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Flash games

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Flash games: When boredom begins to dominate and you find yourself in front of a PC screen, to make time pass faster there is nothing better than a good game. Better still if you play Flash games , which can be played directly from the browser without downloading additional programs to your computer.

That’s why today I want to offer you a list with the best free Flash game sites that, I hope, will help you make the moments of the day spent – more or less forcefully – sitting in front of the PC a little less boring.

If you go in desperate search for Flash games to kill time, one of the first sites that I recommend you visit is Y8 which without any registration allows you to play thousands of online titles. It is totally free and works on all operating systems, as long as the Adobe Flash Player is installed on the computer .

Being also available in Italian, Y8 is easily usable by anyone. By connecting to its main page, you will find a menu at the top to access the list of the most popular or newest games , on the left a list with all the genres of video games available on the site, while in the center there are previews of the most popular games of the moment.

To start a game, click on its preview image and wait a few moments for it to load (and you will be shown a short advertisement). Some of the more advanced titles with 3D graphics require the installation of an additional plugin called Unity Web Player , but do not worry because it is available for free for both Windows and Mac.

Flash games Y8

Another extremely popular Flash game site full of titles of all kinds is Kongregate . Connect to its home page and you will immediately find yourself in the presence of various game lists: Hot new games with the most interesting new titles, Highest rated games with the most voted games by users, Most played games with the most played videogames, Staff picks with titles recommended by the site staff and so on.

It is then possible to “browse” the games according to their genre by positioning the mouse cursor on the Games button (located at the top) and clicking on the More categories item in the menu that appears. Video games work on all major browsers and operating systems, just have Flash Player and Unity Web Player on your PC .

To play, just click on the preview image of a video game and wait for a short advertisement to play. Registration (free) to the site is not mandatory but it is necessary if you want to take advantage of the system of achievements, keep game statistics and take part in multiplayer titles by challenging other players in the flesh. To sign up, click on the Sign in button located at the top and authenticate with your Facebook account.

Flash games Kongregate

I also recommend that you bookmark , a hugely popular international Flash game site that provides users with any type of video game: adventure titles, puzzle games, sports games, card games and whoever has more. . All free. To play, just use any of the most popular web browsers currently on the market.

The main page of is structured in a way that could not be simpler. At the top there are the search bar to find your favorite games and some of the main categories of video games available on the site ( puzzles , sports , etc.). Below you will find the list of the most recently tried games, while in the middle of the page there is the “listone” with the titles recommended by the site staff ( Suggested ), the most popular games ( Most popular ) and the most recent ones ( Recently added ).

Many titles require free membership to the site in order to function. Then click on the Sign in button located at the top right and select the entry Register for a free account from the window that opens to access the registration form. Alternatively, you can log in to using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo! account data. or Twitter (just click on the appropriate icons).

Flash Games

It will take months to try all the games on the sites that I have just reported to you, however do not forget to take a “detour” also on Armor Games which offers a wide selection of original action / strategic titles (but not only) from play directly from the browser.

Then there is the “very classic” Miniclip which you have certainly heard of and which is definitely worth keeping in your favorites. It is one of the most popular Flash video game sites in the world. And even if its catalog is not provided like that of other sites seen previously, it remains very enjoyable.