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Playing games is fun for young and old. Many parents prefer to watch their children playing a game actively than lazy in front of the television. Children and teenagers totally agree. Playing a game gives them a challenge, a chance to win. Many games can be found on the computer and other online games.

Online games

Teenagers, especially teenagers, are often busy with an online game. Once games take place on a screen, it can be difficult for a parent to know what their child is doing. They talk about that ‘Fortnite’ game all the time, but what exactly does that mean?

In this article we list some popular games for kids and teens for you. We explain how games work, what features and characteristics they have, and where the dangers lie.

What are games?

Games are interactive games that are played on electronic devices. A big difference between games and other forms of media (books, movies, series) is the interactive aspect: the player does not passively watch a story, but has an active role in the course of the game  1  . The player responds to events and receives direct feedback on their choices and actions, for example in the form of points, rewards and new possibilities. You can play on various electronic devices (devices), such as computer, console (Wii, Playstation, Xbox), tablet or smartphone  1  .

There is a wide range of games. Games can be played cooperatively or competitively, individually (single player) or together with others (multiplayer)  1  . There may be other players (real or virtual) to help or prevent the player from progressing further in the game. A distinction can be made between online and offline games. Depending on the content differences, there are also various types of games or ‘game genres’.

What kind of games are there?

Games can be divided into different types or ‘genres’ depending on the content. Most games have multi-genre properties, like solving a puzzle (puzzle game) before the game character can explore a new environment (adventure). Or defeat enemies (action) to progress through the story (adventure). The most common categories are explained below.

Simulation games

These games recreate real life activities in a fictional but realistic world. For example, driving a vehicle or building a city. A flight simulator and the game  The Sims  are examples of this. In a sports simulation game, such as  FIFA  or  Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater,  the player practices a certain sport, such as soccer.

Strategy games

In these games, the player progresses by making strategic decisions, tactics, and planning well. The player’s cognitive and problem solving skills are used. 1.2  Tasks can include gathering supplies, building kingdoms, and outwitting enemies. Examples of this genre are  Clash of Clans  ,  Age of Empires  and  Star Craft  .

Puzzle games

In puzzle games, the player solves puzzles or riddles to progress, sometimes under the pressure of time. This type of game uses problem solving skills, spatial vision, perseverance, and executive functions (such as planning, inhibition, and working memory). 2  Examples are  Tetris  ,  Candy Crush  and   Hidden Object Puzzle (Hidden Object Game).

Adventure games

In this type of game, the player follows the story of the game character who has to overcome obstacles or other characters and explore a fictional ( fantasy  ) virtual world  . The main thing in adventure games is not having a quick reaction ability, but the story in the game and being able to solve problems that can often take time. Often times, the player can collect items that strengthen the game character or help him progress through the game. Prince of Persia  ,  The Secret Of Monkey Island  and  The Legend of Zelda  are examples.

Action games

In action games, the player must be able to think ahead, be alert and react quickly, for example jumping or shooting to defeat enemies and obstacles. By playing these games, selective and sustained attention, executive functions, and spatial awareness are trained  1-3  . Action games have different subcategories:

In  platform games  , the player jumps over obstacles and from platform to platform, eliminating enemies. An example is  the Super Mario  .

The  game  action will also include different types of games  shooting  (games  shooting  ), in which the player is protected against threats and enemies. In  shooting games  in  first person  , the player sees the game environment through the eyes of the shooter. Call of Duty  is an example. In the  shooters  in  the third person  , the player sees the environment from a third person perspective. The player sees the character perform the actions while he / she controls the character. Fortnite  is an example of this.


This type of game is also known as an ‘open world’ or ‘free roaming’ game. The player can move freely in a large, realistic but virtual world. There is a lot of freedom to choose how the game is played. Examples include  Grand Theft Auto  (  GTA  ),  Watch Dogs,  and  Minecraft  .

Role playing games

In an RPG or RPG, the player assumes the role of a character, such as a custom character (avatar), such as an elf, mythical figure, or wizard. Game character development is central. The story often depends on the player’s decisions. With some RPGs online, the story continues if you’re not playing. RPGs include  World of Warcraft  and  Final Fantasy  .

Single player or multiplayer

Games can also be classified based on whether you play alone (single  player  ) or alongside others (  multiplayer  ). Individual games can be done both offline and online. You can play offline with (or against) others through consoles (for example, Playstation) with other players who are physically present in the same room. Online games are possible with players from all over the world.

