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Emoticon programs

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Emoticon programs: The best emoticon programs.

Emote Maker

Emote Maker it is one of the best emoticon programs available free for Windows that allows you to create smileys for use on forums, Internet sites and in messaging programs. It has a very intuitive user interface that allows you to choose the color of the smiley face to create, type of eyes, mouth and other features of the emoticon. It also has a random function that creates emoticons automatically based on random parameters. It is compatible with all major Windows editions and requires software Java to work. Download from here.

Messenger Plus!


Messenger Plus! is a popular free extension for Windows Live Messenger which significantly expands the functionality of the program. In fact, it allows you to apply customized skins to the program, send sounds in the chat, execute external scripts, use animated personal images and use additional emoticons than those included in the basic Messenger installation package. It works with all major versions of Windows and there is also a variant for Skype that allows you to record calls and customize the program in many new ways. Download from here.

Emoticon Maker


As his name suggests quite easily, Emoticon Maker is a great software for create emoticons starting from images and photos. It has a very simple user interface to use and supports many different file types: PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF (both animated and static). The emoticons generated with the program can be used on Windows Live Messenger, Skype and many other messaging services. Download from here.



IncrediMail it’s a e-mail program different from the classic Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail that allows you to manage your emails in a nice and fun way through an interface full of colors, animations and sounds. It seems to use a program like those you often see in Hollywood movies, in short. Among the many peculiarities of IncrediMail there are a wide range of skins with which to customize the software interface, many templates and background images for messages and a bunch of emoticon static and animated that can be easily inserted into emails. Free and compatible with all major versions of Windows. Download from here.

Free Smileys & Emoticons


Free Smileys & Emoticons it’s a’application for Google Chrome which gives access to a wide range of emoticon static and animated for use in forums, blogs and Internet sites. Once installed, it is positioned on the browser home screen and can be called up with a click. To use the smileys included in it, just click on the emoticons and copy the BBCODE or HTML code that is displayed on the screen. It includes all kinds of faces, with every expression and even themes for Christmas and other holidays. Download from here.



GraphMe it’s a online service free that allows you to create emoticons based on a series of customizable parameters. Allows you to choose the shape and color of the emoticon to be created, the background image (if desired), the eyes, eyebrows, mouth and other characteristics of the emoticon. In addition, it provides a random function through which to generate smileys with completely random aspects. It works on all browsers without the need for additional software. Download from here.