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The Fortnite game is one of the most popular games today, played by millions of kids worldwide. But how does this game affect children? Is it dangerous to your mental health?


A while ago, I was talking to a youth psychologist who fell on his nose and lips, finding Fortnite game so dangerous for kids, due to its addictive nature. I kept looking at him with interest and tried to listen to him more, but in my head only one phrase repeated: “What is Fortnite?” I had never really heard of that.

Shooting game

Once at home I ask my son (15 years old). “Rocco, do you know the Fortnite game?” “Yes of course everyone plays it.” “Oh. You too?” No, not me. I play other games and I am not allowed to play Fortnite. “” Oh no? So it’s probably a shooting game. “” Something like mom. “For Rocco, the discussion was ready and he went back to his smartphone and it no longer existed for him. Years ago I told Rocco that he was allowed to play computer games. but I shouldn’t be playing games where you had to shoot people. I don’t like that and I don’t think it’s good for a kid’s brain.

What is fortnite?

Fortnite is a shooting game from Epic Games with a free Battle Royale game mode. It hasn’t been around that long. Epic Games released this game on July 25, 2017 for macOS, iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The game was available as a free download for the Nintendo Switch on June 12, 2018. In January 2018, a total of downloads were made. 40 million copies of Fortnite, and in November 2018 there were over 200 million players. Due to this great popularity, in March 2018 a turnover of $ 223 million was achieved for all platforms. Source  )

Free is attractive

The fact that this game is free is of course very attractive to children. In this free game mode, you fight on an island with 100 people at a time. It is intended that only one and the winner remain. That means that 99 people must be euthanized. Okay, although in pixels, but still. It is still a great slaughter. If you get shot, the game is ready immediately and this game design is intense for kids.

I want to win

Each player starts with nothing, but there are many things on the island. Think of weapons (to eliminate your enemy), resources (to build your defenses) and other items. Of course, you can build a fortress to defend yourself, but the playing field will get smaller and you will eventually be forced to face off.

Therefore, maximum concentration is required, because children want to win, to feel like the hero, but there is a constant danger of being sacrificed. After all, all players have the same goal, that is, to remain the last. Therefore, you are completely engrossed in the game to prevent ‘game over’ from appearing on your screen and being kicked out of your pixel life by someone. Understand that a calling mother or father is really annoying and even ‘life threatening’ for your pixel character. And what about that annoying brother or sister that continues to annoy you?

Children like to be the hero.

Children will quickly identify with their human pixel as they naturally want to experience what it is like to be the hero of the day, the only survivor on the island. Everything has to give way to that. So, their eyes are on the screen, their ears are closed to the environment, and they are completely engrossed in killing other pixel people. After all, he is killing or being killed. There is no room to ‘just press the pause button’ to help your mother set the table, or lovingly help your brother with what is asked of him.

High stress factor

Now, all that glitter doesn’t do your brain so much good, but this game also ensures you’re constantly on hold. Not only because of the things (enemies) you see in front of you, but also because of the invisible danger. Because your enemy can attack you anywhere and then the game is over. There are three options to survive: flee, kill your enemy (the weapons are hidden on the island) or build a fortress. The latter sounds good (it is) but it is only a temporary solution, in the end you will just have to stay and that is only possible if you turn off the rest.

Cheerful cartoon

Fortunately, killing your opponents is not very clear and the appearance of the game is quite cheerful. It is reminiscent of a cartoon, which puts atrocities in a different light. Everything seems pretty nice and cozy, so it’s not a realistic looking war game. When a player is hit, you don’t see bloody scenes, but the doll just disappears from the game.
If it had been more realistic, it probably wouldn’t have been as popular. This game seems, to the parents’ watchful eyes, quite innocent (like some kind of pixel tag), but there are still some snakes hidden under the grass.

