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Facebook registration: how to join Facebook

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Facebook registration: how to join Facebook: I can not believe it! Everyone talks about it, everyone uses it, everyone is crazy about it and you … you’re not even registered to Facebook? No, come on, I know you’re a bit “old-fashioned”, but you can’t stay out of the most famous social network in the world!

Thousands of friends, groups, applications, photos and videos of all kinds await you and you cannot disappoint them. How do you say? Don’t have time to sign up? But what time ?! Sign up for Facebook it’s child’s play and you can do it at any time. Just think, if you don’t have the time to spend two minutes in front of your computer screen, you can also register via your smartphone. What are you waiting for to try?

The cost of the procedure is zero. Contrary to what some online scammers would have you believe, Facebook is a totally free service (which is supported by advertising and the processing of data provided by subscribers) and does not include any Pro or Premium account. Furthermore, it has no deadlines and can be used freely from any device. In short, you really have no excuse to just stand there and not try to sign up: try it now by following the instructions below.

Facebook: registration from smartphone

You have just bought your first smartphone and would like to know how to join Facebook? No problem. Open your mobile phone store (Google Play Store or an alternative store if you use an Android terminal, or App Store if you are using an iPhone), search Facebook within the latter and start the download of the application by pressing on the appropriate button (on iPhone you may also be asked for identity verification). You can find more information on how to install Facebook in my dedicated guide.

Once the download is complete, launch the official app of Facebook by pressing on its icon that appears on the home screen (the main screen of the smartphone where there are application icons), then tap on the item Create a new Facebook account and press the button Forward. In the new screen that opened, indicate your name by providing yours first name And surname in the appropriate text fields, presses the button Forward, specify yours date of birth and press the button once again Forward.

Now indicates the telephone number to register with, or click on the link Sign up with your email address located at the bottom of the screen and provide a valid e-mail address; then press the button Forward. The next step is to provide information about your gender: you can select Woman, Man or Custom option, if you do not intend to provide this data (in any case, know that you will be asked to indicate with which pronoun you want us to talk to you).

After entering your gender, press the button again Forward and, in the screen that is shown to you, indicate the password with which you want to protect the account (please, set a secure password). Now press the button once more Forward, then on the button subscribe and write the confirmation code you received via SMS or email. Then, tap on the button Confirmation.

Finally, set one profile photo selecting a photo from your smartphone or taking one in real time and choose whether to scan the phone book in order to find friends already subscribed to the social network and add them to your contacts. Both operations are possible jump pressing on the appropriate item located at the top right.

* Mission accomplished! * You now have your own personal profile on Facebook and you can use it to connect with friends, relatives, colleagues, personalities and companies in every corner of the world.

If you want to make your account even richer and enter information about your life, your professional career, your geographical position, etc., tap on yours profile photo and presses the button Edit your profile, so as to modify your bio and your public details (e.g. information relating to work, geographic location, contacts and more). For more information about the use of Facebook, read the guide I just linked to you.

Facebook: registration from PC

Sign up for Facebook from your computer

All you need to do for sign up for Facebook from your computer is to connect to the main page of the hugely popular social network and fill in the form on the right side.

Then click on the green button Create new account and then type yours first name And surname in the appropriate text fields the cellphone number or theemail address you wish to register with. Next, provide the password you want to use to create your new Facebook profile.

In the social network registration form, also provide your data date of birth, using the appropriate drop-down menus for this purpose and specify your genre, selecting between woman, man or Custom option (in the latter case, you must indicate the pronoun to use in your case). Once this is done, click on the button subscribe.

In the new page that opens, indicate in the appropriate text field the confirmation code that you received at the e-mail address or telephone number indicated above, click on the button Keep it going and that’s it.

After validating your identity, Facebook will ask you to invite friends to your profile by importing the contact list from Skype, Yahoo!, Outlook / Hotmail or other email services. To proceed with the process of creating your account without automatically importing contacts, click on the item Skip this step located at the bottom right.

Now it’s time to upload your photo to use as your profile picture and customize your account. Then click on the icon of camera present in correspondence with the missing profile photo (if you don’t see the profile page, click on the Your name top right) e upload a photo who represents you. Do the same for thecover image. Also complete the profile information by connecting to your diary and clicking on the button Edit your profile located at the top of the page, on the right (under your profile photo).

On the page that opens, edit your bio and other information about yourself. By clicking on the tab Informationinstead, you will be able to provide information regarding your education and your current occupation (Work and instructions), i places where you have lived, yours contact info (e.g. work email) and so on. Just select all the sections from the sidebar and fill in the forms that appear. Of course only if you want, it is optional information.

If you want to learn more about the general functioning of Facebook, read my tutorial on how to use Facebook: there you will find everything you need to know to take your first steps in the famous social network created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Note: if you sign up for Facebook using a convertible computer or tablet, after filling out the first registration form you may be offered a single screen with the options to import contacts from the address book, set the privacy parameters of your posts and set a profile photo (all passages that from PC are usually proposed in separate screens). This is a purely formal difference: in essence, the procedure for registering with Facebook always remains the same.