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Facebook subscription

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Facebook subscription: “If you are not on Facebook, you do not exist”. Who knows how many times you have read such phrases in newspapers or websites. Well, these are clearly exaggerations but it is undeniable that the most famous social network in the world has its own importance in terms of representing one’s online identity.

Why don’t you try to register too? On the other hand, the process of Facebook subscription it is completely free and extremely simple to complete. It could be a good opportunity to reconnect with old friends or promote your business online.

It doesn’t matter if you are unfamiliar with technological means. If you want, I can guide you step-by-step to create your first social profile and you will realize that it is nothing complicated, quite the contrary.

Let’s start with the procedure Facebook subscription via smartphone. If you intend to visit the social network pages mainly from your mobile there is no need to create an account via PC, you can do everything from the official Facebook app to Android, iPhone or any other mobile platform. Let’s see how.

Immediately after downloading and starting the Facebook application for the first time, you have to press on the item Register on Facebook located at the bottom of the screen. Next, press the button OK to accept the conditions of use of the service and choose whether to create an account based on your email address or to register on the social network using your mobile number. In the first case you have to type in your e-mail address and press the button Keep it going, otherwise you have to press the button Use your mobile number and enter your mobile number in the form that is proposed to you.

In the next step you have to type Name and surname in the appropriate text fields and choose the password with which to access your profile. So press on the button Keep it going and provide the other requested information, ie date of birth And gender of belonging. Finally, type the confirmation code that you should have received by email and your account will be officially opened.

At this point, all you have to do is set one profile picture (by taking a photo with your smartphone or by choosing a photo already on the device) and enter the data relating to the school that you frequent, yours work current and yours home town. If you do not want to provide this information, press the button Skip located at the top right of the screen and go ahead without getting too much trouble.

In conclusion, you can find your friends on Facebook allowing the application to scan the phone book. This step is also optional and you can skip it by pressing the button located at the top right. Mission accomplished! Are you on Facebook.

You are a more “traditional” type and want to go through the procedure Facebook subscription from the computer? Then connect immediately to the main page of the social network and fill out the form on the right in all its fields. You have to provide first name, surname, email address, password to access the account, date of birth And gender of belonging, then you have to click on the button subscribe.

At this point, you can choose whether to find your friends on Facebook immediately by importing their email addresses from your address book, Yahoo or other e-mail services or whether to continue with the creation of your account by clicking on the link Skip this step located at the bottom right.

Now enter your information instruction (high school or university attended) and yours employer, then specify city ​​of residence, home town and click on the button Save and continue to set a profile photo to be taken with the webcam or uploaded from the PC. That’s it, you are subscribed to the most famous social network in the world.

Facebook subscription

To authenticate the account you just created, open your mailbox and click on confirmation link that was sent to you by Facebook. Don’t forget to do this, otherwise your profile will be deactivated within a few days.

If you are a public figure or have decided to create a Facebook account to promote your business, you can turn your personal profile into a business page by connecting to this page of the site and selecting the type of business you represent (eg. local business or place, company, organization or institution, artist, band or public figure) from the menu that is proposed to you.

Have you decided to re-join Facebook after you have already signed up and unsubscribed once? If you are unsure of the correct procedure to follow, check out my guide on how to sign up for Facebook after unsubscribing.