The Hunger Games

Does the stage sound familiar to you? Right It’s probably a big, bold nod to the Hunger Games. The popular YA book series, which was later made into a movie as well. There it was played with real people, in this pixel game. However, the atrocities are the same and because the playing surface gets smaller over time, flight is not really an option. Confrontation with others will come anyway.

Is free really free?

You may be wondering that. Battle Royale mode is available for free not only for all game consoles, but also for PC and iPhone. Then you focus on a very large target group. That’s interesting, because of course there is a caveat. Because the game offers the ability to purchase in-game items. This allows you to distinguish yourself from the rest. You can adjust your appearance, peak or clothing. Of course, they are just pixels, but kids can distinguish themselves with this and that is important to them. “Look at me …!”

In addition to these pixel changes, pixel people can also learn dances. In the game you don’t pay with euros, but with V Bugs (which of course you have to pay with euros), so you are not right that this stupid dance (what’s in it for you?) It can only cost you 15 euros! That’s a lot of money for a few moving pixels, and especially when you realize that with all those extras, you don’t change anything in the game itself. But yes, as I said, children want to distinguish themselves, also in pixels. And that distinction can therefore be quite a bit in the newspapers.

Save the world

In addition to the free game mode, Fornite also has a mode you have to pay for:  Save the World  . In this game you have to survive in a world invaded by zombies. During the day you are busy building your defenses (fortresses and houses) and at night you fight zombies. So a slightly different setup.

Age verification

Fortnite has an age rating of 12 years or older. In practice, however, this game is played from a much younger age. After all, the game is popular with young people, and of course you want to be a part of it. That boyfriend’s older brother also plays it and that’s why that boyfriend also started playing it and your son played there and of course he wants it too. Because ‘the whole class plays it’ and he’s probably the only one with those very stupid parents who later forbid it. Screaming, crying, anger, fat misery, pure drama. How do you stay constant at that time?

Is this game suitable for young children?

Is it desirable for young children to play this game? No, certainly not. In addition to the fact that the game can be quite intense in terms of intensity (although everything seems quite joyful), it is mainly the arc of tension that is not good for children. The game has a high stress factor and there is no escape.
Also ‘free’ is, of course, a fake appearance. Children want to distinguish themselves, and therefore they really want to buy a new outfit or learn a dance. That way, the game can run smoothly. And don’t say now that this doesn’t happen to you, because all those other parents must have said that. The fact is that in November 2018, manufacturers already earned 223 million with this money. That’s money from all those (grandparents) parents who have called this.

How did you get the game?

Maybe now you’re very excited (or curious) to start playing, so of course it’s good to know how you got the game. Easy, because you can download it for free. For Windows and Apple, you can do it through your computer and for Playstation you can download the game from the Playstation Store and with an Xbox you can also download Fortnite from the store. However, you need Xbox Live for this.

Latest developments

The first Fortnite books.

MEIS & MAAS has acquired the official publishing rights for the Benelux of the popular Fortnite game. The first books and stationery will be released in 2019 in collaboration with international publisher Hachette and Epic Games, the developer of the Fortnite game.

The first books will be released in the spring of 2019, starting with the Official Fortnite Battle Royale Survival Guide and the ‘Skins’ Manual, the first in a series of manuals. Additionally, a variety of stationery items will be released, including a calendar and agenda.

Marijn Koets and Sanneke van de Pas, owners of MEIS & MAAS: “It is a dream to work with a brand as strong as Fortnite. The game has a very strong and close community. We believe that with Fortnite books, we can further strengthen the relationship between Fortnite and its fans and achieve our goal of getting even more young people to read. ”


Fortnite game figures

BOTI Europe BV will soon launch action figures of the most popular Fortnite characters. Equipped with weapons and back bling, they are ready for a real battle royale.
Battle Royale figures are based on the characters you can play when playing in Battle Royale mode in Fortnite. The game figures can be raised, the accessories can be changed and the game figures are of high quality. The collection will be expanded to 100 different characters.