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Free football games

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Free football games: What would you say if, instead of the now discounted card solitaire, during the next break you had fun with free football games ? By now there are plenty of them on the Internet, some of which are really noteworthy. Try to take a look at the ones I’m going to recommend: there are football simulations, managerial titles and other games that definitely deserve to be tried.

How do you say? Don’t you want to waste time downloading and installing very heavy video games on your PC? Well, nobody told you that you have to do it. Indeed, among the titles that I am about to point out there are many that can be played directly online: just use any browser with Flash Player support. Many of these games also include a fun multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friends (on Facebook, but not only).

What if I told you that there are also beautiful games to download directly to smartphones and tablets? Whether you have an Android device, an iPhone, an iPad or a Windows Phone, I assure you that you will find a nice football game suited to your tastes. You just have to take a look at all the video games you find listed below and – why not? – try them all. It won’t cost you a penny … although many of the games in question – this must be specified for correctness – includes in-app purchases to unlock extra functions and objects.

New Star Soccer (Windows / Mac)

Free football

Among the free soccer games that I recommend you try is New Star Soccer . It is a free-to-play title for Windows and Mac that puts the player in the shoes of a boy who tries to break into the world of football, has 2D graphics made excellently and various very original ideas. In the game you must not only take the field and give 100% but also train hard, manage relationships with the press and friends, follow the market and more.

New Star Soccer is free but has limitations: you can only play 3 games per day (in addition to 5 matches available for each new user) and you must have an always active Internet connection. Limitations that disappear in the paid version of the video game which costs 14.99 euros.

To download the game to your computer, connected to its official website and click on the Download button for the operating system installed on the PC (Windows or Mac). When the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, open the Install_NSS5.exe  file  that you have just downloaded and click in sequence on  Yes , OK , Next  four consecutive times, Install  and  Finish to end the NSS installation process.

Then start the game, select Italian  from the menu for choosing the language and press the New career button  . Create a profile for your virtual footballer, click on  and complete the registration form for New Star Soccer by typing your e-mail address and the password you want to use to access your account. If you don’t yet have an activation key for the game, leave the field blank and go ahead.

Finally, reconfirm your player profile, press  , log in with the data you have previously chosen and start your first game of New Star Soccer by performing the 7 training challenges provided by the game.

If you use a Mac , to install New Star Soccer you just have to drag the game into the Applications folder  of OS X and start it by right clicking on its icon and selecting the Open item  from the menu that appears.

Throw In (Windows)

Free football games

Now let’s move on to  Throw In , a football game for Windows. It was born as a tribute to Kick Off 2, the historical football title of the 90s and has a very nice 3D graphics (almost in cartoon style). The gameplay? Clearly inspired by that of Kick Off, with some slight variations on the theme.

The game has not been updated for some time and, therefore, even the teams’ roses are “dated”. However, this is a minor defect in such a title, where realism certainly does not dominate.

To download it to your PC, all you have to do is click on this link . Download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded ( ThrowIn0.85.exe ) and, in the window that opens, click first on Browse to select the folder in which to extract the game and then on Install to complete the operation.

Then, open the folder where you copied the ThrowIn files, start the Throw In – Beta 0.86.exe program and start having fun: by clicking on the item Friendly match you can play a friendly match, by selecting  Championship league you can participate in a tournament, while by clicking on  Practice you can do some practice with the game’s controls.

After starting a game you have to choose the teams, the controllers to use (joypad or keyboard) by pressing the left arrow for the first player and the right arrow for the second player and setting up the formations. That’s all!

Note:  as already mentioned, Throw In has not been updated for some time. Its place was taken by Active Soccer 2 , a new football title for Windows, iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone. It has much more elaborate 3D graphics than Throw In and a much more elaborate gameplay, but it’s not free. It costs 9.99 euros on PC and around 4 euros on portable devices.

Top Eleven (Web / Android / iOS / Windows Phone)

Free football games

If you prefer managerial titles to real soccer games, try  Top Eleven 11 . It is a free video game that can be played directly online ( via Facebook ) or on portable devices equipped with Android and iOS . It even supports Apple Watch!

Its operation is extremely intuitive. After authenticating yourself in the game, just assign a name to your team and type the name of your home city. After that, you get $ 5.6 million as an initial budget and 40 coins to start your manager business.

