a free account on the platform. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Other games – in some of my previous posts, I have reported dozens of fun free downloadable games. These are games of all kinds and for various platforms. A few examples? Free Download Games for PC , Download free games , Shooting games , games Super Mario , Train games , aircraft games , football games for free , and the list could go on much longer.

Free games

We conclude by talking about mobile devices. As you well know, there are many free games for smartphones and tablets that allow you to have fun in your break moments and some of these are real masterpieces. Mentioning them all would be impossible, so I will just link you to some previous posts in which I have dealt extensively with the topic.

If you own an iPhone or iPad , read my article with the best how to play checkers on the Internet . If instead you have a terminal equipped with the Android operating system, take a look at my guide with the best how to play checkers on the Internet . You will have fun, I assure you!