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Free Fax

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Free Fax: I know, just by pronouncing the word fax you get hives. But there are still many companies that require the use of this somewhat dated means to communicate and unfortunately, like it or not, you have to adapt. How? Well, obviously I don’t expect you to go and buy all the necessary equipment right away. On the other hand, I know well that from a technological type like me you expect another kind of advice. And in fact I want to suggest you to do everything by appealing to free Web services, accessible via Internet connection from any computer (or, possibly, from smartphones and tablets).

Well yes, you must in fact know that there are now many online services that allow you to send (and in some cases even receive) faxes for free and today I want to help you solve communication problems with this medium by indicating some of the best. You just have to choose the one that inspires you the most! They are all very easy to use and do not require special technical skills to be configured. Tell the truth … have I convinced you? Yup? Great. So let’s not waste any more time chatting, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work immediately.

Therefore, place yourself nice and comfortable in front of your trusty PC and immediately start concentrating on reading the instructions on what to do that you find right below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that, in case of need, you will be ready to provide useful advice on what to do to all your friends in need of similar tips. Good job”!



The first of the online services to send (and receive) free faxes that I want to tell you about is  Faxator , which allows you to send up to ten pages per month to numbers throughout Italy (foreign ones are not supported). Faxes are sent from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 20.00, while on Saturdays the faxes are sent between 8.00 and 13.00, on all other days and times they are queued and sent at the earliest possible moment. It should be noted that it does not allow to send international faxes and as regards the reception, it is a function provided only upon payment.

To create your free account on Faxator, connected to the main page of the site, press the register now link on the left and fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering all the required information in it: name and surname, email, password and number of mobile phone (which you will need to receive an activation code).

Then select the Free tab at the bottom of the page, put the check mark next to I accept terms, conditions and privacy and click Activate to complete the registration process. At the end of the procedure, open your e-mail box, open the message received from Faxator and send an SMS with the verification code that has been assigned to the number indicated in the e-mail.

At this point, you are finally ready to be able to send a fax via Faxator. To do this, connected to the main page of the site and select the reserved area item from the left sidebar. Then log in to the service and click on the attached quickFax or quickFax , depending on whether you want to type a message and send it as a fax or if you want to send a previously created document.


All major digital document formats are supported: Office files, PDFs, etc. Once the shipment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with a preview of the fax.

If you are interested in this, I would also like to point out that Faxator can also be used on the move thanks to the application available for  iOS . Its functioning is practically identical to that of the site.


Another free fax service that I highly recommend you try is eFax , through which you can send (and receive) faxes at no cost over the Internet for a free trial period of 30 days (before signing up for a pay subscription). During this period of time it is possible to send up to a maximum of 200 pages and receive the same 200.

To send a fax with eFax, connected to the main page of the service, press the Send fax free now button  and fill out the form that you see on the screen indicating your country and your city using the appropriate drop-down menus. Then select the number you want to associate with the fax service from those proposed to you and press the Continue button at the bottom.

Free fax

Then fill in the additional fields displayed by typing your name, your surname, your email address (twice) and your telephone number, then check the box relating to the acceptance of the contract with the customer and press again on the Continue button .

Finally, indicate your country, your address, your city and the relative post code and then choose which payment method you will use once the trial period is over (do not worry, you will not be charged until the trial expires) , provide the data relating to the payment method chosen and press the Activate button .

At this point, there is nothing left to do but go to  the eFax management panel  and start composing a new fax by clicking on the Send fax button . Then type the name and number of the fax recipient (complete with international prefix) in the appropriate text fields, click on the Add button  and repeat the operation to add other recipients to the fax.

How to send a fax

Indicates whether to write a message and send it as a fax, whether to fax the contents of an already existing file or whether to create a fax with both. As for attachments, you can select up to 10 Word documents, PDF files or digital images with a maximum weight of 18 MB. Once the shipment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email.

Also in the case of eFax, I would like to point out that the service is possibly usable from mobile, in the form of an app for iOS and Android . The operation of the application is good or bad identical to that of the website.