To start a game just click on the display at the top and press the Prepare team button  . You therefore have the opportunity to follow the game in real time (in text format) and to issue orders to your team. To control strategies and tactics to be adopted on the pitch, click on the Order button   and select the icons that appear on the right side of the screen. You will thus be able to decide what type of pressing the team will implement, whether to maintain a balanced attitude, whether to adopt an offensive or defensive one and whether to mark a zone or a man.

In short, you will be a real English manager with full power over technical choices, but also on the team market. You will therefore have to be good at increasing your budget (by winning the championship and cup challenges) and investing it in the purchase of good players.

Of course there is also the online multiplayer component, which allows you to challenge the teams of your Facebook friends or the gaming networks of Apple and Google (if you decide to play from a portable device).

Other online soccer games

Free football games

If you want to try free football games that work directly online, the wisest thing you can do is point your browser on Kongregate , one of the world’s most popular Flash game sites. Inside you can find dozens of football titles suitable to satisfy all tastes: from 2D / 3D football simulations to penalty-based challenges through games that, although inspired by the so-called “soccer”, have very little sport in gameplay (e.g. duels with zombies and other quirks of the genre).

All you have to do to start a game is to visit Kongregate with a browser equipped with Flash Player support and click on the image of the game you want to start. Loading will take a few moments. If you want to use titles with multiplayer support and / or want to keep track of your scores, you must create a free account on the site by clicking on the Register item (located at the top) and filling in the form that is proposed to you later.

Speaking of multiplayer … if you are registered on  Facebook  you can find a lot of football games to be used directly from the browser in the App Center of the social network . Among these are simulations in which to challenge the teams of other users and managerial titles, such as the aforementioned Top Eleven, in which to test your attitude as a sports manager. Here are some of the most interesting.

  • Golden Manager – managerial title very well done and with an interesting online multiplayer component.
  • Kamicat Football – a title that combines the managerial aspect with that of the game on the field. The aim is to guide your team towards success in the championship by deciding, from time to time, whether to face the matches from the bench (as a coach) or on the field (directly controlling the players). It has 3D graphics done quite well. Warning: requires the publication of posts on the user’s wall: this can be avoided by setting the privacy level to “Only me”.
  • Soccer Stars – a very special, and also very fun game. It is a sort of mix between football and billiards in which you have to push the ball into the goal with checkers to “throw” with the mouse.
  • Puppet Soccer Champions – very nice title where you play 1vs1 and you have to score in the opponent’s door. Its strong point is the cartoon-style graphics in which the features of all the greatest champions of world football are faithfully reproduced.
  • I Love Calcio – another managerial title to take into consideration, even if lower than the others mentioned above.
  • Penalty Shootout – penalty-based game. It includes only the national teams and its cartoonesque graphics are barely acceptable, however it is fun to spend 5 minutes of relaxation. It is played only with the mouse.

Other soccer games for smartphones and tablets

Free football games

If you love playing on the go, here are some free titles for Android, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone that wait for nothing more than to be downloaded.

  • FIFA Ultimate Team – the mobile transposition of the football simulation par excellence. It combines the management aspect with the game on the field, and has excellent 3D graphics. You can download and use it for free, however to get the necessary points to buy the contents of the game you have to spend real money. It is available for Android , iOS and Windows Phone .
  • PES Club Manager – the historic rival of FIFA. In this mobile transposition, it focuses very strongly on the managerial component, without forgetting the games played on the pitch, which are really very beautiful to watch. It’s free, but with in-app purchases. It can only be downloaded on Android and iOS .
  • Dream League Soccer – soccer game with 3D graphics. It’s not as complete as FIFA or PES, but it’s definitely worth trying. Free with in-app purchases. It is compatible with  AndroidiOS and Windows Phone .
  • Stickman Soccer – a fun soccer game with 3D graphics in which the protagonists are the famous stickman, the little men drawn with black lines instead of legs and arms. For Android and iOS only .
  • Head Soccer – another very funny, but extremely atypical, title in which football is merged with the fighting game. You play 1vs1 and there are spectacular moves to score in your opponent’s goal. The 2D cartoony graphics are also created in a fantastic way. It is compatible with Android , iOS and Windows Phone .