In  Massively Multiplayer Online  (MMO) games, players play online with large numbers of players around the world simultaneously in a virtual (fantasy) world. The player can often choose and customize a character. Players can also chat with each other. The game often continues even when you are not playing. An example is  World of Warcraft  .

Online multiplayer Battle Arena  (MOBA), also known as real-time action games   (ARTS), is a subtype of MMO. The player controls a character on one of the two teams. The teams try to beat each other and defend their own base. A well-known example is  League of Legends  .

Finally, there are also Battle Royale games   . This type of game is characterized by a fixed number of players who start in a virtual world and fight until one person or team remains. 4  Players search for weapons, equipment or medicine as quickly as possible to survive. A popular game in this genre is  Fortnite Battle Royale  .

What you need to know about online gaming to keep your family safe

In addition to being fun, playing video games can reduce stress, lighten depression, increase vision, improve multitasking, and improve decision-making skills  i  . Online games are also linked to obesity, increased depression, low grades, addictive behavior, and increased aggressive or violent behavior  ii  .

Faced with seemingly conflicting research findings, parents must take the time to be informed about the games their children play, the security settings and the features of the devices they play on, and then apply common sense to opportunities for your children’s online game. Recognize that what works for one child may not be the right combination for another child.

What is included in the term video game?

The term “video game” encompasses everything from playing a simple solitaire game on your own to massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) with full virtual universes, where users interact with other players and where transactions, usually game points or improvements , but sometimes real money, they are involved.

Video games are played on computers and laptops, handheld devices, game consoles, and, with increasing frequency, on phones and tablets. Some games are purchased and installed on devices, others are downloaded from the Internet, and some are played exclusively online.

Video games are popular at all ages: older women outgrow the use of simple single-player games; young men are the heaviest users of “war games“. Massively multiplayer games attract 8-80 users. Some games are educational; others are horribly violent and may include graphic sexuality. However, many games are designed to be played with friends or family in the same room, and many of these games are a great way for families to interact and spend time together.

Games are rated to help parents and youth identify the type of content in each game

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) assesses video games and computer games and provides a movie-like rating system so parents can make informed decisions before purchasing a game.

These ESRB ratings have two components: 1) Symbols that suggest age appropriate for players, and 2) descriptors to help parents understand what elements are taken into account in the rating score. To successfully use the ESRB rating system, you must consider both aspects. Check the  rating symbol  (on the front of the game box) and the  content descriptors  (on the back of the game box).

Understand the security capabilities and features of gaming devices.

Today’s game consoles come with family security settings (often called parental controls) that allow parents to set time limits, block inappropriate games, and determine if users can interact only with their friends, if they can interact with any other player or not allowed to interact at all. Specific instructions for setting these settings can be found on the game console websites.

On computers, you can use built-in family protection tools or parental control tools that you install yourself to set the same types of limits. Handheld devices also have control settings, and one setting to pay special attention to is whether you allow Bluetooth connections that allow others to interact with your child through this type of device.

If the game is played online and allows players to interact, please note that security settings and controls  do not control conversations within games  . While most conversations will be entirely appropriate, there may be some people who choose not to act properly. If your child interacts with others, talk to them about the potential for bullying, people who cheat, and people who want to be too friendly (or other grooming behavior). For younger kids, there are plenty of online gaming sites designed specifically for teens with content moderators who review conversations. These may be the right option for you.

Useful tips for healthy games

  • Consider your child’s age and maturity and the games he is being asked to play  . When reviewing ESRB ratings and content descriptors, do the games seem to be right for your child? If there are older players in the home, children will often want to play the games they see playing instead of the ones that fit their age group. If the game older children play is inappropriate, they probably shouldn’t be watching when their siblings play.
  • Look at the gaming device your child will be playing on  . Are the security settings for your child in place? Do they match their maturity level and help you set appropriate limits regarding the types of games allowed, who they can interact with, and the amount of time / time of day they can play? If not, be sure to configure these security settings before your child starts playing.
  • Talk to your child about appropriate games  . This conversation is crucial as it sets the framework for understanding and collaboration to play successfully. Talk about the security settings you’ve set, about the types of games that are appropriate or inappropriate, about time constraints, and the importance of having a balanced experience with online games, friends, activities, and school. Let your child know that he will periodically check his games, especially if he includes conversations with people he doesn’t know, to make sure the conversations are respectful, don’t share too much information, etc.

