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Checkers game

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Checkers game: Do you love spending time challenging your friends to checkers? Then I bet you would like to try some video games that can train you to improve your playing techniques. What if I told you that there are many, for free, that are waiting for nothing more than to be tried?

If you don’t believe it, take a look at the list of titles that I am about to offer you: from the classic checkers game to download on your computer to online multiplayer titles there is really something for everyone. And don’t believe I forgot the smartphone games!

In short, whether you are a fan of checkers with years of experience on your shoulders or a “newbie” who occasionally has fun with this historic pastime, you will find what is right for you. Let’s get started right away!

If you are looking for a game of checkers to install on your PC to challenge the CPU or a second opponent locally, I recommend you take a look at CheckerBoard which is completely free and includes several analysis engines to elaborate the moves to be made.

Download it to your computer by connecting to its official website and clicking on the link CB_setup.exe located at the top of the left sidebar, then open the exe file you just downloaded and install the game by clicking first on Yes and then on Next four times consecutive, Install and Finish .

To translate CheckerBoard into Italian, select the Italian item from the Options> Language menu . Then, go to Analysis engines> Choose engine and set dama.dll as the primary engine to set up the video game with the engine of the Italian checkers.

Do you want to play against a real opponent (locally) instead of against the CPU? Nothing could be easier: go to the Options> Game mode menu and select the 2 player item from the latter. In addition, if you want, you can also change the appearance of the pieces by selecting one of the items available in the Options> Pieces menu .

If you use a Mac, I recommend you try Fantastic Checkers Free . It is a game of checkers that allows you to challenge the CPU or another opponent locally. It includes 3 levels of difficulty and is characterized by very accurate graphics. You can download it for free from the Mac App Store by clicking first on View in the Mac App Store and then on Free / Install the app .

Checkers game

If you prefer to try an online checkers game to challenge other users from all over the world, I can only direct you to Checkers of Treagles , one of the most popular multiplayer checkers titles of the moment. It can be used through Facebook without installing any program on the PC.

So connect to the App Center of the social network and click on the Play now button to start the game. On the page that opens, look for a free table and click on the Click button to play to enter the game. If you don’t see free tables, click on the Update button (located at the top right) to update the list until you see the coveted green button appear .

You can also invite your Facebook friends into the videogame by clicking on the appropriate button located at the top left, while to participate in the tournaments you must buy or earn Treagles coins during the game (virtual coins like those found in many other games “company”).

I also point out that you can also play Treagles checkers from smartphones and tablets. Just download the free app of the game on Android and iOS and connect it to your Facebook account.

Checkers games

Staying in the mobile field, here are some free checkers games that I recommend you download on your smartphone (or tablet) to have fun on the move.

  • Italian Checkers for iOS – a beautiful virtual transposition of the Italian checkers with support for online multiplayer and social functions (Facebook). You can also play offline in single-player mode against the CPU with 5 difficulty levels available.
  • Italian checkers for Android – Android can also boast a nice game dedicated to the Italian checkers with 6 different difficulty levels, 3 graphic themes for the board and the support (albeit in beta) to the online multiplayer mode.
  • Checkers 2014 for iOS – with over 30 million downloads under its belt, is one of the most famous checkers games on the App Store. It supports both single-player mode (with 3 different difficulty levels) and online multiplayer mode to challenge opponents from all over the world.
  • Checkers Elite for Android – a checkers game for Android featuring spectacular 3D graphics. It supports 13 different types of checkers and 4 difficulty levels for single-player mode.