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Facebook app: You are a lover of social networks and, in particular, Facebook is what you prefer. From the moment you spend a lot of time within the popular social networking platform, you are wondering if there are any applications for Facebook that can offer a complementary use of this beloved interaction tool. With this question in mind, you turned to Google in an attempt to answer this question of yours; you so happened upon I am grateful to have my help.

Well if that’s the case let me tell you; you did really well to click on this guide of mine. In fact, you must know that I know perfectly how the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg works and I can certainly answer this question of yours. The Facebook applications that I will recommend in this guide of mine will certainly help you to make better use of the main social network.

In order to best follow the instructions contained in this tutorial of mine, all you need is a few minutes of free time. Furthermore, always keep your Android or iOS mobile device at hand, download and try to use the Facebook applications that I will recommend with me; i am sure you will be really satisfied with it. Are you ready to get started? I wish you a good read as usual.

Facebook Lite (Android)

Only available on smartphones and tablets with an operating system Android, Facebook Lite is nothing more than a much leaner version of the social network of the same name. Compared to the traditional version of the social network, the Facebook Lite application is characterized by being an app aimed at mobile devices with low-end hardware features. It is therefore no coincidence that Facebook Lite consumes less packet data and works more streamlined.

The main features for using Facebook remain the same but, on the other hand, the app offers a faster installation from the Android PlayStore, also occupying less memory space. Uploads of photos and videos contained within the social network are also faster and, in terms of optimization, the application works very well even with 2G networks and / or slow Internet connections.

So if you have a low cost Android smartphone I recommend using Facebook Lite to make the most of the popular social network. Would you like to download Facebook Lite but you don’t know how to do it? No problem, I’ll help you right away.

To download and install the Facebook Lite application you must first go to the Android PlayStore, the virtual store through which you can download applications and games. The Android store features an app in the shape of a colorful flag; once you have identified the icon, then tap on it.

Now, using the search engine at the top, type Facebook Lite and then press the button Near from the keyboard of your device, to confirm the search made. Once the search results are displayed, the application to download will be the one with the Facebook icon on a white background. You can’t go wrong; the application is called own Facebook Lite and is developed by Facebook.

To download and install it, click on the button Install and then confirm your installation will by pressing the button I accept. Then wait for the download to finish: once the application has finished the installation and download procedure, the button will appear You open. You will then be able to launch the application to use it.

Once the application is started, you will need to log in to the social network by entering your data such as email address (or telephone number) e password. Once logged in you will find yourself in front of the social network as you already know it. In addition to the technical differences that I have explained to you, what differentiates the Facebook Lite application from the main Facebook application at a glance is the user interface that is simpler and more linear.

You can use Facebook Lite in the same way as the main application; for any problem you can refer to the numerous guides I have published on relating to the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Messenger (Android / iOS)

The Facebook application that you absolutely must download in order to make full use of the social network is Facebook Messenger. If you have never heard of it, know that it is an essential application to be able to chat with your contacts within the social network. When you try to contact a Facebook friend privately, in fact, you will be asked to install the Facebook Messenger application.

To install it correctly, go to the PlayStore of Android orApp Store of iOS. Then use the application’s internal search engine and locate the messaging chat by typing Facebook Messenger.

Once you have found the application in the search results, download and install it by pressing the button Get / Install. Then wait for the download to finish and start the application using the button You open.

As I explained to you, the purpose of the Messenger application is to help you keep in touch with all your friends within the social networking platform. The application is in fact divided into some main screens including sections Home And Messages (in which you can always have a list of people to get in touch with.

If you want to know who, among your Facebook contacts, is currently online, go to the item Active. You can choose who among your contacts currently online to start texting. To start texting a person via Facebook Messenger, just tap on their name and surname. Finally, refer to the section Groups to be able to send messages to all the people belonging to the group you created.

The other features worth mentioning in Facebook Messenger are calls (symbol of a handset), through which you can make voice calls completely free of charge, using the Internet and games, secondary feature that allows you to access mini games to share in the Facebook Messenger chat.

Facebook Messenger Lite (Android)

Talking about Facebook applications, I must also mention Facebook Messenger Lite, which is the leaner version of the messaging application I just told you about. As already explained in the paragraph dedicated to Facebook Lite, it is a lighter version designed for devices Android not particularly performing in terms of hardware characteristics.

Unlike the Facebook Messenger application, this Lite version consumes less MB of packet data traffic and offers faster installation, as well as occupying less memory on the device.

The main functions (sending messages, sending links, multimedia content and emojis and / or stickers) are still present, even if, for example, the possibility of playing with friends via chat is missing.

It is also worth noting the presence of a simpler user interface, optimized especially for devices with older Android versions.

In order to download Facebook Messenger Lite on Android mobile devices you will have to go to the Google PlayStore and search for the application in question. Once identified you will have to tap on the button Install / Agree to download it.

Once the download is complete, you will be able to enjoy Facebook Messenger Lite in a similar way to the original messaging application. However, keep in mind that in this app there will be only two main sections, the one with the symbol of cottage (shows the list of all contacts) and the one with the symbol ofbulleted list (show the list of active contacts).

For any problem relating to the use of Facebook Messenger you can refer to other guides published on you can go for example to this link which refers to all the guides published relating to the Facebook chat.

Facebook Business Suite (Android / iOS)

Business Suite

The Facebook application I want to talk to you about in this paragraph is called Facebook Business Suite and I have chosen to include it in this guide of mine since I believe it is an indispensable application for anyone who has a Facebook page, or Instagram (since also allows you to manage Instagram pages). The strength of this application is the ability to manage your pages in all respects as you can do through the Web version of Facebook.

The Facebook Business Suite application is available for free at Android And iOS; then download it from the PlayStore by pressing the button Install / Agree, while using the Apple digital store, download the application by pressing the button Get / Install. Once the installation is finished, start the application by pressing the button You open.

To use the application, and thus manage the Facebook page you own (or pages, if you have more than one) you will need to log in with your social network account: you will be able to access all the management screens and analysis of the same, similar to how it is possible to do from the Web.

If you want to know more about how Facebook pages work, I suggest you refer specifically to other in-depth guides published on

Other apps for Facebook

I want to show you below what are the other complementary applications to Facebook that you can use to expand the functionality of the social network.

  • MSQRD (Android/iOS): purchased by Facebook, MSQRD is an application that allows you to apply filters in real time to faces, similar to what is possible on Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Instagram (Android/iOS): this is the popular photo social network purchased by Facebook. To learn more about how it works, I refer you to my dedicated guide.
  • Workplace by Facebook / Workplace Chat (Android/iOS): it is an application that allows you to use an alternative version of the social network specifically to organize team work in a company. Workplace Chat (Android/iOS) is the related Workplace by Facebook instant messaging chat.