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Dama online

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Dama online: You are a big fan of checkers  but, unfortunately, the opportunities to play face to face with your friends are becoming increasingly rare. What would you say, then, to “bypass” the problem by challenging other users on the Internet, perhaps taking advantage of your spare time?

There are now many versions of online checkers that can be used for free from PC and, of course, also from smartphones and tablets: I recommend you try them. All you have to do is choose your favorite from the ones I’m going to report to you and start having fun. You can challenge your friends, play remotely against other fans from all over the world and, why not, also practice in single-player mode.

So, are you ready to start? Yup? Great! All you have to do is make yourself comfortable, concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, try to put into practice the indications I am about to give you in relation to the use of the sites listed in the next paragraphs. Let me wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Checkers online for free

Let’s see what are some useful solutions to play checkers online for free . Below are listed sites that, in the vast majority of cases, allow you to play checkers against the computer, therefore in single player mode: ideal if you want to train before competing against other players.


The first solution that I recommend you try is , a site dedicated to online games that also includes a version of the checkers to be played directly in the browser, without having to install any additional plugins and, above all, without making any registration.

To proceed, connect to by clicking on the link I have provided you a moment ago and, on the page that opens, click on the Click here button to decide who should make the first move at the bottom. After that, wait your turn and start playing (if you are white, obviously you are the one who has to open the game). To move the checkers, just click on them and then on the boxes in which to place them.

Please note that offers multiple versions of the checkers (even in multiplayer mode): if you want to try them, click on the link corresponding to the version of your interest (eg Checkers game 01 , Checkers game 02 , Checkers multiplayer 1 , Checkers multiplayer 2 , etc.). Please note that some of these “alternative” versions of checkers may require the use of Adobe Flash Player .



If you are not interested in multiplayer challenges, as you just have to play checkers alone against the computer, you can bookmark the Checkers page . It is a game of checkers, completely free, playable only in single-player mode, made in HTML5. This means that it works on all major browsers and all devices (even tablets and smartphones) without the need for plugins or other software (not even Adobe Flash Player).

After going to the web page hosting the game (I linked it to you earlier), to move the checkers and try to win the challenge against the computer, you have to click on one of them and then click on the target box, or the one where you want to place the pawn you have selected. It’s not complicated at all, is it?

Other checkers free online

Checkers against the computer

There are other free online checkers games that deserve consideration: here are some examples that I hope will meet your expectations.

  • – it is a portal that includes multiple games, including a version of the checkers that allows you to train against the computer.
  • – on this portal you can find a version of the checkers online that allows you to challenge the computer.
  •  – famous website dedicated to mathematics, which includes various games dedicated to it and which also includes a version of the checkers that allows you to challenge the computer. Requires the use of Adobe Flash Player .

Checkers 2 players online

Are you looking for online 2 player checkers games ? Well, then allow me to recommend some sites that offer the opportunity to challenge friends and players from all over the world.



The first multiplayer game site that I recommend you try is PlayOK , which integrates the Italian version of the famous board game. It works without installing additional plugins in the browser and, if desired, it is possible to play even without registration (by creating an account, however, you can have access to some useful features, such as the one that allows you to monitor your progress).

After going to the PlayOK page dedicated to the game of checkers, click on the Login button and then click on the Sign up for free button to register for free to the service via your e-mail address. If you prefer to play as a guest and do not want to create an account, instead, click on the Guest button .

Then click on the button open a new table located at the top left or click on the button (>>) located next to one of the existing tables. Then choose where to play by clicking the # 1 or # 2 button (top right) and, if necessary, wait for someone to join the game. When this happens, click on the Start button and start playing.

Checkers with other players

Another site that I recommend you to consider to play checkers in multiplayer mode is . This portal includes various versions of checkers, including one in which it is possible to play in 2: ideal if you want to challenge a friend who is there with you, in front of the same computer.

To make use of it, go to the page that I linked to you, click on the button (▶ ︎) placed in the center of the same and then click on the button depicting the two men separated by the wording vs  and start playing against your friend.

Other 2 players online checkers

Classical checkers

Below you will find other 2-player online checkers sites . See if any of them are right for you and start challenging players from all over the world.

  • – this portal includes a version of the multiplayer game that can be played without installing additional plugins and without registering.
  • Classic checkers – this is a classic version of the checkers hosted by It allows you to train in single player mode or play together with a friend in front of the same PC.
  • Multiplayer Checkers – allows you to play in multiplayer online by choosing an opponent from those available or challenge a random opponent. Use of Adobe Flash Player is required .

Checkers online app

App for checkers

In conclusion, here are some apps dedicated to checkers that I recommend you download on your smartphone or tablet, to also have fun on the move. They are available on both Android and iOS and many of them are 100% free.

  • The OutOfTheBit Checkers ( Android / iOS ) – is a checkers title for mobile devices that allows you to try online multiplayer challenges and even offline games against the computer, with different levels of difficulty. By purchasing the paid version, which costs 2.29 euros, you can remove the advertisement.
  • Checkers Treagles ( Android / iOS ) – is a checkers game with which you can challenge other users connected via Facebook.
  • Checkers Online Elite ( Android ) – this checkers game for Android devices is characterized by a well-made three-dimensional graphics, which makes it pleasant to play and challenge other users. Both single-player (with various difficulty levels) and multi-player modes are available.
  • Lady!  ( iOS / iPadOS ) – is an app for Apple mobile devices that allows you to challenge other users or play alone against the computer, selecting the level of difficulty that best suits your gaming skills.