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Facebook covers

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Facebook covers: A book is never judged by its cover. The same argument should also apply to profiles on Facebook but, you know, the eye also wants its part and therefore it is worth embellishing your page with a cover capable of striking friends at first glance.

Any advice on this? Immediately. Here is a list of Internet sites where you can find many Facebook covers ready to use or create new ones starting from images you have already downloaded on your computer.

If you are looking for Facebook covers ready to use with which to embellish your social profile, try taking a look at the FCoverPhotos website which hosts hundreds of images to use as Facebook covers divided by categories. The list of categories can be found in the left sidebar: even if in English they can be consulted in a very simple way. After selecting one, click on the preview of the cover you wish to apply to your profile and save the image on your PC by right clicking on it and selecting the item Save image as from the menu that appears.

Other sites full of Facebook diary covers are 99Covers And FirstCovers, which work identically to FCoverPhotos. Then connect to their main page, select one of the categories listed in the right side panel and click on the preview of the cover you want to use in your profile. On the page that opens, right-click on the enlarged version of the image and select the item Save image as from the menu that appears to save it on your computer.

To apply a cover to Facebook, connected to the home page of the social network and click on your photo located at the top left. Next, place the mouse cursor on the current cover of your profile, click on the button Change cover and select the item Upload photos from the menu that opens. Then select the cover image you downloaded from one of the sites mentioned above and that’s it.

If you want to create Facebook covers starting from photos that you have already saved on your PC, you can go to the website Social Media Image Maker which allows you to model any image by adapting it to the Facebook cover format and applying lots of special effects to it.

To use it, connected to its home page and click on the button Create placed under the heading Cover image. On the page that opens, click on the button Add your file, select the image to transform into the cover (it must have a resolution of at least 851 × 315 pixels) and use the indicator that appears on the screen to crop the photo.

When the operation is completed, click on the button Apply and choose whether to apply special effects to your cover using the buttons located at the top of the screen: by clicking on the icon with the little stars you can access Instagram-style filters while clicking on the icon with the mixer you can adjust the image by applying more contrast, blur effects and so on. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the last icon at the top right to save the cover on your PC.

Cover Facebook

Another great online service to create Facebook covers custom is Tricked Out Timeline which offers four different templates to create beautiful combinations of covers and profile photos: by clicking on Merge profile and cover photo you can create covers that integrate with your profile picture; by clicking on Missing jigsaw piece you can create a cover with a puzzle effect; Tear off the bottom edge allows you to create a cover with a torn effect, while the model Profile picture zoom provides a nice zoom effect that transforms the cover into an enlarged version of the profile photo.

After selecting the type of cover you want to make, click on the button Choose file/Browse to select from the PC the photo to be transformed into the cover for Facebook and start uploading it using the button Upload. Once the upload is complete, use the mouse to “crop” the image in cover format and click on the button Done. Repeat the same operation for the profile photo and that’s it. Now you just have to click on the item Already lied us? (located at the bottom right) and then up Download your cover photo And Download your profile photo to download the obtained images to your computer.