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Chess against computer

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Chess against computer: Are you a great chess fan and would you like to hone your game techniques to surprise your opponents? Then you could download a chess software on your PC and have fun challenging the highly intelligent game engines available online.

Contrary to what one might imagine, some of the best applications of this type are totally free and can be used without too many problems even by the less experienced in the IT field.

If you want to know more, give me a few minutes and I suggest you some of the most complete programs to play chess against computer available at no cost. I bet you will be amazed by their completeness and “intelligence”.

One of the best free programs to play chess against computer is Arena Chess which supports many different angles and supports various game modes: player against CPU, CPU against CPU and online multiplayer. To download it to your PC, connected to its official website and click first on the Download item   (located in the left sidebar) and then on Arena 3.5  and  Arena 3.5 setup .

When the download is complete, open the software installation package (e.g.  arena_3.5setup.exe ) and complete the setup by clicking first on  Yes and then on  Next  five consecutive times,  Install  and  Finish . Then, start Arena Chess, select the English item   from the menu for choosing the language (unfortunately Italian is not yet available) and click the OK button  .

To start a chess game against the CPU, choose the game engine to be used by the computer by selecting the  Load engine  item from the Engines menu   and choosing one of the engines listed in the window that opens. So make your first move and wait for your virtual opponent to respond.

Chess against computer

Another excellent software for playing chess against computers is WinBoard which, like Arena Chess, allows you to challenge the CPU using various engines. To download it to your PC, connected to its official website and click first on the item WinBoard xx Downloads and then on Download WinBoard xx installer .

When the download is complete, open the software installation package (eg WinBoard – 4.7.3.exe ) and conclude the setup by clicking first on Yes and then on Next , Continue , Next again for three consecutive times and finally on Install and Finish .

At the end of the installation process, start WinBoard using the WinBoard Startup Dialog link in the Windows Start menu and select the game engine to be used by the CPU using the Specify Chess Engines pull-down menu , then click OK and start playing .

Chess against computer

Don’t you want to waste time downloading and installing new software on your PC? Then you could play chess against computers with online video games, but I warn you: the level of artificial intelligence is much reduced compared to that offered by the engines included in Arena Chess and WinBoard.

If you accept this compromise, connect to the Flash Y8 game site which hosts dozens of chess games suitable for all tastes. Among the most interesting, I would like to point out Spark Chess which is completely in Italian and supports four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult and “guru” (unlockable only by going ahead in the game).

Chess against computer

To conclude, I also point out some nice chess titles for smartphones and tablets, so that you can have fun with your favorite pastime even when you are not at home.

  • Mastersoft Chess – one of the best chess apps for iPhone and iPad. It has beautiful graphics and various difficulty levels. It costs 0.89 euros but it is also available in a free version with advertising.
  • AI Factory Limited Chess  – free chess game for Android that allows you to play both against the CPU and in online multiplayer.