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Cooking games

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Cooking games: Is cooking one of your greatest passions? Do you also love video games? Then I think I have something that’s right for you. I refer to some fun cooking games to play on computers, smartphones and tablets whenever you want.

No do not worry. You don’t have to install any software on your PC and you don’t have to open your wallet. All the titles that I am about to report to you are free (at least in their basic versions) and playable directly in the browser, just having Flash Player installed on the system. So, what are you waiting for to start having fun?

If you are looking for cooking games to have some fun, I recommend you connect to Games2Girls which, as easily understood by its name, offers a vast catalog of games oriented to the female genre. Among these, there are many of them: those of the Cooking Show series that commit the player to virtually cook various types of dishes, Chocolate Factory and Cakes where you need to prepare desserts, and many others.

The games are all free and can be used directly online on any browser equipped with Flash Player support , you just have to endure a few short advertising messages during the loading phase. To play, just click on the preview or description of the title you want to try. Simpler than that?


The site is not a monothematic site. It is one of the most famous Flash game sites in the world, where you can find an entire section dedicated to cooking games . You can browse all the titles available on the portal based on the rating received by users (default) or on the date of publication (choosing the item given from the drop-down menu located at the top left).

On, you can find a little bit of everything also about cooking games: there are titles in which you have to virtually compose the dishes by choosing the right ingredients, others in which you need to serve customers facing the battles against time, others in puzzle-game style, and so on. To play, of course, just click on the thumbnail of the game you want to start.

On the game page, in addition to the latter, you will also find its description, a zoom adjustment bar (at the top) and user comments. Being Flash games, all the games available on the site can be played on any browser and operating system, just having Flash Player installed on your system.


Although it offers fewer cooking games than the other sites just mentioned, I suggest you also take a look at Games Box which offers dozens of Flash titles dedicated to the composition of virtual dishes and battles against time to serve customers .

To browse the games on Games Box just use the indicators with the page numbers at the top and bottom, while to start one just click on its thumbnail. While the titles are loading, a short advertisement is shown (which can be skipped by clicking on Game loaded. Click here to start the game ). By clicking on the wording FullScreen Mode located at the bottom right, you can also view the games in full screen.


If you love having fun on the move, know that there are many cooking games also for smartphones and tablets. There really are plenty of them but now I would like to point out some of the best ones, the ones that are definitely worth trying:

  • Restaurant Story (for Android and iPhone ) – this is a completely online title that allows you to create and manage the restaurant of your dreams. The main purpose of the game is to always create new dishes to satisfy customers and amaze friends. Colorful graphics and guaranteed fun.
  • Stand O’Food 3 (for Android and iPhone ) – a very popular cooking game with puzzle-game elements in which you have to manage fast food trying to satisfy customers with “punctual” and healthy dishes. In the Android version, the game is free for the first levels and then you have to buy the full version. On the iPhone it costs 2.69 euros.
  • Cooking Dash (for Android and iPhone ) – another very famous title for mobile platforms that engages the player in a challenge against time. You have to please customers and create the dishes they want “on the fly”, in order to satisfy them before they lose patience. The game is free for the first levels and then you have to buy the full version to go on.
  • Cooking Mama Seasons (for iPhone ) – one of the most famous brands in the world for cooking video games. This smartphone version allows you to create a vast range of dishes with increasingly exciting challenges even for the most experienced players. It is available in two versions, one for free with a limited number of levels and contents and one for a full payment (it costs € 5.99).