Explain that it will help them with any issues they encounter, such as cyber bullying, cheating, or other inappropriate behavior by using the reporting abuse functionality within the sites. Also let them know that any inappropriate behavior on their part will have immediate consequences; Explain what the consequences will be for not following the rules of the family or the website, so that they are clear in advance of any problems.

  • Set time limits  . The game by its very nature is compelling, as users want to reach the next level, win the next point, or find the improvement, and it’s easy to lose track of time. Finding the right amount of time can be a balancing act, but some basic guidelines could be that there are no games until homework and chores are done, more games are allowed on weekends versus school nights, and that 2 nights a week are no technology nights at home. If your child’s gaming device (console, laptop, phone, or computer) is in his room, having time limits on the device is particularly important to help avoid the temptation to play after bed.
  • Monitor the websites they visit  . Since many games are played online through a computer that doesn’t capture the fact that it is a game being played, it is important to check your child’s browser history to identify if the game time has been extended to more hours.
  • Play with them  . Understand the games they are playing and join in the fun. This will not only give you a great way to relate to your child, but it will also give you an idea of ​​what is happening in the game.

Popular online games: what you need to know

Are online games dangerous?

Although most games are harmless, sometimes there are risks involved. Developing a gambling addiction is, of course, an example. Platforms that are often used during games, like Twitch and Discord, can also be dangerous. These dangers often have to do with the possibility that your child may be a victim of grooming or other online crimes.

Many parents are concerned about the effect of violent games on their children’s mental health. Games like Fortnite and APEX Legends are very popular and aim to kill other players. Whether this really has an effect on children is a matter of heated debate. Some research claims that playing violent games leads to violent behavior in real life. Other studies say otherwise: such games have no effect on empathy or the development of aggression or depression.

In this area, it is up to you as a parent to decide whether a game is good or bad for your child. Does it make you anxious or do you not tolerate violence? Then don’t let them play it. In other cases, it can be especially fun and relaxing for your child to play a game.

What are the most popular games right now?

As a parent, it is very nice and in some cases even important to know what the most popular games are right now. How do they work? What options does your child have when playing them? Therefore, we cover the most played games for different ages to help you.


The mega-popular Fortnite game has been around since 2017 and is played by millions of children and youth around the world. Especially in 2018 there was a lot of hype around this game. Fortnite is published by Epic Games. It is an exciting game in a playful environment. While the game is all about shooting your opponents, it is all done in a friendly cartoon style. Unlike other war or shooting games, Fortnite is a happy addition to the gaming market.

What is fortnite?

The Fortnite game has three different game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Fortnite: Save the World is a survival game in which you must survive with a team of four players in a post-apocalyptic world. Fortnite Creative offers players the opportunity to build anything on an empty island, a bit like Minecraft, which we’ll talk about later. By far the most popular version of the game is Fortnite Battle Royale.

In Battle Royale, 100 players in an arena must try to survive as long as possible. The challenge begins when you drop onto the island in a hot air balloon. Both you and 99 other players try to stay alive as long as possible. Whoever is last wins. You can survive by attacking and shooting opponents, or by building a fortress where you can protect yourself. During the game, the playing field becomes smaller from time to time. The tension, therefore, is increasing. The entire game focuses on the tension players experience during games.

What do you need to know about Fortnite?

The tension may increase while playing Fortnite. Are you the last one left and win the game? While Fortnite is all about shooting your opponents (or surviving on the run), this game seems to be designed for kids. Does your child also play Fortnite? So here is more information on how this popular game works:

  • The game is  free to play  . The design is cheerful and reminiscent of a cartoon. This makes the violent aspect of shooting your opponents less violent.
  • The goal is not just to eliminate other players. The  work within a team  , proponents of the equipment and the construction of various structures are essential.
  • Fortnite has a board age  12 and up  .
  • This game can be played on  PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch  , but also on your  PC or Mac  and even on your  smartphone  .
  • Fortnite works with  different seasons  : every two months the game changes completely. It is possible that a fireball has hit the playing field or that each player suddenly has a hoverboard.
  • Experience Fortnite from the  third perspective  – get a bird’s-eye view of what is happening and what your avatar is doing.
  • Although the Battle Royale mode is free, there are all sorts of  “small” in-game purchases  that players can make. For example, learning new dance steps or buying a new outfit for your avatar costs money. The costs of these in-game purchases are small, but they can add up. Not so helpful if that goes to your account or if your child accidentally spends his pocket money over the next month with a few mouse clicks.
  • It is also possible to use the so-called  Battle Pass  . With this pass, you can earn ‘V Bugs’ (the currency within Fortnite) for an entire season by completing in-game challenges. This is a way to earn additional ‘free’ stuff and skills, although it does require spending more time in the game.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a newer and more mature version of Fortnite, released by EA (Electronic Arts). The Battle Royale mode found in Fortnite is also reflected in Apex Legends. This mode is extremely popular. You don’t play alone or with friends, but with dozens of others from around the world. Although Apex Legends only came out in February 2019, it was so popular in a short time that it was played by thousands of children and youth.

