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Free certified mail

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Free certified mail: Certified e-mail (also called very often by its acronym PEC) is a verified e-mail tool that is mainly used by companies and the public administration for the exchange of e-mails with the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt. However, it is an excellent e-mail tool and it is absolutely not to be underestimated. The PEC can also be useful for private citizens, since the emails invited can be certified and electronically signed, but also encrypted to guarantee the authentication of the information contained therein. Often times, in fact, certified electronic mail is used to send signed documents, from the moment in which it allows to ascertain the sender, the place and the date of sending the message. Furthermore, since 30 June 2013, the PEC has become an obligation for all companies, including sole proprietorships.

Since it is a tool that has become mandatory for companies a few years ago, most of the doubts regarding the functioning of this technology concern the possibilities and advantages of using it as private citizens. Also, many have asked me if it is possible to get one PEC free and if you need to buy it, when you need to spend. Given the numerous doubts about this service, which I imagine you will also have if you are reading this article, I thought it was time to shed some light on the matter.

In today’s guide I will talk to you in detail about the PEC which, until recently, was offered free of charge by the Italian Government. It was in fact a possibility given to facilitate communications between citizens and the Public Administration and vice versa. However, since 2014, this service is no longer provided, and it is therefore necessary to turn to paid services offered by external companies. That said, get one PEC free it’s still possible? The answer is yes, but only for a limited time. So let’s clarify the possibilities that are offered to obtain a certified e-mail for free.

PEC: How Certified Electronic Mail works

One of the most frequently raised doubts concerns the functioning of the PEC. Many wonder if it is necessary to download particular e-mail software to manage the PEC. The answer is soon said. Using the PEC is easier than expected: just download a normal e-mail client among the most popular ones (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail for example). The download of emails received and sent via PEC can be configured using traditional protocols POP And IMAP.

Certified e-mail is also accessible via a browser and, since we are always connected, offers are taking hold that allow you to use Certified E-mail via mobile devices: most of the time it will be possible to do so by subscribing to a particular type of subscription.

The fundamental characteristic of a PEC, which differentiates this mailbox from a traditional one, is its integration with a control system that allows you to certify the authenticity of the messages that are exchanged through it. Despite these checks, sending an email via Certified Electronic Mail is very fast: once an email has been sent, you will receive a notification of its acceptance by the PEC manager and, after a while, a further notification will notify you of the fact. delivery by the recipient.

Once you understand the functioning of Certified Electronic Mail, it is therefore possible to more easily understand its advantages for sending official emails, especially from the moment in which these will have the same legal value of the same legal value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

PEC Free

Another question about PEC that I am asked most frequently is the following: “Is it possible to get a box PEC free? ” The answer is affirmative, as long as you keep in mind that it is possible to obtain it for a limited time: there are in fact some services that offer only free trial periods for the activation of the PEC. The only completely free Certified Electronic Mail service was the one offered by the Government (PostaCertificat @), which however is no longer active and therefore no longer available from the end of 2014.

Currently, in most cases, to open a Certified Mailbox you have to incur an opening cost, using some popular services at payment. However, it is possible to test the functioning of these services for free for specific periods of time. Below you will find the most used and most noteworthy PEC services; I also point out the ones that offer a trial period to get one PEC free.

  •– One of the best services through which to register a PC is offered by the website. There is also the possibility to try the service for free for 6 months (with 9.90 euro setup cost in case of non-renewal) with a certified 2 GB mailbox. The integrated functions are notifications via SMS and the possibility to log in easily from mobile and from the Web. For the activation of one PEC free for 6 months (and then for a fee, once the trial period has expired) the called plan is available PEC Agile the cost of which, obviously deducted only at the end of the aforementioned trial period, is 43 euros / year + VAT.
  • LegalMail – Also noteworthy is the certified e-mail service of LegalMail, designed for those who have an individual company already started. There are three different plans available for purchase to obtain a PEC but you can only try the plan for free PEC Silver. The trial version is only available for 6 months and includes an 8GB PEC mailbox with integrated security archive, access from mobile devices and SMS notifications. At the end of the initial trial period, however, you will have to pay 39 euros + VAT per year. The other services offered by LegalMail that do not offer the trial period are the package PEC Bronze which at the price of 25 euros + VAT per year, allows you to have a 5GB PEC mailbox with security archive, SMS notifications and access from mobile devices. In addition to the offer PEC Silver and to the offer PEC Bronzethere is also an even more expensive plan, called PEC Gold. Its price is 75 euros + VAT per year and includes a 15GB mailbox with the possibility of receiving notifications via SMS, security archive functionality and access from mobile devices. At this link you can find all the instructions to configure LegalMail via POP or IMAP, using it in one of the various traditional email clients. In this case, as you can see, the services offered by LegalMail are very high and this service may not be affordable for everyone.
  • Aruba – Aruba is an extremely well-known company that, among its services, also offers a Certified Email Box. There are 3 plans in its price list: PEC Standard which costs 5 euros + VAT per year and includes a 1GB mailbox and the ability to access via mobile devices, PEC Pro which costs 25 euros + VAT per year and offers a 2GB mailbox with 3GB of archive and SMS notifications and then also the package PEC Premium at a cost of 40 euros + VAT per year including a 2GB PEC mailbox plus 8GB of archive and SMS notifications. Once the purchase is made, on the Aruba site you can also find instructions on how to configure the PEC via IMAP or POP in all the main e-mail clients.
  • PosteCert of Poste Italiane – Poste Italiane offers an equally economical Certified Electronic Mail service, designed for private users: the price is 5.50 euros + VAT per year and includes a 100MB certified email account with a maximum number of 200 mailings per day. For those who want more services, there is the possibility to purchase the plan reserved for business users: 5 1GB PEC mailboxes are included, allowing 200 mailings per day. Here find the instructions to configure PosteCert in traditional e-mail clients, via POP or IMAP.
  • LiberoPEC – Equally noteworthy is the certified mail service offered by Libero designed for the needs of both private and professional users. Base prices are a bit higher than the average of those listed so far. In fact, it starts from the service Family PEC designed for private users. The price of the service is currently in promotion and is available at a cost of € 9.89 per year with a PEC with storage space of 1 GB but with unlimited mailings. Alternatively there is the service of PEC mail designed for business users which costs 25 euros + VAT per year. Included in the offer is a PEC with unlimited space for messages that will be increased as needed. The PEC offered by Libero also allows access from mobile. In this web page find the instructions to configure Libero PEC via IMAP or POP in all the most popular e-mail clients.
  • KOLST PEC– An excellent service to refer to for the activation of a PEC is certainly the one offered by KOLST. Also in this case there is the possibility of subscribing to a plan that meets your needs. The basic one is called PEC Easy and offers a mailbox with 1GB of space, unlimited mailings, access via Web-Mail and receipt notifications. The cost is in line with the cheapest offers: 5 euros + VAT per year. Alternatively there is the plan PEC Pro which costs 10 euros + VAT per year. Included is a 5GB mailbox with a customizable domain. The most expensive offer does not exceed 20 euros per year + VAT. This package allows you to purchase a 5GB PEC mailbox with a personalized domain and SMS alerts. To find out the IMAP / POP parameters needed to configure KOLST mailboxes in e-mail clients, see this web page.