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Free Android games

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Free Android games: As we have seen in the past, the Google Play Store is teeming with very useful applications that can turn any Android device into an extraordinary workmate. But let’s face it: what would a smartphone be without games?

So here I am, ready to recommend some how to play checkers on the Internet that you simply cannot miss. Whether you are a lover of platformers or strategic games, puzzle games or action titles, there are dozens of video games that wait for nothing more than to be downloaded. What are you waiting for?

Puzzle game

Let’s start this collection of Android games for free with some of the best puzzle games currently available on the Google Play Store. There really is something for everyone!

  • Juice Cubes – a fun puzzle game where you have to blow up square fruits by placing them next to each other. It includes over 165 levels and allows you to challenge friends on Facebook.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II – the legendary Angry Birds in its second variant dedicated to Star Wars. Over 30 playable characters. No need to add anything else.
  • Mahjong Drluxe – a digital version of the historical Chinese game containing 56 different layouts and 8 backgrounds to choose from.
  • Cut the rope – hugely popular puzzle game for smartphones and tablets in which you must drop a candy into the protagonist’s mouth (a nice frog) by cutting the ropes that hold it steady.
  • Pet Rescue Saga – a new puzzle game from the creators of Candy Crush Saga. The aim is to pop the colored blocks by placing them next to each other and saving the puppies present in the various levels.


Action / Strategy

Now let’s move on to a selection of free action and strategy how to play checkers on the Internet . If you love action, you will find bread for your teeth.

  • Plants vs. Zombies – second chapter of the hugely popular tower defense game where you have to sow plants to beat an approaching horde of zombies. To try absolutely.
  • Zombie Frontier – a first person view shooter where you have to face hordes of zombies. It includes good 3D graphics and a wide range of weapons to choose from.
  • Castle Clash – very popular strategic title where you have to set up an army of elves, dwarfs, animals or robots and build your own empire by conquering various cities.
  • Ninja Revenge – highly appreciated side-scrolling game in which you have to dress as a ninja and “slice” all the enemies you meet along the way.
  • Bloody Harry – a fun 2D shooter, with cartoony graphics and frenetic rhythms, in which you have to face hordes of monsters having a park of over 15 weapons.


  • Manuganu – colorful platformer with 3D graphics where you have to jump, collect coins, move platforms and much more in the shoes of a small indigenous. The settings range from the jungle to the glaciers. To try absolutely.
  • Lep’s World 3 – super-classic platformer with exceptional 2D graphics. A sort of Super Mario for Android, but instead of Mario there is a nice elf.
  • Cordy 2 – another unmissable title of platforms with 3D graphics. In the game, you have to guide a little man with a TV instead of his head (Cordy) and help him collect drops of energy scattered along the various levels.


Sports and card games

In conclusion, here is an unmissable collection of free sports-themed Android games and some unmissable digital versions of the world’s most famous card games.

  • Dream League Soccer – an excellent football game featuring excellent 3D graphics in which you have to set up the team of your dreams and bring it to the championship victory. It provides transfer market sessions to strengthen its team and multiplayer challenges.
  • Ice Rage Free – a fun hockey game with 3D cartoon graphics. It allows you to challenge other people online and to play with friends on the same smartphone / tablet.
  • 250+ Solitaire Collection – a collection of over 150 card solitaires.
  • Fresh Deck Poker – free poker game with truly spectacular 3D graphics and customizable avatars. It is based on a virtual chip system and supports online challenges. You can also play as a guest without signing up.
  • Scopa Jogatina – impeccable digital transposition of the Scopa game with card decks and customizable game tables. Supports 2 or 4 player challenges.