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Create logo: Have you been asked to make the logo for an initiative, a place or a small website but you don’t know how to create one that is both effective and easy to make? Try to create logo with LogoEase.

LogoEase is a free online service that allows you to design logos directly online starting from symbols dedicated to various themes (eg sports, travel, nature) and personalizing them with various writings, colors and effects. Here’s how it works.

If you don’t know how to create a logo, log on to LogoEase website and create a free account on the latter by clicking on the item Sign Up located at the top right. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with all your personal data (name, email, etc.) and click on the button Submit to complete the procedure.

Once the registration is complete, log in to LogoEase using the fields with username and password located at the top right and click on the button Create a free logo which is located at the top right of the main page of the site. In the window that opens, select the topic to which the logo must be relevant among those in the list (eg. Sport for logos dedicated to the sports world, Music for those dedicated to music and so on).

Next, browse the figures in the LogoEase database and choose the one you want to use as a starting point for your logo by clicking on its thumbnail. You can also change the previously selected topic (using the drop-down menu Category present at the bottom left).

Once you have made your choice, create logo using the LogoEase editor. By selecting the symbol with the mouse, you can move, resize and rotate it freely, just use the buttons Stairs (resizing) e Rotate (rotation) located on the right side of the page. Similarly, by clicking on the item Coloryou can change the color of the selected elements within the logo.

If you want to add text to the logo, use the fields Line 1, Line 2, etc. located at the top right and move the texts with the mouse. To set the writing font or format the writing in bold / italics, use the appropriate menu located on the right (Fonts).

You can also draw lines by clicking on the button line located at the bottom left and bring an element to the front or back using the buttons bring to front And send to back. To rotate a symbol, instead, click on the buttons Flip horizontal (flip horizontal) e Flip vertical (flip vertical).


When you are satisfied with the result, you can download the newly created logo to your PC by clicking on the button Save (located at the top). On the page that opens, put the check mark next to the preview of your logo (in the right sidebar) and click on the button Download logo to complete the operation.

You will receive an email in which you will find the link where you can download your logo in PNG, TIF, JPG and PNG formats.

If you are not satisfied with the type of logos you can get with LogoEase and feel ready to commit to making a logo from scratch, take a look at my guides on how to create a logo in Illustrator and how to create a logo in Photoshop.