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Minecraft is a game in which you can create your own world. The game is also called an open world game and this means that as a player you can freely walk in the digital world of Minecraft. You can easily recognize the game because everything in Minecraft is square.

Minecraft is a very popular game among children and young people. At Radmag we read that Minecraft has already been sold 250 million times. That makes it one of the most popular games in the world. Parents of Nu praises play: stimulate your creativity and improve your school performance. Time to interview a real player. I asked Imme, 14, about Minecraft.

Everything you need to know about Minecrft

Minecraft’s goal

Most games have a purpose. Most of the games are built in such a way that you have to defeat some enemies and finally defeat the final boss of the game in combat, but this is not the case with Minecraft.

The sole purpose of this game is to survive, for example, building a house, killing wild animals, and keeping other players out of your house. You can explore forests, climb mountains, cross oceans, discover dungeons, and learn and learn all kinds of things from here that you can use to survive in the game.

What exactly is Minecraft?

In Minecraft everything consists of blocks. With these blocks you build all kinds of things: houses, castles, roller coasters or boats: the limit is your own fantasy. You will enter a world where you can discover everything (nature, towns, animals, etc.) and also build everything.


If you play in survival mode, you have to survive. For example, use wood from trees to make boards and sticks. From that, you can make a wooden sword and a wooden one. Then you can cut stone with a pick and sword: now you can make a stone sword and a stone pick. For example, you should always collect resources to progress in the game.

You can also collect food (slaughter animals for that) and search for villages. In the villages you can find boxes containing useful items to stay alive longer (food, tools, weapons, things like that). With the villagers (game figures, in normal mode there are no other real players) you can exchange things: for example, you exchange grass for an emerald. Those emeralds are useful: later in the game you can trade them for things that make it even easier to survive.


Imme: You also have the Creative game mode, in which you can use all the blocks indefinitely. This mode is useful if the player likes to build large structures, design things, or just build houses. I used to play more often on Creative, but nowadays I prefer to play Survival.

Is Minecraft a violent game?

Imme: No, the only thing you see when you kill an animal is that it turns red for a moment, and then it falls and you have the meat. You will also find enemies, but you can fight them easily without violent images. You touch them with your stick and then they turn red and disappear. Everything in the Minecraft squares, no blood or anything.
It is not scary to see it. The images are always in blocks, so it’s not that exciting.
Sometimes it gets dark in the game, which is a little scary: there are monsters walking around (spiders, skeletons and vines, these are kind of bombs). Usually straight at night, sleeping in the game, then quickly passes.

Contact with other players.

You can interact with other players in Minecraft. You can buy a server (which costs a fixed amount per month). Then you can create a world where you play with your friends. There is also a chat function on that server. I have never done it myself. You can also open Minecraft to LAN: if you are on the same Wi-Fi network as another Minecraft player, you can visit each other’s world. You only do that if you trust the other player. Also, you have no contact with other players.
You also have Skywars: you come to an island and, with the things you have found on the island, you compete against other players. But I have never done that.

Is Minecraft free?

You cannot play Minecraft for free. You have to buy the game for your laptop or PC, PlayStation, X-box or smartphone. You can also make purchases in the game: you can buy packages, for example, a Chinese world. But without those purchases, the game can also be played very well.

How do you learn Minecraft?

There is a tutorial (an explanatory video where you can also try things), which is in the game itself. Here you’ll find answers to questions like: What do cows eat in Minecraft? How to build a house in Minecraft? How does survival mode work? Plus, you learn best just by starting. I’ve also watched YouTube videos to learn new things. It’s not difficult to learn, it’s mainly the basic things you need to know: where to find what and how the control works.

How old can you play Minecraft?

Minecraft itself indicates that it is a game over 9 years old, I think it is mainly due to the complexity and the fact that you don’t want children to play all the time.
That’s one thing with Minecraft – it’s a really cool game, so you can spend a few hours on it. It is best if you agree to fixed times with your parents. Then you know how long you can play, and you don’t stay behind your laptop, playstation, or smartphone all day. Minecraft has been popular for quite some time, in part because well-known YouTubers like Enzo Knol and PewDiePie pay a lot of attention to it.

Can you also play it with your parents?

Yes, if you like it, it would be a lot of fun doing it. You can build new

Who came up with Minecraft?

Minecraft was created by Markus Persson (known on the Internet as Notch). He released a
free version of the then-unnamed construction game on May 17, 2009. Later,
a survival mode was added in which players have to eat to stay alive and
collect materials themselves by digging mines. Sometimes you meet monsters.

Mojang and Minecraft

In 2010, the creator of Minecraft founded Mojang together with Jacob Porsér. Minecraft rights
transfer to Mojang. In September 2014, Microsoft acquired Mojang for almost € 2 billion

Later versions followed for Microsoft’s Xbox360 and now there are also versions
for PlayStation3, Xbox One and a version of PS3
Minecraft for Xbox already sold more than 12 million times in 2013.
Minecraft Pocket Edition had already sold more than 21 million times in April 2014.

The name of Minecraft

Along with the Minecraft launch, Markus Persson opened a forum for Minecraft players. To the
user of the forum you Paul came up with the idea of Minecraft an amalgamation of mining and handicrafts.

Minecraft forum (community)

From the beginning, Paul Eres listened carefully to the comments given on the Minecraft forum.
This is perhaps one of the success factors of Minecraft. He addressed the complaints and began making
suggestions. Even today, players make all kinds of modifications to the game.

Some Minecraft rules

Minecraft has clear rules, but there is no manual on the Internet. By playing it or from other players,
you learn the rules.
Some Minecraft rules;
Cut a tree for wood
Catch a fish to eat
Do not eat raw chicken
Wolves can be domesticated and used as pets

Did you know …

… Can you play Minecraft on a computer, an Apple iMac, a tablet and even an X-Box, Wii-U or PlayStation? Many people think that Minecraft is only available as a computer game, but you can also play it on other devices.
… Minecraft seems a little dated, but is this done on purpose? Due to the large square shapes that all parts of the game consist of, the game appears to be only decades old.
… Minecraft has two worlds? The first world is called ‘The Nether’ and is easily accessible. The second world is called ‘The End’. This world is much more difficult to reach, so you’ll find experienced Minecraft players mainly here.
… Has a complete database for Minecraft been created on Wikipedia? It is a kind of online archive where you can read all about Minecraft, the game is so popular!