What is Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends game also leaves you in battle royale style with 59 other players. Your goal Survive as long as possible. Unlike Fortnite, you always play Apex Legends in a team of four players. The goal is for your entire team to survive eventually. So you fight not only for yourself, but also for your playmates. Apex Legends is a shooting game, just like Fortnite, but it seems much more serious. After the launch of the game, the number of members increased very quickly. Within three days, there were already 10 million Apex Legends players. However, this popularity was short-lived. Meanwhile, in May 2019, membership numbers are rapidly dropping again.

What do you need to know about Apex Legends?

Although Apex Legends is very similar to Fortnite, there is one big difference: Fortnite’s cheerful and cartoonish style is not reflected in Apex Legends. Your teenager is likely to prefer this game to Fortnite because of the images. These are some of the features of Apex Legends:

  • You play Apex Legends  in the first person  . Then you experience everything you do from the eyes of your avatar. This makes your actions seem much more direct and real.
  • Apex Legends is a  free game  that you can play on your  computer, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4  .
  • The objective of this game is to  survive as long as possible  . You can do this by running away with your team, building a fortress, or shooting at opponents.
  • Apex Legends   is  not suitable for children  . Unlike Fortnite, everything in this game environment is much more realistic. Shooting is central and the chosen perspective makes everything much more “real”.
  • Apex Legends has an age rating of  16 years or older  . This is due in part to violent images.
  • You can make   in-  game purchases  at Apex Legends. In this way you can improve your clothes and buy other weapons.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is another game that works with Battle Royale. In this popular shooting game, 100 people compete with each other on a playing field to survive. Again, there is only one person or team that can win in the end. PUBG was developed by PUGB Corp after Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, came up with the idea. The game launched in 2017. It was an immediate success: With over six million downloads in six months, PUBG performed very well.

What is PUBG?

The game takes place on an island, where (similar to The Hunger Games movie series   ) you have to collect as many things as possible to survive. Think of weapons, food, and all kinds of tools that increase your chances of success. Strategy plays an important role. When a player eliminates an opponent, he gets all of his things and increases the chance of survival. The fact that the player tries to survive with 99 opponents in a gaming environment makes PUBG a very exciting game. You never know who is lurking. In addition, the playing field is constantly reduced. In this way, players will find each other automatically, until only one winner remains.

What do you need to know about PUBG?

Like Apex Legends, PUBG is also less suitable for young children. The game environment seems very realistic and many players experience it like this.

  • PUBG is suitable for  youth ages 16 and up  . It is mainly played by adults and falls into an older age category than Fortnite.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is available for  Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One  .
  • The game can be played from the  first or third person  . Many players prefer to play from their avatar’s perspective, although a top-down (third-person) lookout gives them a strategic advantage when fighting. After all, you’ll see more, and you can also keep an eye on what’s going on behind your avatar.
  • Use different (fire) weapons to eliminate your opponents and ultimately remain the only (team). Although this obviously indicates  the use of force  , this is not clearly described during the game. It is still not suitable for many children due to the suggestions and the appearance of the game.
  • PUBG also offers the option of  in-game purchases  . In general, these are small amounts. Cosmetic adjustments can be obtained by removing them from the boxes. You have to pay to open these boxes.
  • In January 2018, up to  3.2 million players played  PUBG  simultaneously  . That was a new record on Steam, the platform used by many players to access games. In June 2018, the game had already sold a total of 50 million. That shows how popular PUBG is.
  • The game   is  not available  for  free  . On the official website, it sells for $ 29.99.

The Sims

If you’ve never played this game yourself, you must have heard of it: The Sims. This game was extremely popular when it was released in 2000 and is still as addicting as it was then. The Sims is almost 20 years old, but has constantly received new versions and updates, so you can still keep up with our rapidly developing society. It is released by EA (Electronic Arts) and popular with children and adults. But what influence does this game have on your son or daughter?

What are the Sims?

