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Free games to download for PC

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Free games to download for PC: When it comes to free video games, everyone immediately thinks about the Flash games found on numerous websites or about content that is not very crystalline under the copyright point of view. In reality, however, there are many games made by independent developers that are put online at no cost to be shared as much as possible.

By taking advantage of one or more of the digital video game distribution services currently on the square and / or by contacting some special Internet sites, you will be able to find free downloadable PC games in no time. There are really titles to install at zero cost for all tastes, especially as regards horror games, so I’m more than sure that you will be able to find the video game that’s right for you.

If you don’t believe it, take a few minutes of free time and take a look at the list of free download games for PC that I’m going to offer you. I bet you will be extremely surprised by their quality. So tell me, are you ready? Yes? Very well! So let’s ban the talk and proceed.



As its name suggests quite easily, FreeCiv  is a free and open source clone of  Civilization , a very popular strategic game of 1991 in which the player must commit to building an empire starting from scratch, from antiquity, trying to develop the civilization of his land .

The game is sufficiently fun and exciting but has an old-fashioned graphic.

FreeCiv available for Windows, Mac, Linux and has been ported online to HTML5. To download it to your computer  click here .

Urban Terror


If you love first-person view war shooters, don’t miss this title. Urban Terror is in fact a free multiplayer FPS developed on the open source ioquake3 engine that can be played without having “Quake 3: Arena” installed on the PC.

To participate in the multiplayer mode you need to create a free online account but it is definitely worth it.

Urban Terror is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To download it to your computer  click here .

Secret Maryo Chronicles


As its name suggests, Secret Maryo Chronicles is a free and open source 2D platformer inspired by the mythical  Super Mario . It has colorful graphics and very good playability.

Maybe it’s not at the levels of the original Super Mario but certainly enjoyable. From his, he also has the fact that it can be customized thanks to an internal level editor

Secret Maryo Chronicles works on Windows, Mac and Linux. To download it to your computer  click here .

One Late Night


One Late Night , a short but intense title. There is no better way to describe this excellent indie game, one of the best in the horror scene.

The title has excellent 3D graphics and is characterized by the frequent appearance of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena that will literally make you jump out of your chair.

One Late Night is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To download it to your computer  click here .


Free games to download for PC

FlightGear  is an open source flight simulator that has been developed for some time by volunteers from all over the world and that continues to thrill many users every day.

The game features a wide range of aircraft and add-ons that can infinitely enrich the gaming experience. 3D graphics are not flawless but really well done.

FlightGear is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To download it to your computer  click here .


Free games to download for PC

Stream  is the most original free downloadable PC games of recent times. It is a sort of 2D side scrolling shooter with two-dimensional artistic graphics and an intriguing plot linked to time travel.

The title is definitely not long-lived, but if you are looking for some of my own to have fun while sitting comfortably in front of your computer, it is definitely worth trying.

Stream is only available for Windows. To download it to your computer  click here .

TrackMania Nations Forever


If, on the other hand, you are looking for free motor-themed games to download for PC, I warmly invite you to download this title. It is a game of racing and evolution on four wheels characterized by an excellent 3D graphics.

It is also available in a paid version that has additional features and game modes.

TrackMania can only be played on Windows PC. To download it to your computer  click here .


Free games to download for PC

Another great way to find games to download for free for PC is to turn to  Steam  and its rich, very rich catalog. If – strangely – you have never heard of it, know that it is the most famous digital video game distribution service for computers. Steam supports Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a disproportionate selection of titles at zero cost or to download for free but with paid content.

To find the list of all free PC games available for download on Steam,  click here  in order to connect to the specific web page of the service. Then identify the game or games of your interest by ordering them according to specific criteria using the appropriate filters and rankings available, take a look at the relative description by carrying the mouse cursor on the relevant title and also make sure that the operating system you used is included among the supported platforms.

Below are some of the free games available on Steam that are worth trying in my opinion.

  • Shakes and Fidget  – This is an award-winning title that makes fantasy RPG satire its strong point! In the game, you have to customize your cartoon hero and take first place in the Hall of Fame.
  • Dota 2  – This is a famous strategic MMO from Valve with wonderful 3D graphics. The aim of the game is to destroy the defensive towers of the enemies, invade their bases and eliminate the Ancient.
  • Unturned  – It is a game with graphics in some ways similar to that of Minecraft in which you have to team up with other users to survive hungry zombies. The game is configured as an online multiplayer and is definitely fun.
  • Alien Swarn  – This is an arena-structured multiplayer action. It is set in a science fiction world in which a fearsome alien invasion must be eradicated with the sound of super-powerful weapons and epic battles.
  • Fishing Planet  – A nice fishing game with very very realistic 3D graphics.
  • Heroes & Generals  – This is a strategic war themed FPS set during the Second World War. In the game you find yourself having to play the role of soldiers on the field but also those of the generals who direct the battle strategies.

Once you have identified the game or games of your interest, download it to your computer immediately by registering for free to Steam and proceeding with the installation of its official client on your operating system.

To do this,  click here  in order to connect to the main Steam web page, then click on the Install Steam button   located at the top right of the web page that is shown to you and, finally, click on the green Install Steam button  now  present in the page that opens so you can download the software right away. Then wait for the client download to start and finish on your computer. Then double click on the downloaded file and follow the simple installation procedure that is shown on the screen.

Therefore, start Steam, wait a few minutes for all the components necessary to run the program to be downloaded from the Internet and then create your free account on the platform. To do this, click on the  Create a new account button  that you see on the screen and then fill out the form that is proposed to you by providing the requested information.

To conclude, log in to the service after which first go to the Games section   and then to the  Free-to-play section  of the client to start browsing all the games to download for free for PC.