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Drawings to copy

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Drawings to copy: Would you like to relax at the end of the day by coloring some beautiful illustrations and would you therefore like to know some online resource that allows you to download special drawings to print? Are you looking for some exciting and fun pastime for your little brother and would you like to provide him with a bunch of beautiful drawings to copy and complete at will? If the answer to these and similar questions is yes, I am happy to let you know that you have landed on the right tutorial. In the following lines I will in fact show you Internet sites, software and applications through which you can get beautiful drawings to be copied.

Below you will therefore find indicated those that in my humble opinion represent the best resources currently present on the square which, precisely, allow you to create and / or obtain drawings to copy and color, both for adults and children. Therefore, it is not a question of sites, software and apps that offer only and exclusively digital tools but also of real drawings to be printed and then embellished with pencils and markers “in flesh and blood”. Beautiful, is not it?

So if you are really interested in the matter, I suggest you do not waste any further precious time, take a few minutes of free time and concentrate on reading the following lines. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied as well as very happy with the discoveries made. Let it bet?

Internet sites

As I have already mentioned, on the net there are numerous Internet sites from which you can find drawings to copy of all kinds. If this interests you, I suggest you appeal to the resources listed below. All sites are free (both as regards access to the service offered and as regards the download of drawings) and can be opened both from computers and from smartphones and tablets. So try to identify those that you think can do the most to the case and … have fun!

  • Color everything – This is a fairly simple site where you can find drawings to copy that are just waiting to be downloaded, printed and colored. On the site there are several categories including those relating to cartoons, animals and nature.
  • Edupics – This is a portal that contains many black and white drawings to download, print and color with markers or pencils.
  • Coloring pages – This is a site on which there is a lot of material to download and print (themes and characters from many comics and cartoons, both from the past and from the present), all divided into categories.
  • This is another Internet site full of drawings to be copied, all divided by category and of good quality. The portal is in English but is perfectly understandable thanks to the numerous illustrations.
  • – This is a site that presents a section full of quality drawings to be copied. There are more modern designs, starting with the most famous cartoons like Dragon Ball, Winx, Yu-gi-oh, and then the classics like Barbie, Winnie the pooh, Bambi.
  • – This is another Internet site through which you can find drawings to copy. It presents a complete and well done section of images taken from cartoons and animated films.
  • – This is a website where you can find black and white drawings to download, print and color.
  • Colorless – This is an Internet site with well-finished graphics that offers users a rich archive of drawings to be copied, including mandalas, together with the “usual” categories.

Once you have identified the drawing of your interest, save it on your computer by clicking on the appropriate download button attached to the site or, if it is not present, by right-clicking on the illustration and choosing, from the contextual menu that is shown to you , the voice to download the image. If, on the other hand, you are using a smartphone or tablet, make a long press on the image and, from the menu that is subsequently shown to you, choose the item to save it in the roll of the device.


Drawings to copy

If, on the other hand, you have some drawing in mind that you would like to make on the computer and then print it on paper and color it as you wish, you can resort to using one of the programs listed below. These are software that are not created specifically for the creation of drawings to be copied but which, taking into account the tools attached to them, can still prove to be particularly useful in this sense.

  • GIMP – This is what has been labeled by most as the best no-cost alternative to the well-known Photoshop. The software integrates numerous functions, brushes and tools through which beautiful drawings can be created on the computer. It’s free and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Paint.NET – It is a very light and easy to use program which is the ideal solution for creating but also for retouching your images. It is compatible with Windows only.
  • Tux Paint – This program has been specially designed for children. It includes numerous functions and sound effects thanks to which it is possible to create drawings to be copied and, of course, also to color directly on the computer. It’s free and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Pint – It is a program that integrates good tools for drawing on the computer. Brushes and all other drawing tools are very simple to use. It’s free and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Artweaver Free – It is one of the best programs for drawing on the square. It has a user interface reminiscent of the old versions of Photoshop and allows you to create beautiful drawings while standing on your computer. It’s free and compatible with Windows only.
  • Paintbrush – This is a simple Paint-style program for Mac that allows you to draw on your computer and, consequently, to create drawings that can be copied in just a few clicks. Its user interface is extremely simple and highly understandable. It’s free and only compatible with macOS.

In addition to the ones I have just indicated, you can find various other software that may prove to be suitable for the purpose in question by taking a look at my guide dedicated to free drawing programs and my tutorial on programs for coloring drawings.


Drawings to copy

If, on the other hand, you are looking for one or more apps that allow you to find drawings to copy and, if necessary, also to color directly from your smartphone or tablet, take a look below. In fact, in the following list you will find some of the best apps of the moment for drawings to be copied usable on both Android and iOS. Many of the apps proposed are free, while others are with in-app purchases or are paid but have very low prices and affordable for everyone.

  • Colorfy (for Android And iOS) – This is an app that includes numerous drawings of all kinds that can be colored with the many tools available on the screen directly from the device and possibly also printed. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Pigment (for Android And iOS) – An app that allows you to color drawings as you would on paper. You can use many different pencils, brushes and markers as well as an unlimited number of colors. Drawings can also be saved to the device and / or printed. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Tayasui Color (for iOS) – With this app you have the impression of having a real coloring book in your hands. You can choose from a variety of designs featuring mostly animals and plants and soothing sound effects are included. Drawings can be saved to the roll and can also be printed for later re-copying. It costs € 1.99.
  • Color Therapy (for iOS) – With over 100 coloring pages (mandalas, flowers, trees, animals and much more), this one is undoubtedly an app that shouldn’t be missed. The drawings can then be shared on social networks or even via email. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Colory (for iOS) – This is a great app that offers a bunch of drawings to copy and / or color directly from your device. The drawings to be copied on paper are saved in PDF format and can be printed at high resolution. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Colorless (for Android) – This is an app that integrates a bunch of beautiful mobile coloring drawings and possibly even print (both black and white and colored). All drawings can also be completed at a later time, resuming “the work” exactly where it was left off. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Coloring book (for Android) – Another beautiful app with lots of drawings of animals, flowers, plants and much more with a wide range of bright and deep colors to use for coloring. All settings and controls are extremely easy to use. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Coloring book for children (for Android) – This is a digital coloring book thinking exclusively for the little ones. Within the app there are in fact many drawings to be copied or colored directly from the mobile with the appropriate simple commands. It’s free.

Do you want to create drawings with your own hands to be copied directly from mobile? Then check out my guide on photo editing apps and my posts where I explained how to edit photos on iPhone and Android. Maybe you find some other resource that can be useful!