Fax it

Even the excellent Faxalo site allows you to send (and receive) faxes for free through the Internet with a limit of 3 documents per day and 20 on a monthly basis. However, it does not support sending faxes to 800 and 899 numbers. Note the fact that forwarding occurs almost in real time, even during holidays. In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To subscribe to it, connected to its main page , type your email address in the field attached to the section  Request the fax code  that is centered and click on the Send code button .

Free fax

At this point, open your e-mail box and open the message received from the Faxalo team to find out your service activation code. Then go back to the Faxalo main page, click on the Login item at the top right and fill in the fields on the screen by typing the e-mail address previously provided and the verification code obtained. Then press on Login .

Now, all you have to do is fill in the field under the heading Fax number recipient with the fax number of the person you want to get in touch with. Then press the Open file / Choose file button to insert your attachments (it is recommended to use TIFF or PDF files with a format that does not exceed 200 DPI, while the maximum weight allowed is par to 1 MB) then click on the Send button appeared at the bottom of the screen to immediately send your fax at no cost.

Free fax

If instead of sending your fax to a single recipient you need to send everything to several numbers, move the pointer to the button depicting the fax at the top of the displayed page, select Send fax to multiple recipients from the menu that opens and fill in the empty field under the heading Web sending multiple with the various numbers separated by semicolons ( ; ). The rest of the steps to be taken are identical to those seen together earlier.

Hello Fax

The services to send (and receive) free faxes that I told you about in the previous lines have not convinced you in a particular way and are you looking for an alternative? Then I can not advise you to rely on  Hello Fax . This is another very valid resource belonging to the category in question through which you can send up to a maximum of 5 pages per month. It offers international coverage and, unlike the tools above, it also integrates with several cloud storage services. It should be noted that to circumvent the limit imposed on a monthly basis, to receive faxes and to take advantage of other extra features, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid subscription.

To use it, first of all visit the  main page of the service and press the  Get started button . On the page that will be shown to you at this point, create your free account by typing your e-mail address in the appropriate field and then clicking on the  Create an account button . If you prefer, you can also register with the Google account, simply by pressing the top button and providing the related data that are requested.

How to fax over the Internet for free

On the page that will be shown to you later, also declines the offer addressed to the purchase of a subscription to use the service by clicking on the  No Thanks, I’m good link . You will then be asked to share the service on the main social networks. The operation, keep in mind, is optional but if performed it can allow you to increase the limits from the subscription of the free account.

Now click on the  Send a fax item  on the left sidebar and click on  Continue  in the on-screen box. Then press the Upload files button and upload the documents you want to send by fax (all the most popular file formats are supported) by taking them from your computer. Alternatively, you can drag them directly into the browser window, under the heading Or drag files here .

How to fax over the Internet for free

As anticipated a few lines above, since the service integrates with all the most popular cloud Storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.), you can also import your files from there, by clicking on the respective icons and then typing the access data required.

Finally, enter the recipient’s fax number or his e-mail address in the field under  Enter fax number  (if you need to send the same fax to multiple recipients, click on and click + Add Recipient  and fill in the new field displayed with the requested data) then click on  Send . Et voila !

Additional solutions to send (and receive) faxes for free

In the unfortunate event that none of the solutions to send (and receive) free faxes that I have already told you about in the previous lines had managed to attract your attention, I suggest you take a look at the further list of services suitable for the purpose that I have provided style for you and that you find right below.

  • Faxapp  – Great service for sending faxes. Basically it is not free but can be tried without spending a single euro and without the obligation to provide credit card data for a period of 10 days, after which it is necessary to pay in order to continue using the service. The basic plan allows you to send 50 pages per month and receive an unlimited number of documents. A promotional message is printed at the end of the documents.
  • FaxZero  – Allows you to send a maximum of 5 faxes per day consisting of a total of 3 pages without having to create an account. The only thing that must be kept in mind is the fact that in its free form, faxes can only be sent to the USA and Canada.
  •  MyFax  – Another very efficient and appreciated service for sending faxes. Even then, this is not a strictly free resource but offers a free trial period of 30 days. During this time, you can send up to 100 pages and receive up to a maximum of 200.