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Free games to download for PC

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Free games to download for PC: Who said that to find good video games you have to get your wallet? By now there are many independent developers who release their games on the Net allowing anyone to download them for free, and many of these titles are truly spectacular!

If you don’t believe it, try taking a look at the list of free games to download for PC that I am going to offer you. I bet you will be surprised at the quality of these games. And there is something for everyone: shooter, platformer, horror, car racing and much more.


It is one of the free games to download for PC most popular of recent times, an indie platformer featuring a very pleasant 2D old school graphics. The game impersonates a speleologist who has to explore some caves bristling with dangers and traps trying to collect a large number of gems and save the girls trapped in the various levels. Officially available for Windows and Xbox, some unofficial portino on OS X and online versions in HTML5 are also available. Download from here.


Cave Story

Another independent title famous all over the world. It’s an 8-bit platformer where you have to help young Quote save rabbit-like creatures named Mimiga and defeat an evil scientist who pursues them for his crazy purposes. The game is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and for consoles (with paid variants). Download from here.



As the name suggests quite easily, it is an open source and free clone of Transport Tycoon, a well-known commercial title in which the management of transport in a city is simulated. The game is available for all the main platforms and, once started, it requires the download of additional content packages without which it is impossible to start the first game. Download from here.


Nitronic Rush

If you love futuristic racing titles à la Wipeout or F-Zero, don’t miss it! Nitronic Rush is one of the free games to download for PC best of its kind offering a truly fun and engaging arcade racing experience. The 3D graphics, then, is well-kept. The game is only available for Windows. Download from here.


Gravity Bone

A very particular game, a must try even if rather short. Based on the “Quake II” engine, it is a first person view adventure featuring colorful 3D graphics. The protagonist is a spy who must complete numerous missions. Saying more would mean only one thing: spoiler. It is only available for Windows. Download from here.



A very particular game in which you have to use the mouse to control a marine organism that has to eat other organisms to grow and evolve. Almost hypnotic in some places. It is available for Windows and Mac but can also be played directly online from the browser. Download from here.



Do you love strong emotions? Then you should definitely try Eyes. It is a free (in 3D) horror title that surprises for the attention to detail and the high rate of pathos that it manages to transmit. An audio sector that helps to create the right atmosphere (of fear) and the first-person view complete the picture. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. Download from here.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

A game that does not need many presentations, considering the fact that it is one of the most famous war shooters in the world (set in the Second World War). Born as an expansion of the game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”, it has become a free multiplayer game that can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download from here.