The Sims is a game that simulates real life. You create your own virtual avatar, a ‘Sim’. You give this a specific look, your own clothing style, and a personality. If you want you can make whole families. Then you build a house yourself, decorate every room, and you’re ready to start your Sims’ lives.

Your Sim and his family can live in the house you built. Your job is to take care of them. You can build friendships with other Sims, develop talents, buy animals, and find a job. There is no ultimate goal, although characters may die and new ones may be born. You live life with your Sim and you get the whole house, the tree, the animal. It is a way of experiencing adult life, but in a virtual gaming environment.

What do you need to know about The Sims?

The Sims can be a fun game and it gives kids and teens the chance to finally do what they see mom and dad doing. They can live an adult life: getting up every day, having coffee and going to work to swim a few laps in the pool, walk the dog and watch a movie. Of course, not everything is exactly like in real life. The game has several features that can be useful to know.

  • The Sims have a board age  12 and up  . Although younger children (7+) are also comfortable with play, PEGI recommends this age due to the mild violence and sexual suggestions that sometimes occur in play.
  • The game can be compared to a   digital dollhouse  .
  • The Player Sim has  “real” feelings, thoughts, and needs  . The player must keep his Sim as happy as possible by meeting these needs. For example, if the Sim has to go to the bathroom, it is up to the player to let him go. Sims can also respond to certain events themselves, but they need the player’s help in their daily activities.
  • Sometimes players like to make   their Sims  unhappy on purpose  . For example, the player may choose not to let the Sim go to the bathroom, causing the avatar to pee in their pants. You can also ‘kill’ a Sim, for example, by removing the steps from the group so that the Sim will drown.
  • While Sims can die, get into depression, and punch each other, all of these fierce things are presented  in a lighthearted way  . You don’t see it when the characters hide from each other and the battles take place in a big ‘cloud of smoke’. Therefore, there is no visible direct violence, although it is sometimes implicit.
  • Playing the game is a lot of fun, but it can also be  addictive  . The temptation to constantly see if everything goes well with your Sim is great. This is due in part to the similarities to real life, which always goes on and doesn’t have a pause button.
  • The Sims have many  different versions  . There are four ‘generations’ of the game called The Sims 1, 2, 3, and 4. The Sims 4 is the latest version. The biggest differences are in the graphics and the possibilities. For example, The Sims 1 looks much less ‘real’ than later versions and in this version it has more limitations on the choices it can make. Plus, there are all kinds of expansion packs that cater to different generations. For The Sims 4, for example, you have expansions like “Get to work”, “Live together”, “Dogs and cats” and “Seasons”. Each package has its own additional features that are added to the base game.
  • The Sims is best known as a computer game for Mac and Windows. You have to buy this game yourself and in the case of The Sims 4 it costs  around 40 euros  . After purchase, this game is free.
  • In addition to PC and Mac, The Sims is also playable on mobile and tablet devices. The Sims FreePlay  is a free downloadable application. There is also a special version for smartphones called  The Sims Mobile  . In-game purchases are   possible with these games.
  • The Sims is a game that can be played without an Internet connection. You  play it alone  and you can’t meet strangers. An internet connection is required to download and install the game.
  • Although the game is played offline, there is a  lot of attention online  for the game. Countless videos of people playing The Sims can be found on YouTube. Players do all kinds of challenges, like the ‘100 baby challenge’ where you try to make a Sim have 100 babies. Players also often recreate characters from their favorite movies or books, recreating all kinds of fictional scenes and worlds.


You probably have or know kids who are crazy about Minecraft game. Minecraft is one of the games that you can let your children play with confidence. Not only is it child friendly, but it also has the potential to improve school performance. Furthermore, with over 100 million copies sold, it is the best-selling PC game in the world.

What is minecraft?

Minecraft is a great adventure, a kind of digital sandbox with all kinds of possibilities. The LEGO-like virtual environment gives the player many opportunities to create their own world. Minecraft has no limits – the player has complete freedom to build, travel, shape and drop their own creations. No matter what idea you have, you can run it in Minecraft. Also, activities within Minecraft can be linked to the real world in an easy and fun way. For example, you can build LEGO creations together, make a Minecraft cake, etc.

What do you need to know about Minecraft?

The fact that Minecraft is used regularly in school settings can say enough. It is one of the few games that children have been shown to really learn from. Both his strategic ability and creativity are stimulated in a world where nothing is too crazy. Half an hour of Minecraft a day is even said to improve school performance!

