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Free chess

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Free chess: Would you like to test your chess skills by facing very strong opponents? How about your PC? With the right software you can turn your computer into a very skilled chess player and have fun dealing with it whenever you want.

If you prefer to play against real people, no problem. There are tons of free online chess games that are ready to welcome you and make you “clash” with fans from all over the world.

In short, know that if you love playing chess you have come to the right place at the right time. Below, you can find links to all the best games you can try at no cost to train against the CPU or challenge other people in online multiplayer. Good fun!

If you want to play chess for free on the Internet having the opportunity to challenge other fans from all over the world, connect to the Play OK site and create a free account on the latter by clicking on the link sign up for free . In the page that opens, enter the combination of username and password you want to use to access the site, provide your e-mail address (optional, it can be used to recover the password in case of loss) and click on the OK button to complete the ‘operation.

Now, click on the link Start Chess and find a free game table among those available on the site. Then click on the Go to table button to enter the game and launch the challenge to your opponent by clicking first on Play (the button located at the top right) and then on Start .

If there are no free game tables in the room you are currently in, select another room from the drop-down menu located at the top left or click on the Open a new table button and wait for an opponent to challenge you (you must do click on Play to fill your seat). Play OK chess works in any browser and on any operating system without requiring additional plugins.

Free chess online

If you want to play offline, I highly recommend you download Arena Chess , a highly advanced free chess game that acts as an interface for multiple chess engines. It allows you to play against the CPU, to attend challenges between chess engines (CPU against CPU) and to play online on various networks. It is only in English, it is also full of options but just a little practice is enough to learn how to use it to the fullest, I assure you.

To download Arena Chess on your PC, connected to the official website of the software and click first on the Download item located in the left sidebar and then on Arena 3.5 and Arena 3.5 setup . Download is complete, open the Arena Chess installation package (e.g. arena_3.5setup.exe ) and click on Yes first , then on Next five consecutive times, Install and Finish to complete the setup.

At this point, start the game, select the English item from the menu for choosing the language (Italian is not available) and click on the OK button to access the main Arena screen.

If you want to play alone against the CPU, make your first move and wait for the computer to respond. To change the chess engine to be used as an opponent, select the Load engine item from the Engines menu and choose one of the engines available in the window that opens. If you want to try an online multiplayer challenge against people in flesh and blood, click on the world map icon located at the top right, select one of the available networks (e.g. ) and click on the Log-in as guest button to access the platform as a guest user. Then click on the getgame button and wait for an opponent.

Free chess

Would you like to play chess for free even on the move, through your smartphone or tablet? No problem, there are excellent titles that just wait to be tried. Here are some examples.

  • Chess Free by Optime Software – one of the best free chess games for iOS that presents itself to the player with very accurate graphics and a good level of artificial intelligence with adjustable difficulty. Supports local multiplayer against another user.
  • Chess Free by AI Factory Limited – excellent free chess game for Android that allows you to play in single and multiplayer mode by challenging another user locally. Includes 12 difficulty levels and various chess sets.