  • Minecraft can be played by children  from 10 years old  . From this age, children can better understand the goals and develop their technical skills.
  • There are many free  Minecraft games  available online. However, the official game for PC and Mac costs € 23.95 and can be purchased through the Minecraft website.
  • There are  in-game purchases  possible within Minecraft. You can buy all kinds of extra items. For this special Minecraft coins are used.
  • Minecraft is available for many different devices, including  Windows (10), Mac, Linux, Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, Nintento Wii U, Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS  . You can also play on  iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, Apple TV and Fire TV  .
  • Minecraft gives children the opportunity to develop  all kinds of skills  . The construction of buildings requires specific thought. A block consists of four wooden boards. Each time the player has to calculate if there is enough wood available to make a certain structure. If not, a creative solution must be found.
  • Everything is possible within the Minecraft gaming environment. This gives players the opportunity to develop their  creativity  . From tree houses to castles, if you can imagine it, you can build it.
  • While Minecraft  does not  have  specific objectives  , players are rewarded for completing a certain task.
  • Minecraft also features a  multiplayer mode  where kids can build and play together. This naturally requires teamwork, from which players can learn a lot.

Hay day

Another game that is suitable for children of about 10 years is Hay Day. This is a colorful and fun game done entirely in cartoon style. Hay Day is an extremely popular game among children. It is developed and launched by Supercell and it is about maintaining a virtual farm. This app has long been the most popular game on Google Play in over 100 countries.

What is hay day?

In Hay Day game, you go to your uncle’s farm. He retires and you can take over his farm. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that alone: ​​Mister Wicker helps you with the work that needs to be done. He teaches you everything you need to know about life on the farm: from harvesting and caring for animals to producing goods. Then sell these products to people in the area. This is how you earn the money you need to keep running the farm.

What do you need to know about Hay Day?

Hay Day focuses on life on the farm. Therefore, players learn all kinds of important lessons. Consider taking care of animals, providing services, and receiving payments.

  • The game is suitable for children  from 10 years old  . This is mainly because reading and comprehension skills at this age are generally sufficiently developed to adequately understand the game.
  • Hay Day encourages   children’s strategic vision . Naturally, all the organization required to run the farm requires the necessary organizational thinking and work.
  • You can download and play the Hay Day app for  free  . However, this game also has  in-game purchases  , such as certain game products or items. As a parent, you can disable this option, making the game very kid-friendly.
  • The game works with  different levels  . The better you run the farm, the bigger your business will be and the more people will come to ask for bread, eggs and milk. This makes it more difficult for everything to run smoothly, and therefore provides an additional challenge.
  • You can install Hay Day on  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch  , as well as  Android  .

Subway Surfers

Another cheerful and cartoon game is Subway Surfers. This game is also very fun and attractive for children, and this time even for children from 5 years old. Subway Surfers is full of challenging situations, excitement, joyous scenes, and engaging images.

What is Subway Surfers?

The Subway Surfers game takes place on the Las Vegas rail network. The track is guarded by a strict railway guard and his dog. They’ve seen you spray graffiti and they come after you. Your avatar automatically runs across the playing field as you strive to avoid all kinds of obstacles. Think of moving trains, cars, bushes, etc. While you run you can collect coins. Then you can use these coins in the store to buy cool items like surfboards.

What do you need to know about Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a simple and easy game for almost all ages. Of course, spraying graffiti on trains isn’t allowed, but luckily that’s not the game’s focus either. The tension comes from the chase and saving the coins. Subway Surfers is a fun, joyful and exciting game for young children.

  • The game is already suitable for children  from 5 years  .
  • Subway Surfers is an endless game. So you can go on forever. However, you can take on all kinds of  daily missions and challenges  . If you win, you end up with a higher score.
  • The game is  easy to operate  . While the avatar automatically runs across the playing field, the player only needs to swipe left, right, up or down to avoid obstacles.
  • In-game purchases are also  offered at Subway Surfers. As a parent, you can disable this option, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally spending money on this game.
  • The game is  free  , but ads occasionally appear.
  • Subway Surfers is a  game in English  . Fortunately, operating the game is so simple and the concept is so clear that it doesn’t make playing more difficult. Even children who still can’t read or write can play Subway Surfers.
  • It’s about  getting the highest score  . Also, you can collect coins and other items that give you special abilities or exchange them for fun outfits, characters and other extras.
  • Subway Surfers is suitable for  iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and for all Android devices  .